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  1. MiddxSingh

    How To increase Sikh population in UK

    I've noticed alot of sikhs of late 20's and 30's (especially amritdhari) are not getting into wedlock. This will have detrimental effect on sikh population.
  2. The term Taksal was not used to refer to Jatha Bhindrawala before Operation Blue Star.
  3. MiddxSingh

    Post Your Favorite Kirtan

    If you reside in UK, please contact Dharsan Singh Sohal of Southall - who was the senior student of Gian Singh Almast.
  4. MiddxSingh

    Mool Mantar Debate Ended

    Don't forget that Sant Gurbachan Singh has written that both "waheguru" mantar and "ik onkaar" can be beej mantar. Although I believe bij mantar is "waheguru" I respect Sant jee's view that "ik onkaar" is also bij mantar aswell as "waheguru" So chanting "waheguru waheguru" equals doing both gurmantar and bij mantar jaap!
  5. MiddxSingh

    Mool Mantar Debate Ended

    The mool mantar debate has been ended once and for all by an intelligent gursikh: Nowadays we have idiots who say in their katha that those who read upto gurprasad will go to hell. But they forget their own taksaal says upto gurprasad is a valid mantar - maha mantar. If someone calls it mool mantar then let them, no harm done, from your point of view you can just think they are actually doing maha mantar which is perfectly valid and acceptable as a mantar in taksaal. So I hope this is one disagreement in the panth which can be left alone. Everyone agree?
  6. You obviously have no clue what sikh traditions are. A gursikhs can meet to discuss or debate with ANYONE they feel is wrong and needs to be corrected on any sikh issue. neo, you again run away from answering a simple question with clever words and mockery. You are the dangerous one. FACT- indian government are trying to ruin image of sikhs by making out they're terriosts. FACT - you have just threatened to do same and when caught out you just replied 'thats laughable'. You have no respect for discussions, you say your part and ignore everyone who doesn't fit in with your narrow thinking. I'll ask the 3 questions again in hope that you atleast pretend to care by answering: Are you some sort of indian agent? If not, why are you threatening to carry out their task of maligning sikh image? Are you really saying that Harpreet Singh grabbed a singh's dhari all those years ago?
  7. neosingh has proved that he is 'potentially' an indian agent. Why would any gursikh even threaten to destroy sikhi image by reporting to BBC that there are extremists in sikhi uk? I'm point blank asking if you're an indian agent? If not, why would you make threats to destroy image of sikhi especially in times where western public are concerned with al queda etc. Please answer the above 2 questions very clearly and in a proper manner otherwise I will keep demanding that sikhsangat owners find these answers as you post so much here. Third ques: Hold up are you really saying that Harpreet Singh pulled someone's dhari all those years ago?
  8. Now that neosingh has made me chela of harpreet singh and discussing so much on this topic I've been inspired to youtube him for kirtan! here is latest vid that came up: LOLLLLL As per the kirtan shabad our "chau" (desire or longing) should be to simar naam day and night. Not be involved in some gyaan of advait vedant. prabh ka simran sabh te oocha. Clear hukum is naam is highest. If you want to follow another guru that is you choice but pls don't mix with sikhi.
  9. There would be no danger, but obviously you personally cannot be sure of that. So fair enough I suppose, better then nothing.
  10. Just like you found out tapoban singhs aren't evil kattar singhs you may also change your views about the main faction of jatha. Only with a personal interaction can the SACH come out.
  11. neo, please go. It's now a humble benti. Your koor parchar that they are aurenzebi type right wingers is really bad. See how they interact with you and what they are like. You might find they are the opposite of what you imagined. Be open minded, think outside the box. Interact with ppl who have different views. For what you believe in you still seem narrow minded lol! It deifes logic. Anyway repent for your false propaganda. Otherwise none can escape the true justice!
  12. If you want to accuse me of being a water boy to distract the fact you are running away from the requests to meet them then I will accuse you of having personal grudge against harpreet singh lol too can play that game. You basically implyed that he is missionary and its not a good idea to go to his khalsa school. You owe to the panth to either take back such a slanderous (possible jealous) claim or meet him, meet singhs around him and also do independant research. The Jews all support each other in these types of things. Whereas you spreading lies against a good khalsa montessori school which is better for the panths well being. We need more projects like this from gursikhs of various jathas/sampradas and support them fully. You really thought he was going up to all the school children saying (oi come here shsss don't believe in charitpakyahn). You saying it is a missionary type school is ninda and paap of high degree. You know they believe in naam simran and are anti meat. There is no missionary conversion dangers there. Have some fear for waheguru. Gurbani talks about this true fear, so it's not protestant lol
  13. No no all lies. Whenever a jatha topic comes up you become very active on ss and making sneaky remarks under the garb of being fair and polite. So let us get over this pretense that you don't care about anything anymore and be honest please. So as requested please have a friendly chat with harpreet singh at the kirtan as you obviously are interested/concerned about him alot (unless you're a fanatic that believes all non raag kirtan is poison). He is approachable and noone will threaten or intimidate you. So personal safety is not a concern. Let us know if he humbly admits that he just has personal doubts or if he tries to "brainwash" you. Be proactive now. Stop being a keyboard ninja (ninjas are more sly then warriors lol) N30singh actually used to be anti tapoban first, now he has changed views and praises them now as true akj. I don't what he's upto or what is agenda is online, to be frank.
  14. Fair enough if they're private. But even in that one example you gave you said "harpreet fans" which leads me to believe in the truth lies are being made to make harpreet singh look bad due to simply not getting on personally which leads to hatred. the fans of harpreet singh does not equal harpreet singh. I've also heard of the dhari incident from many years back which was way before dasam granth issue popped up in the panth. The funny think is you n30singh seemed to be on main akj side and blamed tapoban singhs for insulting or doing "ghar di galaan". Tapoban singhs are good singhs they keep strict rehit wake up etc however some of them still need to learn inner bibek whcih includes being non judgemental and having a loving humble nature which harpreet singh lot seem to have alot more of I have to say!
  15. Since you believe everyone can meet vaheguru no matter what religion they follow, then what is wrong with being a "christian type sikh" lol. Anyway thanks for the offer to start a new topic to discuss this further. I will think about it... Santji/khalsa ji, No please, tell us the other issues. What other reason for such a big split apart from a disagreement over dasam granth stance?

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