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  1. If you have been assessed to have a mental health issue which keeps you from working then I think you need to pursue a mental health expert to work through it, there is alot of help around. There are mental health charities, you can find someone to talk to be it a professional, who can be categorised by various titles such as a psychiatrist or someone else, but there are people with various mental health issues working, they focus on their abilities rather than disabilities. I don't think watching lustful things and night makes you mental, as for wanting to do something and being angry and not doing it, it could be a part of the mental ailment and there are work around if that is the case, if it isn't then I think you need to work on baby steps, crawl before you think about running, start with the things you like to do rather then the ones you find hard, start at home first. You can also volunteer there are local initiatives which provide you legitimate references on your cv, some of the people in various groups have met similar individuals and they do have success stories which are rarely heard and a way into the job market if you search on https://do-it.org/%C2'> There are organisations the Jobcentre can refer you to who help with mentally ill, disabled and special needs people get into some work, even part time (which allows you to still get your allowances) so you can have some extra cash which can help with groceries, clothes and other things to build yourself up.
  2. why is chapuai sahib, tav prasad swaiye, anand sahib not mentioned in bhai nand lal's rehat talking about nitnem, I can't seem to find the origin of where chaupai was stated to be in nitnem other then oral tradition and rehat maryadas formed after by sgpc and so on.
  3. I think purely for survival reasons, when sikhs absorbed mughal indian cultures within some limits like mughal goans, mughal foods like galabjamun, some mughal musical instruments and battle weapons they invented. When it came to things which opposed rehat they were usually forced or coerced. I think some sikhs fear struggling to assimilate simply because they don't want to recreate the mir mannu slaughter or abdali slaughter or even 84 or 47 it seems easier to appease then to stand up against it being firm. I've heard people say if you want sikhi and don't want to integrate go back to punjab and be around the gurdwaras you will find it's not that fantastic being away from western comforts.
  4. DalbirSingh

    Seek Advice

    Cast a bigger net go out and interview more people, you could use a normal job interview format if you have nothing to start with. It's all about the conversation, break the ice, have good rapport. You could ask him about his journey to the venue how he found it. Or maybe something about the weather. Keep in mind the time you have set for the meeting if you haven't then try and guess and be as cynical as you can with your timekeeping, last thing you want to do is give a really good prospective partner a bad example of your lack of consideration for his time, since first impressions count. You could ask him about his hobbies, interests, passions, goals in life (nothing too deep for the first meeting- you got to take into consideration whether you want a second meeting or not?) Make sure you dress up well for the meeting be the best you, since in the partners mind this has to be the best you can be on a day to day basis, wear some good perfume if you have to, get your teeth to sparkle clean. Maybe you didn't put enough into those previous rishta offers because they didn't stand out enough as for being 30 and getting married it's really becoming a normal age amongst upna sikhs due to the heavy demands of both side in laws maternal and paternal they don't understand compromising on a few things so that your child can be happier. Remember to smile, smiling makes an individual look more attractive, if some want you to be unhappy and look sad as a repressed bride you got to ask yourself if that is what you want, when you could have better. Be confident, people do change so if it's meat or hair or alcohol perhaps in moderation isn't too bad, but it's all about your comfort zone and how much of a tolerance threshold you have, if you can't tolerate it, be honest with yourself and don't pursue such suitors, it means alot to some people and less to others. Maybe the other person might want to give up on all of that anyway. But there are plenty of rishta lists looking for those things, get yourself signed up onto as many rishta lists as possible- in gurdwaras. You will probably get a phone call and you can match your biodata's/cv's across and finalise you want to interview and who you don't. When correspondence takes place both ways then you know it looks like it's going forward. You might want to also spend abit of time dieting, exercising alot of brides and grooms do that to look their best, they unroll after wedding forget the exercise and diet afterwards.
  5. Have you seen these gay sikhs website http://www.sarbat.net/ It's got some really nice articles to read they also have some funky posters, like this one
  6. Why do you hope that? Is it because he has a weakness in his faith symbolised by his unwillingness to keep his hair and that weakness would be propagated across masses?
  7. Page 13 randhir singh believes in centaurs, there are none "Singh: There is no need for proofin the case of obvious.Gorilla is well known today and centaurs are also found in nature. These livings beings have halfthe body of aman and the other half of an animal."The dr character seems to be appeasing in a typical tactful british fashion randhir's side of the discussion and at some points doesn't seem to have sincerely agreed with his point of view.
  8. freemasons respect all religions, all of this freemason hatred is propoganda from muslims they do it because they hate anything that isn't shariah, if anything the true evil demonic governments are of the mullahs that want to kill all kaffirs.
  9. Na wouldn't call it my project, it's the panths one I was talking about the idea, I haven't started it or patented it but would like to hear about others going with it. Anyone know how to take those pdfs and feed it into mysql and hook it up with php? How about a translation piece of code? Should it parse it on the go, by reading all of the text into arrays and using a lookup dictionary to equate it. Maybe that should be done first to produce a pdf and both pdf's should be put into a php mysql page? How about putting it all into word and using a font specifically created which will map it once the font is changed? Is there an easier way of changing the unicode value of each character set? using a script like this perhaps? http://mylanguages.org/converter.php Using this as a source: http://searchgurbani.com/sri_gur_pratap_suraj_granth/page if we take the first few words such as "ਗੁਰ" the unicode equivalent is: ਗੁਰ The transliteration is: "gur"
  10. " CHAPTER 1 The Definition of Sikh : Article I Any human being who faithfully believes in i. One Immortal Being, ii. Ten Gurus, from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh Sahib, iii. The Guru Granth Sahib, iv. The utterances and teachings of the ten Gurus and v. the baptism bequeathed by the tenth Guru, and who does not owe allegiance to any other religion, is a Sikh " Kookay by that definition from the sgpc aren't sikhs http://sgpc.net/rehat_maryada/section_one.html
  11. Mahan Kosh is a dictionary used in Sikhi mainly in the Guru Granth Sahib written by a scholar it appears there are no translations on the internet although transliterations might be available. Is there some sort of way to set up a wiki kinda guru granth sahib dictionary where as a community based project possibly off sikhiwiki.org that we could add a huge bulk off words using the work already done and translate words. Perhaps various translations across sikh sects can be given? http://www.srigranth.org/servlet/gurbani.dictionary http://www.sgpc.net/files/Mahankosh.pdf http://searchgurbani.com/mahan_kosh
  12. n30 that's a translation plus it doesn't have a search engine added to it and a chapter ebook like feel to it. Besides they have only done 4 chapters, it's going to take too long. A programming approach could take maximum 1 month to finish off the entire granth in a transliteration method of mapping the characters on using srigranth and sikhitothemax punjabi scripts. But it requires a suitable programmer. The vast majority of Sikhs I know in the UK learnt their paath in roman english and roman english did alot for them getting into sikhi. If only there was some kind of wiki or open source monitor to do translate the entire mahan kosh to english it's an easier project which should be finished off. This is some of the stuff used in the srigranth project http://www.gurbanifiles.org/gurmukhi/index.htm
  13. That site you gave panthicc is pseudoscience it's not peer reviewed or from a medical journal, anyone can make up pseudoscience. I could tell you hoping one foot is good your brain and make up a bunch of mumbo jumbo with buzz words to make people believe it, then I could sell books stating it, paying off a few actors for fake testimonies and make plenty of money but it's unethical to do. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1326499/Painful-ice-baths-harm-good-says-scientist-British-Olympics-team.html Painful ice-baths can do more harm than good, says scientist working with British Olympic hopefuls By CLAIRE BATES ... However, scientists at the English Institute of Sport said the practice can also limit the growth and strengthening of muscle fibres, which is a key goal of training. The Institute is well-respected in sports science and provides support for British Olympic hopefuls. Physiologist Jonathan Leeder said: 'Long-term use of the strategy could be detrimental to performance.' .. The study was published in the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journal.
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