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  1. The Guru Khalsa is the Guru, if the Guru Khalsa (Sarbat Khalsa of UK) sets up a Takht in the West, then it will be one set up by the Guru. The Guru Sahibaan have not gone anywhere, they are waiting for the Khalsa to realise its destiny
  2. Sangat ji, daas Jagraj singh here. I just want to point out that I dont have any chele. If I did, then trust me, I;d have them editing videos and answering youtube comments rather than myself. Nor am I a baba, again evidenced by the fact that I'm online too much and not on the line to akaal purakh ji. Anyway, I think this thread is more about 3HO, KY and Sikhi and less about BasicsofSikhi. Please note, we do not promote dancing, doing beadbi or doing yoga as spiritual practice, we only promote Gurbani and Sikh history. The ask.fm question that veer Barinder Singh asked was answered by one of our sevadaars who is not into 3HO but a gursikh piara who tends to speak good of everyone. I dont intend to ask him to change that. Please do not take that the wrong way. My benti to all those who read this thread is simply this. Please think long term. Our Guru did so and so should we. In raamkali ki vaar, Satte and Balvand describe Dhan Guru Angad Dev ji as "nere dekhe maat log, tudh sujhai door" "Humans look to short-term but you see far ahead". Remember that Yogi Bhajan is now gone but his legacy lives on. You have these people who wish to find God, be healthy and do dharam. They read Japji sahib and respect all our 10 Gurus and their Gurbani. How should the Sikh panth react to them? With Love and With education. Teaching Gurbani and Gurus History is the ONLY solution in the long term. My deepest fear ( see I'm not a baba) is that we might push them away like we pushed away the Ravidaasi community. We should focus on education/ parchar and teaching Gurmat to (1) Punjabis (2) western youth of punjabi origin (3) people in 3ho community (4) general westerners. All four groups need the same thing but each need it tailored to them. Daas's recommendations are (1) Punjabis - focus on Gurbani explanation to show depth of spiritual message - will adopt Amrit quite easily (2) western youth of punjabi origin - focus on Gurbani plus Sikh ethics (deg teg fateh) and relation to modern science. dont push away mone and people who cut beards, eyelashes etc. These need a lot more history - Will take longer to take Amrit but are strong Sikhs - always will have some who love Sikhi but dont take Amrit (3) people in 3ho community - focus on worship of shabad and avoid criticising Yoga - will keep rehat easily but Amrit and True love for Gurus comes from learning more history of Gurus. Must be Khalsa's job to inspire them with sant sipahi action, ie foreign aid, khalsa army (4) general westerners - need to very much more focused on systematic education, acceptance of people who dont keep kesh etc. Basically for every 10 average gore that come into Sikhi, 1 will take amrit, so we'll have to accept that there will be thousands of mone gore who like Sikhi and say "I'm kind of following Sikhi" and we cant judge them cause its going to be their grand kids that are the Khalsa of the future. we need to adopt a minimum 100 year plan and work to implement that plan. Its quite likely that all hell will break loose in the meantime but we can only prepare for that as a contingency, not as a given. I think that the 100 year plan will really work when we have a UK takht, a US takht and each headed by a Punj Piare who are rehitvaan, vidhvaan, giaanvaan GurSikhs that are widely respected.
  3. sangat ji, , daas Jagraj Singh, this was brought to my attention just now... I've had to stay up to read it. Pls do not assume that if you put up a post on SS that we will pick it up asap. WRT to ask.fm, yes we have two other sevadaars from Birmingham that answer the qs, and I add to them. My wife does not participate in this. WRT to Yogi Bhajan, no one from BasicsofSikhi will be doing his Nindiya. We are dogs and paapi moorakhs ourselves, and no one to judge anyone. I have studied the 3HO organisation at close detail, met many of them and overall I find that they are not a bad influence. They fit into the pauri of "Dharmi log" of Japji Sahib, "Asank Jap, Asank Bhaao, asank Puja, Asank Tap Tao". They are trying to be spiritual and therefore do not become our enemies under the rules of Adharm, "asank gal vadd hatiaa kamaahe". They themselves do understand what is Yoga and what is SIkhi? Now I agree that they dont understand Bani that well and fair enough they often dont give bani satkaar and for that my personal conclusion is to blame myself. If the Khalsa (of which I am part) dont educate people about the Shabad, (which we worship) then only the Khalsa is to blame. Maharaaj kirpa kare, that this worm can spend the rest of his life speaking the praise of Gurbani and in this way, help to pass on the Gurus wisdom to all those who wish to listen.
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