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  1. Great post I love these books and they are not easily available now as well
  2. The only complete copy of the gurpartap suraj parkash katha is about to be uploaded to gurmatveechar and is by Giani Harbhajan Singh. It is about 250 mp3s short and i will put them up soon. In total is fyou want it in mp3 dvds its 6 dvds. if you want it in mp3 cds then its 42 cds.. Individual audio cds will be over 1000
  3. This incident did take place, the well from which maharaj got the oil for the couldrans still exisits. Please listen to the link below for the details of what took place and why http://kam1825.podbean.com/e/sri-guru-gobind-singh-ji-and-the-wicked-masands/
  4. I have Giani Harbhajan Singh Jis katha and it is slowly being put onto gurmatveechar. it is way over 1000 hours
  5. Sangat Ji I have not read the above but find there are lots of banis that are Guru Nanak Dev Jis that are not included in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. An example is the Karninama, you read the dohra "Raj karega Khalsa Akhi Rehai Na Koi" this is from the karninama. Other banis such as the pransangali do not feature as they focus on the topic of Yoga and other banis focus on other topics which are not in line with the teachings of the Sri Guru Granth Shaib Ji. Where as all the banis are updesh the reason they are left out are to stop sikhs from suffereing from duality. the other reason is that the guru granth sahib ji is a universal message and practices such as yoga do not appeal to all faiths.
  6. Singh I listen to 12 hours of katha daily now and whilst listening i take notes of times of recordings, which recordings and subjects. As soon as the family fall asleep i get to work editing cleaning and compressing files so its easy for sangat to download and listen with the use of minimal bandwith plus give them something to listen to on their phones when walking to the shops or on the bus to work, etc. It does not matter about the work or time it takes as long as it enhances everyones views and we can bring the level of sikhi and discussion back to the 2004 - 2005 sikhawareness days where everything was so deep rather then argueing with our fellow brothers and sisters, Hopefully we will be able to take about avasthas, chakras, anahad shabad, raag naad, vidiya, budhi, antreev arths, etc through small concise snippits of katha based purely on Gurbani.
  7. Sangat Ji this is my effort of trying to promote a podcast i have been putting together of different sikh sakhis and philosophical topics, so far there are 67 katha snippits up which cover a variety of topics by a number of different katha vachiks. please take the time to take a look and listen to the material, it would stop alot of repeated questions on these forums. Thanks http://kam1825.podbean.com/
  8. There are multiple meanings including one by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji stating that one of the meanings is regarding the future of the klhalsa and their banis. I have put the clip into a podcast below Sikhism in Snippits http://kam1825.podbean.com/
  9. Added today, Ramkali Ki Vaar Katha by Baba Hardev Singh Ji Lulo Wale more to follow soon More DhadhiKavishri will be coming soon as well singhs just finding time
  10. Over 6 gigabytes of audio has been added to the site over the last few days, details below; Present Day Katha Baba Daljeet Singh Ji Preetnagar Wale Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale Baba Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowale Baba Kartar Singh Bombay Wale Baba Sukhchen Singh Dharampura Wale Bhai Avtar Singh Ji Badni Kalan Wale Bhai Pinderpal Singh Giani Jaswant Singh Parwana Giani Preetam Singh Damdami Taksal Sant Amir Singh Jawaddi Kalan Wale Sant Davinder Singh Shahabpur Wale Sant inderjeet Singh Ji Raqba Wale Katha with Dharna Baba Hardev Singh Lulo Wale Baba Ranjit Singh Dhaddrian Wale Sant Avtar Singh Dhoolkot Wale Sant Bhagwan Singh Begowal Wale Sant Bhupinder Singh Jarg Wale Sant Darshan Singh Dhakki Wale Sant Gurdial Singh Tande Wale Keertan Baba Kehar Singh Nanaksar Wale Dhaddhi & Kavishri Bhai Daya Singh Dilbar Bhai Joga Singh Jogi Dhaddhi Bhai Milkha Singh Bhai Gurtej Singh Sukrit Trust More to follow soon
  11. Then Makkar needs a shoe thrown at him as well, Sant Jis name is required on that yaadgar to ignite the martial spirit of the sikhs
  12. This singh should be given a siropa and given a honorary title
  13. It is still an Udasi gurdwara with a murti of Baba Sri Chand Ji, daily aarti in accordance to udasi traditions continues
  14. Sangat ji just want to say thank you to those who have been listening to the podcasts. there have been over 200 downloads over the eight days with 10 people on average downloading the new katha clips daily. Surprisingly the majority of people listening to the podcast are from the USA so i just want to say thank you for taking your time out to listen to the views of great Gurmukhs. Now 8 podcasts are up and with one uploaded daily keep following
  15. Over the past few days a number of Audio Keertan files have been added by Sant Amar Singh Ji Barundi Wale, Katha files by Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Wale, lots of punjabi books by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Ji and Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji added thanks to sikhbookclub. More to follow soon
  16. For those of you who listen t podcast on your various android or apple devices, i have been fortunate to put a new one out. If the sangat are interested please log on and download the podcasts, there are three so far with a new one added daily. For those who have apple phones or macbooks, once you have downloaded podcasts click on the following link itunes link if you have an android then you can go on the following link android link Please enjoy them
  17. Added today Dharna Katha audio files addded by Baba Balwinder Singh Ji Kurali Wale, Baba Lakhbir Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib Walae, Baba Kashmira Singh Alhora Wale and Baba Ranjit Singh Dhaddrian Wale Also Nitnem Gurbani ucharan by Baba Bhag Singh Nanaksar Wale More to follow soon
  18. Added today new Katha by Mahant Tirath Singh Ji Sevapanthi on the Sri Asa Di Vaar and the Parkash Purab of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji More to follow soon
  19. In the old sampardas esp the sewapanthis and udasis no females are taken as students and taught any vidiya and for nihangs it is similar. in the nirmalas the women are treated the samae as the male jagiasoos and are taught everything, giving them the grounding to reach such a spiritual state whilst the udasis and sewapanthis will not allow any form of vidiya to be formally taught
  20. After a long time of being away there has finally been an update on the site tonight Sri Gurpartap Sooraj Parkash Katha added by Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji Dhudhikey on the Jeevani of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. In total there are 113 kathas on Guru Ji’s life. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F02_Present_Day_Katha%2FGiani_Harbhajan_Singh_%28Dhudikey%29%2FSri_Gurpartap_Sooraj_Parkash_Granth%2FPatshahi_05_-_Sri_Guru_Arjan_Dev_Ji Enjoy
  21. This is a great site, does anyone have a contact for the website owner as i would like to post the pdfs on gurmatveechar as well but want to ask the site owner before i do
  22. This is an interesting thread, the problem we have is the view of women in Sikhi. Out of the Puratan Sampardas you will never get a female Sant in the Nihangs, Sewapanthis or Udasis because of their view towards women and Maya. The Sants are found in the Nirmala deras mostly. Modern day groups have done alot to try and readdress this balance with alot more women coming to the forefront
  23. Right seen this some time ago but not had a chence to come on the forum, Sant Fateh Chand were part of the Sewapanthi Samparda where they use a metaphor title to show the continuation of the samparda. in the sewapanthis the majority of them are Shah (bhai Addan Shah), Ram (Bhai Seva Ram and Chan like Sant Fateh Chand. Singh is the alternative used like the nirmalas use the term Hari such as Sant Ishar Singh Rara Sahib Walae signing their letters Ishar Hari or Sant Gurbachan Singh Bhindrawalae signing their letters Chetanbilas Hari
  24. Thank you for the great links
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