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  1. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2247548294 Is this wrong? what do you people think?
  2. Hate...You hate people just they are different from you and dress differently. You dont even know the boy and from you disgusting attitude, i doubt you have ever spoken to one. Goths are not bad people just coz they dont worship a god or don't have a faith. Stop being so ignorant, he won't hurt her just beacuse he does not worship god. Can you imagine people saying, i hate sikhs...maybe just coz they wear turbans or look different to other folk? Sometimes i wonder about people. i really really do.. But as for the girl, have a word with her. im sure she will listen but don't make out this b
  3. Ok, i know i don't post here that much but just wanted to ask. If you have done something bad to someone and you regret it deeply. The person has forgiven you but it is still on your conscience...and you want to get rid of that horrible, guilty feeling. what can you do? x
  4. Dan Brown- demons and angels...its about cults, liking it, so far.. x
  5. Brent Sikh centre, Kingsbury, london ill add a picture, if i can find one x
  6. Im a girl who has excess facial hair due to medical conditions (polycystic ovaries). Im also very fair-skinned, which makes my hair very visible. The hair i get is not just a "regular" amount of hair that most girls get but the complete opposite, it is a huge amount. The excess facial hair, is something i have been bullied about. i am taking medicines to help combat the problem. The excess facial hair can also contribute to other problems, such as acne, which i also have due to the condition and believe me it is not nice...so i sometimes get it removed, sometimes i leave it. It's unfair to
  7. Hey thank you all for your replies, they have helped a lot. my understanding is much better. UntitledSingh, when you say that homosexuality is wrong because of Lust, then whats the difference between that and between a hetrosexual couple who have sex but use contraception, so therefore are not doing it for reproduction? Is that wrong? Im not arguing with you im just interested :doh: thanks again all for replying, kiranx x x
  8. Hello everyone. I need some help on a few topics im confused about. In sikhi do we believe that the world is eternal (has no beginning, so it has always been 'there') or that God created the world? Secondly, if i ask Sikhs about Homosexuality in sikhism, they always say to me "God created Adam and Eve, not man for a man or woman 4 a woman" etc but i thought the concept of Adam and Eve would be wrong in Sikhism becoz Eve was made from Adam (so she is not equal to him) and made to obey him, so this concept, surely is wrong in Sikhism. Thirdly, what are views on Heaven, Hell and the Devil.
  9. Hey, thanks all the pics are great. exactly what i needed. thanks againx x
  10. hello, can someone post me some pictures of a sikh man (or two sikh men) looking at the camera. I need it for some photography work i'm doing. Thanks in advance Kiran x x x x
  11. just becoz a boy/man is scared it makes him gay!!!! what a stupid thing to say/think. sorry Kumi for changing the subject again, i just had to say something about that comment. x x
  12. im sorry but homosexuality is not a "choice". Do you really think homosexuals would "choose" to be classed as abnormal from soceity, many homosexuals are cut off from their families as a result of their sexuality. Many are isolated from their communities and cultures because its been drilled into soceity that gays are "wrong" and "unnatural". do u really think homosexuals like being insulted by friends/family/others. dont you think if it was a choice they would choose to be straight, marry the opposite sex, have children, walk down the road holding hands with the person they love, be accepted
  13. hey, thanks for your reply, many of the things you used in the for argument, i have considered in my cwork already but i didnt really have much against it. so thats helped. i personally do not have anything against homosexuals, so if my child was gay, it wouldnt make a difference to me. kiran x x
  14. WJKK WJKF Hi everybody, im new here. Im doing an extensive research coursework thing in Religious studies AS level and obviously i ve chosen sikhism. so far i have covered most subjects well but when the topic of homosexuality came up, i realised i knew nothing. So i was wondering if anyone could tell me what the view on homosexuality is? Thanks so much Kiran x x
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