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    computer programming, punjabi remix songs, bikes.
  1. i happy to see Manmohan Singh as PM because other option was Advani.. and i dont like BJP
  2. simer_169

    What Has Happened To Us...

    i agree with Harmindersingh
  3. simer_169

    Shinda Jazzy B New Album

    i liked this song....
  4. simer_169

    Why Do We Emerse Our Ashes At Kiratpur Sahib?

    i think sarpanch is right.....
  5. u can get some free ebooks at http://www.ebooksengine.com
  6. simer_169

    Definition Of Lohri/lohree?

    i dont think there is any relation of lohari and sikhi... its just a punjabi cultural festival
  7. simer_169

    People Demanding Money

    strange emails...i got mails that says i won a lottery reply to get my prize money
  8. simer_169

    No Fear ....babbu Mann

    i like babbu maan
  9. Some times i also feel that.... spokesman writes something out of world.........
  10. simer_169

    For The First Time In Bollywood

    that is very good.... i will forward this link to all my friends... u also do this......
  11. hi satori........ its simer from www.ebooksengine.com ......... remember me?
  12. simer_169

    Energy Drinks!

    k its new information i got ...... thanks alot to ParwinderSingh
  13. what other members say?
  14. simer_169

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    i am posting ebooks on my site..... www.ebooksengine.com ...... give me feedback
  15. simer_169

    Wellcome Collection

    wow great collection

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