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  1. I've noticed that sentiment alot here on this forum among 'Sikhs'. But why ? I'm intrigued because when our history books tell us about Apartheid I always wondered how much better the world would be if we Sikhs had power during those South African times. I always felt how Sikhs would have made a stand. Even non-Sikhs question how their fathers and grandfathers lived happily through a life in which apartheid in South Africa occurred without taking a stand. But, if history teaches us just one thing it is the fact that history teaches us nothing at all. So how will our children and our child
  2. India did their dirty deeds and moved on and the world cared not for their deeds. Isreal, it seems, is about to move on after doing their dirty deeds. So what have we learned ? 1) We've finally understood why the rest of the world has not been as moved as we are about the murdering of children and mothers by a 'democracy'. 2) We've learned that some, if not most (judging by this forum) Sikhs approve of the tactic of wiping out the existence of a troublesome minority so that 'their' problem won't exist. 3) We've learned that we are that troublseome minority as far as India is concerned. 4
  3. I know I said the above nearly 2 weeks ago knowing how, in the past, Isreal has habitually bombed Palestinian children as they sleep, but in my heart of hearts I hoped it wouldn't be the case this time around. Sadly, we awoke this morning to the news that Isreal has, during the night, bombed children as they slept in a UN shelter, despite the UN repeatedly giving the Isrealis the exact co-ordinates of the school and exact statistics of the number of sheltering children and mothers there. As the United Nations Secretary General stated today "Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping chi
  4. What 'violent' Khalistanis ? I see Khalistanis around me every day. They are old bibian. They are schoolkids. They are University students. They are doctors. They are factory workers. They work in the 'city'. They are teachers, They are volunteers doing seva, 'They' are ordinary men and women expressing a basic human right of self-determination. However, unlike the Scottish men and women, the Catalonians, the Waloons in belgium, the Quebecois etc they have to suffer the indignity of their own people, i.e YOU, refusing to respect their views and hear their voices. Tell me then.....who are th
  5. If the Indian High Commission has any sense at all it should pay N30SINGH some decent living expenses. The man has consistently done such a fine job of representing the Indian government's point of view on this Sikh forum I don't think it fair that his undying loyalty goes unrewarded. Come on Indian Government...pay the man his dues.
  6. Every time I read a news article in which Sikh groups say their "feelings were hurt" or that the others "hurt our sentiments" I just cringe and can read no more. We need to tell our Sikh leaders to stop using these terms. We need to educate them as to what these English language terms imply in the English language. They need to understand how, in the English language, these terms imply a contexxt of immature children with very fragile feelings. Not what you expect from adults and warriors. Say it like it is. Hate Crimes committed by Muslims against Sikhs. Enough of this childish language.
  7. It seems Canadian media is as biased and right wing as the American news media, where they force feed you lies and the public swallow it hook, line and sinker. The only people saying 'Hamas uses civilians as human shields' are the Isrealis. Hamas deny they are doing it. The Palestinian civilians themselves deny it is being done to them. And the United Nations say they have found absolutely no evidence of it happening. And yet here you are, accepting the murderer's justification excuse for his murders. Put yourself in the position of the Palestinian and the pitiful second class existenc
  8. I must be getting old as I didn't realise we were now referring to ourselves (in terms of national identity) according to music award ceremonies. Now that I've heard the term 'Brit' one looks forward to Americans being described as 'Grammys'. Fair cop. I really need to treat what I write here with the same respect I show my thesis' and dissertatiions. Its all very well how most of my messages here over the last few years show me coming back and editing several hours later my silly grammar and spelling mistakes, but you're right....I have no right to criticise others when my own messages ar
  9. Excellent read. Thanks for finding that and posting it KalaakaraaH. Just one small complaint though. Well, not so much a complaint but a polite plea for good grammar. If you're a Canadian or an American one can understand the mistake but if youare resident in the UK than your mistake is unforgivable and perhaps an indictment of the poor standard of spoken and written English among 3rd generation UK Sikhs. The correct title of your thread should be 'Briton who attended Ranjit Singh's funeral'.
  10. For way way too long we Sikhs have had to rely on the words written by what the rest of the educated world would term rather 'misinformed' and hardly first rate historians / authors. These Sikh 'scholars' of Sikh history had no real qualification other than the fact that they were from the urban educated classes and so the rural sikh masses (uneducated) had no choice than to take them at their word. Thankfully, those days are over. We, the sons, daughters and grandchildren of those rural folk, are far better educated than those urban Indian 'authors and historians'. So, without further ado,
  11. You can know. As I said in a previous message earlier on in this thread : Before partition, for rural jatt Sikhs it was the mirasis that kept the records of family history. Not written records mind.....the mirasi tradition was and is purely oral, passed on from generation to generation. The Mirasi-Jat relationship was peculiar to the Jatts amongst the Sikhs as most of the other Sikh groups stuck with the Hindu tradition of recording heritage with written records in places like Haridwar etc. 'Miras' is the Arabic word for heritage and so the word Mirasi literaly translates as the 'Keepers of t
  12. There were many such incidents but more information, as you requested, about this particular incident, can be found on this Isreali news page : http://www.haaretz.com/news/features/the-cruel-revenge-that-helped-drive-the-british-out-of-palestine-1.456440
  13. Chatanga, you're a very highly strung dour individual if even words such as 'firstly' get you worked up. Its funny, but on a serious note it will affect your long term health unless you learn to lighten up a bit. But, seeing as you are quite sombre and dark in outlook. Here's a photo of just 2 of the British officials that your lovely 'non-terrorist' Jewish emigrants to Palestine brutaly murdered and then hung from a tree. These types of bloody deeds are the foundation of the state of Isreal. One can't expect any kind of morality from that nation now when it's very existence is founded in
  14. What the Palestinians have gone through is truly sad. You have to remember that the Palestinians were such humane people that they actually opened up their land and homes to Jews escaping Europe because of the horrors of Nazi Germany. The Palestinians gave them sanctuary from those horrors in the name of humanity. The way that the Jews have then turned around and kicked the very people that opened up their hearts for them is truly shocking. Not only shocking but obscene the way that they are now acting in exactly the same way as the Nazis that persecuted their grandparents did. To get away w
  15. Not relevant I know but its actually the Rastafarians who have modelled themselves on Hindu sadhus. The long thick dreads had been totally unheardd of among African and Afro-Carribean people until the mass arrival of Hindu indentured labourers into Jamaica and other West Indian islands in the 1800's. Among them were those with the sadhu appearance, i.e with long matted unkempt hair and smoking copious amounts of ganga. The rastafarian movement adopted the sadhu style also adopted the hindi name for the drug, i.e ganga. But going back to the topic, the kid is just a kid. He's probably as amaze
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