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  1. http://www.india.com/loudspeaker/exclusive-all-you-want-to-know-about-the-saharanpur-mini-riot-in-uttar-pradesh-103219/
  2. I saw this and yeah think he meant hindu by culture and Christian by religion, hindu actually means indian, Hindustani means indian person, or people living on the other side of the river(indus) . hinudism is not really a religion but more of a way of life, its lots of small cultures put together, there's actually no definition of a hindu like how we have the rehat maryada etc . ism was added by the British. I think that man said it in this context...
  3. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHIDe6lofwnKVT7LNiBgr4A/videos hi guys, so basically iv uploaded four videos on YouTube. their about Sikh art mostly, which I feel has been ignored. so I was a fine art student at uni and most of my art was based on traditional indian art, such as the various schools of miniature paintings in northern india i.e. the pahari schools, Punjab plains, Kashmiri style etc. so over the three years I collected over 1000 pictures of art and some photography as part of my research, I used postcards, internet, books etc so now that iv finished uni I decided to get rid of all the pics that I saved as I need space on my pc. but then I decided to upload the pictures instead as I feel Sikh art is completely ignored by people! most people probably don't even know Sikh art exists or that Sikhs historically were subjects of many artists. during maharaja ranjit singhs time, art in Punjab was at its peak, he employed many artists from up and down the country making the art of Punjab arguably the most diverse and fascinating art in india, today its been completely ignored. during ranjit singhs reign Amritsar was famed for its wall paintings/frescoes, nearly every single building in Amritsar was decorated with beautiful frescoes. temples were completely covered with wall paintings to the point where you couldn't even see the bricks, today most of these old buildings in Amritsar have been destroyed a replaced with ugly "modern" buildings, which completely destroys the character of the old walled city. so iv decided to upload some pics rather than just delete them all. maybe its because I have passion for art and feel like art should not be forgotten and destroyed! iv got two videos of paintings and two of old photographs which show the character of the old walled city. the most exiting thing I researched was how the image of guru nanak has changed in the last couple of hundred years, early paintings of guru nanak from the19th century depict guru nanak as a wondering faqir or yogi, completely different to how artist portray him now. im making a video of this aswell but its long so its going to take a while. iv also started making one with historical depictions of guru gobind, which are not that different to how artist depict him now. so I was just wondering did I make these videos ok? how can I improve them? iv never made videos before. so how can I improve them? is the message clear? please be honest lol the link is at the top thanks
  4. http://dailysikhupdates.com/2014/01/21/british-who-attended-maharaja-ranjit-singhs-funerals-letter/ thought this was interesting. love reading old accounts!
  5. the man at 0:23 is clearly signalling at the rest
  6. well there you go, thats why Punjab is in the state that it is today. the drugs, messed up people, flashing beacons on cars, it all comes back to these individuals. its quite sad actually. such a huge place of importance, constructed and organized by the gurus themselves for humanity, and this is what happens inside! another thing I don't understand is the VIP treatment there, such as, how everyone waits in the queue but certain people just get to go inside using the VIP lane. apparently gorreh get to go through straight away! the whole place was designed for equality yet these sought of things still happen, these sought of things go against the whole concept behind the temple, what a shame....
  7. oh ok, yeah he certainly sounds brave and seems to have contributed a lot. warriors like him, deserve to be remembered. im surprised that other than maharaja ranjit singh himself, not much information is available on the generals who pretty much kept the empire up and running, no books nothing! oh ok il look into dayanand sarasvati, thanks
  8. my family isn't amritdhari, so were not really Sikhs I guess, but my second name is sodhi, so I think I go back to some of the guru's ?, in the Vichitra Natak by guru gobind, he says that sodhis go back to rama and site, one of their sons had a kid named sodhi ? .. something like that. my mums second name is purewal, purewal was a person in the khalsa army who later had three sons, all of them settled in different places, one of them settled in Shankar, thats where my mums family comes from but they latter moved to another pind.
  9. what relgion was diwan mohkam Chand, he was a general in maharaja ranjit singhs army, I was just reading about the battle of attock and events related, very impressive! is it fair to say that Kashmir and Jammu are in india/Pakistan simply due to the Sikh empire, even the Kohinoor, well... was lol I actually had never herd of him before! many Sikh figures have disappeared over time, its a shame...
  10. HAHAHA! on a realistic note its actually worrying! what are they doing! that child is cute! he should be in school though! he actually doesn't look like he knows what's happening/taking place! there was a period in india where the gurus, muslim sufi saints and hindu bhagats were all delivering the same message up and down the country that too with a huge following, today, how can people fall so low like the ones in this video and follow all this etc where did it go all wrong! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k87wgGPE18 its the kid baba driving listening to babu mann
  11. i think people need to realise every time this sought of incident happens it does to necessary mean discrimination against Sikhs, this sought of stuff happens on daily basis up and down the country to all sorts of people. its just the disgusting way police deal with situations. no need to throw a religion into it, unless the up loader of the video is looking for views and arguments. people living in slums in India are forced to evacuate by the authorities on a daily basis, and then their slums and shacks are destroyed, they aren't Sikhs but it still happens to them. women are man-handled by the police all the time , especially in rural areas and places like Bihar. orphans and homeless children who work in the streets are treated like stray dogs by the authorities and just shooed off wherever they go .none of them are Sikhs. its quite sad actually, don't think India is ever going to be poverty or corruption free, ever. its the poor that suffer most.
  12. so was just wondering was he an amridhari? because of his living and lifestyle he doesn't seem to sound like one. he had 26 wives most were hindus, 2 were muslims, he had 100s of dancing girls in his harem and also drank a lot of home made alcohol, in fact it was the alcohol that led to a stroke. he also was proclaimed maharaja with the bagawad gita as witness. he also donated a lot to hindu temples aswell, which I think is anti- gurmat? so I was wondering how did he end up becoming the maharaja of the Sikh empire? I herd the akhalis and nihangs never really warmed up to him and his funeral as well, some of his wives became sati's even his muslim wife gul begum. how was this allowed to happen? his wives actually chose to do sati and were even asked twice. why didn't the akal takht people try to stop this? but have to say under his raj the arts of punjab really developed. its a shame that most Sikhs are unaware of their artistic heritage thanks a Sikh era painting depicting his funeral
  13. I think the moving bit was written literally, janamsakhis were written in poetically. while yes guru nanak did visit mecca. what I don't understand is though why are we told not to point our feet towards the guru granth sahib, when guru nanak said it doesn't matter what his feet face because god is everywhere!!!
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