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  1. they'll be used on super terminator terrorists such as Kaka Jaspal Singh (a college student) and Baba Darshan Singh ( an elderly Rickshaw driver). So now with more advanced weapons, it'll be babies and women next.. Thanks Delhi.. Panjab will repay your kindness 10 fold all in good time.
  2. TONIGHT @ 8PM SIKH CHANNEL Bhai Mohan Singh (SAS) will be highlighting the recent case of a Sikh Teenager being sexually exploited by a group of older men in Leicester. This case relates to another case, the high-profile storming of Moghul Durbar restaurant where the victim had been abused. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR FAMILY SEES THIS SHOW Make sure you record and share with any parents of teenage children.
  3. Sikhs showed him full support during his career, because it seemed like to the public he represented an ideal, keshdhari hardworking Sikh. Those who familiar with the Baba harnek Coventry set-up will all know the truth. He grew up under teaching of Nananksar Mahapursh and was very much Sikhi inclined. Then the Bhangra Baba Harnek Grewal took over. Harneck was monty's "guru".. he calls Harnek grewal "maharaaj" This baba is a osho follower, drink driver, womaniser, married a girl 1/4 his age. Monty was asked to wear a turban by "United Sikhs" in 2008 to support their turban campaign in France - Monty refused- saying that his PA (hindu) has advised him not to wear turban anymore, only patka- because it will help him in merchandising and creating a "monty brand" (they were selling monty patka/beard merchandise to cricket fans in the hands of a alchi/pervy baba and a hindu fanantic PA, Monty changed- he lost all Sikhi values- he done a love marriage to a gold digger, which ended badly. he became a sponser of "sewa international" the UK arm of india's RSS. (http://sewasandesh.blogspot.co.uk/2008_10_01_archive.html) now hes a lost divorced piss head.. just like his baba..
  4. this is VERY important: During the Leicester Case, the CPS put huge pressure and gave enormous incentive to the deference. They offered the Abusers a much lenient sentence, and dropped the trafficking charge. The Trafficking charge was the most serious. They said it is in the "public interest" that the girl should not disclose any more details, i.e the below: 1. How it was clearly "racially motivated sexual exploitation" 2. how she was unconscious at Moghul Durbar and abused by men she cannot recall. 3. How workers at the restaurant didnt make statements. 4. how one waiter left the country. 5. Wajid Usman- was a permanent worker at the resturant- yet was an illeagal immigrant- they lied and said "he helped out" to avoid another charge. 6. She was abused at GTB Gurdwara carpark. 7. how they threatened the family to drop charges 8. How the social services were working with the abusers as a "safe friend"- they gave him complete access to her in care. 9. Most importantly how the Police ignored all reports made by the family and the Sikh community. Now the abusers will get away with a slap on the wrist this is a cover-up.
  5. if this trial had continued, the jury would have heard: 1. Sex in GTB Gurdwara carpark 2. the peado's would also park in GTB Gurdwara carpark 3. take her to moghul dubar, where wajid would get her drunk and unconscious, then other workers would abuse her in groups orgys 4. the owner claims wajid "helped out" in the restaurant - in fact he was their main chef and was an illegal immigrant- has moghul durbar been fined £20K??????? fact no waiter wanted to make a police statement.. why? what had they to hide? fact another waiter fled the country? why? fearing arrest. this trial was closed in "public interest"..... THIS IS A COVER UP... THIS BASICALLY MEANS THEY DIDNT WANT THE SIKH COMMUNITY TO KNOW THE DIRTY NITTY GRITTY TRUTH.
  6. in every society you will have vulnerable, damaged people. This girl is self harms. This clearly indicates a very fragile vulnerable state of mind. Any person with any level of social understanding knows that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have society where 100% of the population suffer from zERO mental/emotional disorders. it is the responsibility of society to protect these people. GROOMERs exploit the most vulnerable people - they have to, because any sane normal female would spit in their face. GROOMERS exacerbate the victims problems, by giving them more drugs/alcohol to get them further hooked - hence rendering the victim complete helpless and nothing more than a sex rag doll. Fact is social services and the police FAILED to protect her, even under HUGE pressure from the family and Sikh community. Fact is, if the Singhs in Jail hadn't acted then this abuse would have conintued. AND IIT COULD WELL HAVE CONTINUED WITH MY NIECES, MY COUSINS AND EVERY ONE ELSE'S DAUGHTERS.
  7. If this gang hadnt been caught another other vulnerable daughters would be being abused right now. I have family in Leicester and young nieces.. I dread to think. The 7 Singhs in Jail right now stopped the abuse of other daughters- the Sikh community is indebted to them
  8. She shared cannabis and alcohol during several meetings, when a variety of sexual activity, including group encounters, was engaged in, it was claimed. “She smoked cannabis, drank alcohol to excess and self-harmed. "Jurors were told that a group of people attacked the Moghul Durbar restaurant, in East Park Road, where the girl had sex with some of the men. This (ATTACK) led the police to become involved, and the girl was interviewed" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-23497746 http://www.thisisleicestershire.co.uk/Men-exploited-vulnerable-teenager-court-told/story-19583988-detail/story.html#axzz2aRzFnQvr
  9. http://www.leics.police.uk/news-appeals/news/2013/07/04/three-more-charged-over-east-park-road-disorder-city#.Udb-Bfk3tRE
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