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  1. Thank you very much Simran ji....really great help.......I don't want to miss anything, so on spot I worry about stuff instead of doing sewa and listening to path. we have to make sure that we provide for all the needs of sangat, pathis and of course Guru saab. If you remember anything else, please do share.
  2. Hi everyone, need some help. We are planning to akhand path done at our home. But this would be first time, so I don't know much about it. Not about the path, that would be taken care by pathis, but other preparations and requirements for taking care of langar and sangat. If somebody experienced can give suggestions, so we get everything ready beforehand. (Plz kindly keep it away from any kind of debate that this should be done or not....) I really appreciate the help, anything that you think is part of this sewa..... For example for langar, we need Bartan Water & place accomodation to wash and dry them - glass, spoon , plates, etc Big bartans to make daal sabjiyan Other big bartans for dahi and etc, Big bartan & cloths to keep parshadas warm. Tissues or towel Chimta, chakla,belna(+2) etc tea - cups Other drinks vegetables for pakorhe and daal sabjia Bhande langer bartaun lai Cloth for sangat to sit on to eat langar Rumala sahib for Guru saab Bhog lwaun lai bartan Towel Dariyan for sangat to sit Degh ingrdients in stock - desi gheo etc degh bartaun lai bhanda and cover, spoon etc Enough space for sangat to take off their shoe
  3. Sant Preet Singh Ji, " Shakti aa jani ya kramata da dhani ban jana hor gal hai, prantu hukum man ke rehna, hukum nu pshanana vadhi gal hai" Matlab rab di raza vich rehna chahida hai, usde shreek nahi banana chahida.
  4. Sant Isher Singh ji Nanaksar Kalerawale : " yaar honge, milan ge aape... Chit nu tikane rakhiye"
  5. I think because it's a highly spiritual to do dhyaan at forhead for ghrists, as they might get immense bairaag and want to leave the gresth jeewan, it might be advisable at later age. But ones who have Guru sahibs kirpa might do it and still be good in their gresth jeewan.
  6. ^^ waheguru ji.....raja bhagirath met Guru Nanak Sahib which changed his life and he became a Gursikh. fyi: some sidh jogis like gorakh nath became Guru sahib's followers too. We should not raise our finger at anyone if we don't have enough knowledge about the topic. Bhai Mokham Singh ji is very respected and learned Singh and he has earned this respect with Guru sahib's kirpa.
  7. Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Kalerawale:- There are 4 types of sikhs 1. Oonghe - who come in the sangat and sleep 2. Soonghe - Ones who keep looking for others mistakes 3. Doonghe - Ones who listen to Gurbani and go deep in it to understand 4. Choonghe - Ones who get "Ras" from Gurbani Gursikh has to be either doonghe or choonghe.
  8. Beautiful Aad Waheguru Jugaad Waheguru.mp3 Hao Tumri Karao Nit Aas.mp3 Kya Jana Kya Hoega Ree Maayi.mp3
  9. Thank You Mehtab veerji, but the other onw is the one, actually by Surinder Singh Jodhpuri, not Harjinder Singh Srinagarwale Thank You Singhbj ji http://www.sikhnet.com/gurbani/audio/hoye-nimana-dhah-pavey
  10. anybody please.....this is beautiful shabad by Bhai Harjinder Singh ji Srinagarwale, just remember this tuk.
  11. Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Tandewale:- "In coming 10-15 years our generation will be born handicapped and abnormal, because of what we are doing today. We want or have only one boy who has turned "amli and shraabi". On the top of that, we are killing unborn girls, who were supposed to give births to "sant / bhagat / soorme". We are worse than animals, because even they never killl their own children. Wake up sangat ji. We'll not see any normal person in 10-15 years, tusin taras jaaoge"
  12. Sant Baba Gurdial Singh ji Tandewale:- "One who lives for others, remains in "anand" all the time" "Jehra doojeya layi jeeonda hai, oh hamesha anand vich rehnda hai"
  13. This is a real incident. In Delhi, a girl had some health issues. Something came to her mind and she asked her father if they can have Guru Granths sahib ji’s parkash and path at home. Father said why not and this was scheduled. The girl listened to the whole path with true love and faith, when it was at the end, she thought I have heard that if you listen to bani with love, your mental and physical pains are vanished, but I am still the same. At that moment, the girl got sick, suddenly started throwing up, and bunches of “keerhe” came out from her stomach and she re-covered. This is the power of Gurbani, if we are true in paying attention.
  14. apna bhaana aap manave
  15. Both are same......like "Gur" is sweet from all sides....it's about your mind, which one it concentrates more easily on and feel more comfortable with.....
  16. It's a blessing You don't want to loose Guru sahib, it's nirmal bhaao which is esential in Gursikhi Bani even if your mind wanders, washes off your bad karams, is purifying it from the bottom, which is hard to realize at this time. Crying is from the feeling beneath to see how great and loving Guru sahib is, and we are or have been so selfish and ungrateful to HIM, it's kind of "vairaag" ....don't stop or try to stop, let it happen, it helps getting rid of the burden on heart of so many janams Feeling guilty after arguing or anything like that makes you realize that it's not a good thing, your mind will get fed up of all this over some time and then a time will come when peoples comments or compliments wouldn't affect you and you'll start accepting Guru sahib's raza without even realizing it. On concentration, 2 things you can do, first try to understand the meaning as you do path, if you find it hard or don't know the "arth", then try focising on the gramatical part - eg - laga maatra / sihari bihari etc, this is Guru Gobind Singh ji's bachan, you'll start understanding and focusing by yourself by Guru sahibs kirpa based on your karam and HIS kirpa Guru bhala kare
  17. Bhai Guriqbal Singh Ji answering the concerns of people on spiritual journey. The book is in the form of questions and answers. Jeevan Sedhan.pdf.pdf
  18. "Scanner Pro" app for iphone is another option. It's free. It makes the pdf file, and can compress the size to some extent, easy to use. Just take pictures, save them and email.
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