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  1. this is sumthin ive noticed for a while now, WHERE THE EFF r the nihangs? the nihangs should be at the front of all protests! even lookin at 1984 and the kharkoo/khalistan movement, where were the nihangs? the only nihang i heard bowt involved, was a fake nihang/nang, was ajit phoola, thank god he was killed!
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI7zo6CF2Tk&feature=youtu.be wow guys looks like some exciting songs for our kaum, with sum fantastic established artists too, also whats more, is these songs actually sound decent too.
  3. hey guys ive just found/heard a new sakhi, which im slightly worried about now, in terms of my soul being liberated/saved after my death, upon hearing this story. This story is about bhai gurdas ji, who as we know was a devout sevadaar of our gurus, and was a learned person in gurbani too. Here is the story on this video, made by Sikh Units "Killa", who narrates the story. The initial video is about disabled ppl inside gurdwaras, and i have provided this video on another discussion on disability on this site (link is below). Also in the video theres another sakhi, regarding leprosy/guru amardas ji/compassion. Anyways, check the story out, if someone like gurdas ji can have that fate (humiluating one too), then there is seriously no hope for the rest of us! you can watch the whole 11min vid, or u can skip to the gurdas ji sakhi by watchin from 7:00 onwards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6tgdZULDlQ http://www.sikhsanga..._20#entry532934 (disabled discussion on another thread)
  4. there are gurdwaras out there which dont let disabled kids inside the darbar, which is disgusting, heres a video of sikh unit's 'killa', talkin bowt his experience of this matter, and an interesting story of bhai gurdas ji, which i NEVER EVER knew of. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6tgdZULDlQ
  5. watch this video, listen 2 wat panjabi comedian, gurpreet ghuggi says, about how his kids watch jesus stories i nthe morning! <banned word filter activated> has happened 2 our gurus/shaheeds sakhis? its RIDICLUOUS! no other religion has a history like ours, we got som many stories, u cud make series after seires of episodes of them, yet it aint being promoted. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF58Ikwqu-I @SikhWorldTv - thats sad 2 hear regarding the village amritdhari! he must of been a poor man, as thats who these christian kamineh target! money for religion allegiance, pathetic!
  6. garry sandhu petition 2 stop him being deported back to panjab got more signatures than this! says everythink! he's a bhangra singer who illegally stayed here, bhai rajoana is.. well he's bhai rajoana init, theres no comparison, its sad man
  7. who sed the movement is over bro? jus look how every1 woke up for the last 2 weeks or so, if we can just carry on the momentum, then u never kno. but it dus appear the movement now will have to be non-violent, as is mentioned by bhai rajoana himself. the movement will hav 2 b with the pen, knowledge, unity and media etc
  8. na i didnt c it, but it appears sangat tv has gone n become all amateur n stupid AGAIN! they redeemed themselves recently with the coverage of the whole rajoana stuff, but o dear, they hav allowed a muslim last yr during the riots 2 say that all kafirs shud take the "shahada" and now they'v allowed a dumb esai (christian) 2 openly talk bible stuff on air. WAT next? will jew come on air n start curling his side fringe, and prepare a kosher chicken (kuttha maas) live on air? im gettin sick n tired of this bending over backwards rubbish sikhs hav accustomed 2. yes there is sarbat da bhalla, blah blah, but this hospitality of others, who WANT to do damage 2 r faith in the long run, MUST stop!
  9. if that was my daughter/sister, i wuda smashed her face in, and then the sullah afterwards. y is it sooooooo easy for our kurriyan to do this, without a backlash? sad times man, r men need 2 man up
  10. along with shastar vidya and the dasam granth, raag vidya (science of music) was banned by the british, as this was what gave sikhs the warrior power, and if removed, the sikhs would forget their identity and source of power. Also this is why there is no dasam granth inside Golden Temple, as they were removed, yet inside Non-Panjab Gurdwara Takhts (Patna Sahib -Bihar and Hazoor Sahib-Nanded) There is dasam granth, as the british never bothered with sikhs there. now if you look at kirtan done at the gurdwara, have u seen raagis playing the following instruments, Saranda? Taus? Dilruba? NO, thats because the british banned them, and force fed us that incredibly boring instrument, vajaa (harmonium), which is a french instrument, not hindustani. Saranda was an instrument invented by guru arjan dev ji, dilruba/taus was invented by guru gobind singh, and now what do we have to show for their inventions, nothing! Raag Vidya was practiced especialy by Khalsa sikhs and sufis, now that Sufis have gon to pakistan, we have lost the knowledge and authenticity of the technique. Just like how we have lost genuine raag vidya, we have lost SHASTAR VIDYA, and now theres controversy over dasam granth. Had the british never meddled, then there wud b no conspiracies and doubts about whats original, genuine etc. Luckily there are some groups/ppl who are trying to bring back raag vidya traditional instruments - watch the first two videos especially, lovly jubbly! especially watch the Rabab/Saranda video, at 4:02 listen to wat Professor Surinder Singh Says
  11. i duno y, but i kinda like the pic, btw, it appears to be mohammed on their too, them lot aint gona b happy bowt that id imagine
  12. Khalistan Zindabad

  13. Khalistan Zindabad

  14. whats takin so long for my validation?

  15. whats takin so long for my validation?

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