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  1. VJKK VJKF Managing expectation is always hard - mind lives in PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE - Gursikhe jeevan teaches to be in present at all time. i.e. what are you doing now with 100% committment. take things 1 step at a time. Path done is fine - carry on doing it - however - we have to live according to sikh prinicples too - i.e seva of sadh sangat - try seva on a regular basis starting of one day a week at your local Gurdwara - joriann de seva or langar seva - those depressing feelings will dissappear. Other clues are listen to raag keertan - particluarlay Basant raag - this raag if sung or listened to correctly with love it will bring joy and bliss in your heart - plenty of youtube links by the likes of Bhai Balbire singh jee. Sikhe is accepting whatever is happennig in your life - you need to accept as a gift from the almighty - not demand anything. Biggest person we listen to at all times is our mind - however Gurbani says all the mind things is childish i.e " hoee ehann kare kum" or "naal enhee dostee kadee nah avee raas" - mind dont know jack all hence why we need higher level of teaching from SGGS sahib and understanding. Search for videos by bascis of sikhe - Bhai Jagraj does excellent work on the issues you have.
  2. Some valid thoughts above - i hope the admins of the sangat TV are chiming and reading these comments. I do support al channels - however the issue or me is if one start a business - one must know what they are getting into , the issues and costs and planning etc. - what i hate the most is they started them and now they try to persuade sangat to support them. Should that kind of planning should have been done before the channels had started so we would not have such issues of running out of mone. £160k is peanuts - how will the channel be sustained after? I know we neeed media and i support it - but the future planning has gone a miss here clearly has it not? Where was the business risk assesment? Communication with the sangat is really bad - if that was done properly at first , gaining direct debit gurantees for years to come then it is possble we wouldt be in such a mess. However i do wish them well and will be contributing - hope they have a a better business plan for the future.
  3. WJKK WJKF. All reccommendation here are cool and you should try and follow them as much as possible. In addition may I advise you to do at least 21 chapuai Sahib paaths every day for a minimum of 40 days and report back here on how you feel about your issues that you have menitoned above. Guru Sahib tests are in various ways - secondly doing paath is good , however we must also try to control our - listening, speaking, ove indulgence in all forms as much as possible too. The more attached one is to this materail world i.e facebook, phones , tv , films etc - the more it robs oneself of the paath already done. Keep things simple, life simple. If you cannot do chapuai sahib paaths - please try Gurmantar jaap every day for at least 1 hour. Check out the last vichaar gosti lecture here by Giani Kulwant Singh Jee - it tackles the negative vibes you and a lot of teenagers go thru - heck i went thru them too. Listen again and again you will enjoy and learn and develop so much more: http://www.gianikulwantsingh.com/index.php/Table/Audio/
  4. Part of the rehat maryda for an amritdhari sikh is to do mool mantar as well as Gurmantar everyday - however a lot of amritdhari sikhs hardly even read the rehat maryada and try and understand it properly. Both are equally important mool mantar =- Gurmantar - and of course your deeds on the day - watching and policing how you look, control your hearing of nindyia, control of food intake etc
  5. any update here from the new terapanthvase team??
  6. Great ideas - hope all the recruits of this new outfit are as in the second panktee of the title "tera panth vasee maan ujraaa" -- "maan ujraa" people who are willing give 110%
  7. this dont make sense - KSUK sevadaars please come on down and clarify of the £250-£300 fee. however i have no issue there is no price on the preciouse keertan done by Bhai Sahib. And putting this video on this forum is also a waste of preciouse time - listen to the keertan guys .
  8. WJKK WJKF, Indeed a great idea - however what will be its' aims: police the gurdwara in the uk ? or and do amrit sancharrs? why not just have a group i.e Gurdwara sudhaar lehar type movement. We have tons of issues - I will ask my local Gurdwara committee types to see what is their reaction.I also think without communicating with all th eGurdwara in the UK this step would not be wise, Im sure Jagraj Singh is aware of that anyway. No matter how hard we bash the Gurdwara they do need funds at to survive and the only way that is through weddings Akand paaths etc. but i agree a lot ot these are not done with marayada. So if we are going to for a Takht will it require funding from all of the Gurdwara or will it create ideas for these Gurdwaras to survive without the need of huge costs of weddings etc. I think its a bold move and needs a lot veechar - would love to see more input on it here.
  9. WJKK WJKF I will be studing in rotterdam from this year in spetember and need accommdation - preferabbly amirtdhari sikh family - does anyone know of Gursikhs in rotterdam?
  10. Excellent video .. Akali's - SGPC - etc . establishments need to be broken down - we need to start over completely with fresh establishments. Initially to being with 5 singhs (amritdhari and of jeevan kamai) and then they be the rule and leaders of teams of 5 or 3 as an organisation. I have been in contact with relatives in Punjab this time around there seems to be not much support for the badals as it seems. However issue remains whether they are in power or not KHALSA needs its own house in order and BREAK down the SGPC establishment and Akali's as they completely and utterly DEFUNCT.
  11. what a write up - admins make this a sticky for life - 100% spot on chardeee kala --
  12. watched it - another waste of time by singhs - as there are much much huge issues facing the Sikh kaum. I feel Dr. sahib answered the questions perfectly and professionally, i also feel the singhs said the right thing for Dr sahib not quote unnecssary and debated issues in his lectures. Its' a minor mistake by Dr sahib however we have much bigger issues to deal with at present in the world. Dr sahib should be suppported either way - how many such authors do we have at present
  13. ks55


    veer jeeo the right way is in the shabad in rehras we ready daily " antar Gur aradhana jehava jap gur naao.." please do vichaar on this shabad - it has all the asnwers. secondly Gursikhe is shabad - surat ka khel withou a doubt. Not sure if you are interpeting Giani Thakur Singh je's word correctly..however goal is keep going till hear shabad consistently as recall in your mind all day all the time.You must listen to that and not ignore it.
  14. Absolutely Chardee Kala - Bhai Jugraj Singh jeeo - bilkul jugaaaaa ditta far kee - maharaj dee apar kirpa
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