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  1. The current Sikh institutions are a disgrace to guru nanak's sikhi... Anyone making any spiritual progress would completely ignore any directive from hollow people sitting at the takhts of ghar they have no right to be even a sweeper of...
  2. It's so sad that we will have protesters for this movie while we all know our gurdwara committees are corrupt, our parcharics are some of the least inspiring, the khalsa centre inaugurated in anandpur sahib is a complete insult, all our takhts are headed by naaastics who only use religion to keep her mentality amongst punjabis and line their pockets and increase their zameens. Funny how these are the people that are saying all this is wrong when they don't stand for even simple German principles... I'm sure guru sahib would be absolutely disgusted by the way his supreme loving path has been
  3. I'm really wanting to see this film but the uneducated panthic warriors have blocked it from being available on Canadian screens.
  4. No Arab spring because a so called supreme seat orders a shut down on any real effort to do anything...
  5. It's not an Akal takt sahib hukamnamma. It isn't associated with anything to do with Akaaal other than the letterhead. It's time to wake up to the reality of the situation. How long are people going to be held captive by a defunct organization that has zero sanctity left?
  6. And thus ends another great effort only to be squashed by our own so called Akal takht
  7. one gursikh from ottawa was telling me a couple of suggestions: Victoria Vanessa
  8. wow....is all i can say... those who have read anything written by bhai sahib bhai vir singh ji would have the thirst to meet such a great son of guru sahib, such a gurmukh who inspired those around him and continues to inspire through his writings now... thank you humkire veerji for that beautiful image of bhai sahib and his surroundings...fortunate are those who got to do sangat with him in his lifetime...
  9. I ask this cuz i'm pretty busy but could someone (maybe Japman) find out ways in which we can help out..ie...organizations that we could donate our time, energy, or money to that may help? If you posted that info here, it will help us all to contribute somewhat... thanks for the article...extremely eye opening... dgn
  10. now all we need is a blackberry version of STTM... any plans veers??
  11. aap gavaaie seva karaay taan kich paaie maan.... when thinking about jathedari and all this...i'm reminded of sardar kapoor singh ji became the nawab of the khalsa forces... when the decision was taken to make him the leader.... he accepted the hukam of the khalsa to do this duty... however he also carried on doing the seva that he had been doing the seva that he had been doing since childhood...which was picking up horses crap... this is one of among several great qualities that made him admired by the sikhs of his time... we rarely see this these days...and it's not just committee member
  12. Wjkk wjkf, I'm not a member of taksaal or akj or rss or khalsa alliance or missonary...so i have no need to be bias against one party or another... however...i think the Panthic.ORG and sarpanch need a lesson in a) reading gurmukhi script b) learning how to do proper translations of punjabi and c) go to journalism school i was believing for the first few pages that individuals mentioned went against a hukamnamma of akal takt...upon reading it...all it says is Sikh sangataan encouraged to NOT support that parchar done by the RSS...not to take part in it... NOW...this guy's son passed away..
  13. rimmel bhen... i think we all appreciate your enthusiasm for wanting to take part in discussions and contribute to this forum...but i would suggest taking the time to learn about gurmat vichar, gurmat ithaaas, and the giyaan that guru sahib gives us.... you say that "go do simran" is not a proper answer... i would say it is THE BEST answer...why? because your thinking and my thinking and everyone else's thinking is tainted by our perception of what our guru is, and what OUR relationship between our guru is...that is not a bad thing...but just like a mother has equal love for all her kids, b
  14. babbar....you didn't take the opportunity i gave you to do some research into Gurmat Ithaas instead you came and attacked me for pointing out your weak points...challo that's okay...if you don't want to grow...then that's your wish... but know this, it is a sin bigger than most, to claim that the great gurus said something or taught us something or showed us something which is totally false... your false claims can be proven through simple research that you refuse to do... secondly....you have this obsession in your posts where you keep pointing out why we don't put up a tree for vaisakhi.
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