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  1. YOU used the word Sikhia... Not me. I just quoted you. Read your post. Perhaps a typo? (besides... Sikhia is actually a Sikhi word). Why do you want to my background? I follow Taksali Maryada... Not sure why that's important. Like I said, I skimmed through the website quickly (like 1 minute), so maybe there is something wrong that's written that I didn't read? My point is it that it's better to give examples of what is wrong so that others can see it as well and try to bring change. Communication is key.
  2. I've never even heard of that website until today. I clicked on it and sort of browsed through it quickly, but didn't see anything offensive. Since you found some offensive stuff on there, could you please give some examples? Conversation is the way for us to move forward. Instead of getting angry, why not just give examples of what is wrong so perhaps they can change it? In your words, how is this group and attack on Sikhia?
  3. Why are you so mad? You say you have a problem with that website, why don't you give some examples of what's wrong, instead of lashing out angrily?
  4. So, if your child had a birthday in December, you would not allow them to celebrate it? "Sorry kid, no Happy birthday for you because 300 years ago..." Really? I wonder what kind of psychological effect it would have on a child, and how it would affect their Sikhi in the future? Subconscious animosity perhaps? In Saka Nankana children were thrown into fires, so does that mean nothing can be celebrated in February? June 1984 attack... No June birthdays for children? I understand respect for Shaheeds, but who is making these rules? Why does it not apply to the other months? What about when Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Gurpurab falls in December instead of January for certain years?
  5. Nothing should be celebrated in December? What on earth are you talking about? There is a Shaheedi divas on every day of the calendar year (Bhai Mati Das Bhai Sati Das, 5th and 9th Guru Sahibs, Bhai Taru Singh, Baba Deep Singh, 1984, Saka Nankana, Banda Singh Bahadur, the list goes on and on) Are you seriously saying that at any time a Sikh was Shaheed, people can't celebrate anything, even if it happened over 300 years ago? That doesn't make any sense, and is actually the exact opposite of Chardi Kala. Think about it.
  6. So, back in the day, if someone asked Guru Ji, "Why should we keep our hair?", how do you think Guru Ji would answer this? Do you really think their answer would be: "Because I said so".
  7. You think saying "My Guru said so" is a better answer than accepting God's will etc..? So, what if you told some gora that, and he said "ya, but do you know why your Guru asked you to keep your hair?"... Then what answer would you give?
  8. Yes.. You need to seek professional help immediately. Don't wait for this to go away. Get help right away. The stuff you're talking about is common in the phycological world. Try different forms of mental health treatments until you find one that works (cognitive behaviour therapy, counselling etc)
  9. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you actually are going to take it that far! Seriously...Gurbani is a gift from Akal Purkh to help us understand this life. Bani should be respected, but to the point you're taking it, it's next to impossible to even focus on the message. With that much fear and paranoia of "am I doing this right or wrong?", how will you ever open your spiritual heart? You went as far as to being afraid that the people who manufactured your phone may not have been hygienic and somehow that's going to affect you? Oh, come on! I honestly hope you don't go around preaching this fear based Sikhi to people because you could possibly brainwash them to also have an extremely fear based approach to Sikhi. I've seen too many people follow Sikhi in this way. Sharda is one thing, but being afraid all the time of making mistakes is not the answer. Think about how much less Bani a person will connect with if they are always afraid? Seriously... Open up and hearty and ask yourself a simple question: do you really think Waheguru will get upset with you if you don't do a full ishnaan before reading Bani on your phone? Are these the qualities of God that are described in Gurbani?
  10. If that's the case, then would you wrap your phone in a rumalla like you would to a Pothi Sahib? If not, why? Would that be considered "too hardcore"?
  11. Your last line sums up a problem with so many people practicing Sikhi, especially youth. Are we actually making spiritual progress, or doing whatever it takes to not feel guilty? Its a vicious cycle to get caught in. Living a guilt ridden and anxiety filled life will get a person nowhere, spiritually.
  12. I disagree completely. This hardcore thinking that we need to shower before touching our phones to read Bani is actually making us read less Bani. If we're always paranoid of "making a mistake" and making things more difficult for us, we're actually causing more anxiety and disturbance to our minds, which is counter productive to living spiritually. I'm not saying we shouldn't respect Bani, but we also shouldn't get carried away and borderline OCD.
  13. Terrible terrible advice. Why are you talking about Puratan Gursikhs? Did Puratan Gursikhs go to university in order to work? This is not the olden days anymore. I would suggest that you refrain from getting married so young and get to know the person. You are quite young, and I promise you that promised you that your thinking will change over the next few years, and so will your partner's. I have seen too many people get married young and barely any of them end up staying married. Please don't take this terrible advice above. This isn't a fantasy world (ie. Puratan times)... I think that you are just infatuated with this person and want to get married and hoping that everything will work out, but in reality people change, thinking changes, and you don't want to get caught in a tough situation (for example.. Divorce). What are you going to do when you are married and are going to University and stressed out, and begin having arguments with your spouse etc...? What if that destroys When if that destroys your relationship? TOO YOUNG!
  14. I hope the edited version is just as good as the original. I watched the original before it got "banned". What a disservice to humanity. The movie is amazing. It is very inspiring , especially to people who don't know about Sikhism . The only people who are crying about it are the ones who haven't seen it. You're trying to nitpick every little thing, then why do you not do that at your local Gurdwara when Samparda Singhs do Katha that doesn't line up with your views? Or Nihangs? Or Taksal? Or Nanaksar? Or missionary? There are so many different views that people hold, but everyone thinks they are the ones who are right. From someone who has actually seen the movie, it is absolutely not anti-Sikh. It's actually the opposite. In the movie, they show people doing Aarti and other rituals of statue worship, but Guru Ji leads them out of their temples and contradicts those teachings. Isn't that anti hindu, if anything? The movie was made with utmost respect. We finally have something that could show the world about the teachings of love, bhagti, and service that are taught in Sikhism, but our own people are trying to stop it. People are leaving Sikhism at an alarming rate , and finally something comes along that could inspire people and we try to shut it down. Ridiculous!
  15. It's quite sad that the "enlightened" mystic beings on this forum, as always, decide to nitpick every single thing and ruin it for everyone else. Get back to your video games oh mystic ones, and let the people who want to read this just enjoy it. I've read parts of Dhaki's writings in the past, and they were very deep and spiritual... Perhaps these articles could be of use to someone (if only some people would just relax and let things be, instead of being whiny cry babies EVER SINGLE TIME. Another thread ruined. Congratulations.
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