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  1. It ain't mine. It might be yours if you want to live in stone age. I cannot believe why is it so difficult for people to comprehend that caste system is a social construct, just like race system, with no biological relevance, engraved in people's minds to control large numbers of sheep like you. What heritage are you really proud of? Where do you stand in caste system? Let me take a guess… at number 3? Yeah? Here's a fact and not anyone of you caste defenders deny it, YOU WILL NEVER BE NUMBER 1 YOU WILL NEVER BE HIGHEST CASTE. YOU MIGHT BE HIGHER THAN THE LOWEST CASTE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER BE THE HIGHEST Ponder on that and tell me how much proud are you of your heritage.
  2. Yay!! we have our own version of KKK. All I could smell from your comment is hatred, discrimination and gender bias. I pray for you so that you could,for once in your lifetime, get a chance to read Guru Granth Sahibji. Maybe then you will realize how delusional you sound.
  3. I think it was big mistake for you to ask this question on this forum. All you can see is people fighting over jaat paat. Do you see the mentality of these "Sikhs"? Your parents are not alone, 99% of Punjabi Sikhs are plagued with this disease. All the caste defenders are no less than white supremacists. Let me make it very clear, Sikhi has not caste. There is nothing in our faith that prohibits inter-caste marriage It is your life. It is your decision. I would say try talking to your parents again and be patient. Your parents will eventually listen. Also, if your boyfriend really loves you and is sincere, he will stick around Best of Luck!
  4. What if you have an abusive cheating husband? We knew an Amritdhari couple where husband was verbally abusive, did drugs and cheated on his singhni. Singhni tried so hard to give him second chance, but nothing changed. What do you suggest then? Funny thing is that when the news got out that they are getting divorced, everyone without any hesitation pointed fingers at Singhni for ruining their kids' lives.
  5. ARE YOU A WOMAN? You don't anything about how every woman handles her period. Clothes getting stained? What century are you living in?
  6. Unfortunately, Sikhs in India are abandoning Punjabi. Many kids have stopped speaking Punjabi. They only speak Hindi or English. Many see Punjabi as language of "Gwaar" and "Anpad" Schools play a huge role in discouraging children to speak Punjabi. There are many schools in Punjab where only Hindi or English is allowed. I got my schooling from catholic school in Punjab and I remember our teachers would scold us for speaking Punjabi. Whenever we spoke Punjabi, we were looked down. We were even punished. They claimed that since its English medium school everyone should speak English but they had no problem with kids speaking in Hindi. The way Sikhs in West have saved Sikhi, it is our responsibility to save Punjabi and Gurmukhi. Teach your kids Punjabi, take them to sunday school at local Gurdwara, speak to them in Punjabi only. Encourage them to speak Punjabi.
  7. I heard it was a dera of the guy who was caught red handed in motel room with a bibi. Dont know how true it is, or it could be rumors, But hope Saroops of Guru Sahib is unharmed.
  8. Why cant we all be SIKHS, NOT Jatt Sikhs, NOT Bhatra Sikhs, NOT Ramghariya Sikhs, NOT Majhbi Sikhs, Not Khatri Sikhs.. JUST GURSIKHS...
  9. I could care less about a bald guy who thinks he knows more about Sikhi than Guru Maharaj himself. BTW, great response by Bhai Jagraj Singh. It is amazing to see how two siblings could turn out to be so different. It makes me respect Bhai Jagraj Singh more because he had to fight off lot of maya and bad sangat to reach where he is today.
  10. Hanji, agreed with you Veerji, What I meant was how Buddhism was eradicated from India, similarly Sikhi has almost reached that point. It might not take them long to completely ruin Sikhi in India. Sikhs are all over the world and will continue to grow just like Buddhists.
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