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  1. You wear underpants underneath your Kishairaa. It's just that simple And Matheen, she doesn't have to register just for that lol. You just don't necessarily have to reply
  2. Punish all the other ones while you're at it. I will repeat what I mean... How many ppl are you going to punish? Will you get ashutosh? Will you get all the fake babas who take advantage of female sevadaars? Will you try and shut down all the other sites hosting such disrespectful thoughts/opinions? If that's your goal, please start doing it, instead of having posts here. And if you were payin attention to my earlier post(s), I CLEARLY mentioned how I didn't know of his blogs or his online comments on any such matter. Get off my back, and start shutting down the sites that host such things
  3. We never fed our dogs meat. Feed her/him rotees. They love it
  4. It was more confusing than upsetting..mehBottom line... I don't see why ppl cannot get along. What are ppl gonna do? Clean all the sites... More are gonna pop up Just practice what you believe, and stay away from those who you think are a bad influence. Who says you have to read blogs etc that you know will upset you? Meh...
  5. Someone has translated it for me. And perhaps, you should not say such things if you do not know what you are talking about. 'Pyaar' my foot ahahahaNo.. I have never come across this "nindak", as you have put it I believe Sikhs these days spend too much time bashing each other. There are not supposed to be any sects/clans in Sikhi, and that is what I was trying to convey.
  6. Ok, I understand why some people dislike what he is posting, but saying his voice is like a child' voice..and that he seems to be a retard when looking at him??? What does that have to do with anything? Please keep those irrelevant concerns to yourself.And btw.... He don't even look retarded. To all of those who are thinking of taking his blog down, think about all the other blogs/posts/individuals to take down. That's a lot of cleaning to do...lol Thonno bada pyaar aa reha ess Guru nindak te phenjeo, ki gall? :rolleyes: I'm sorry, I can't understand Punjabi very well. Please post that
  7. BECOME A VEGAN!! Even a few months of the vegan diet will help a lot It's like healthy detox
  8. Ok, I understand why some people dislike what he is posting, but saying his voice is like a child' voice..and that he seems to be a retard when looking at him??? What does that have to do with anything? Please keep those irrelevant concerns to yourself.And btw.... He don't even look retarded. To all of those who are thinking of taking his blog down, think about all the other blogs/posts/individuals to take down. That's a lot of cleaning to do...lol
  9. I agree with Jag_Singh 100%. The statements in the first post really stereotype girls/women...in a negative manner. The reason why women are so hyped up is most likely because of society. The attention is focused on the bride. In almost all cultures, the bride is the 'star of the show'. Out of all the people attending the ceremony, she is the one who stands out, therefore she's under a lot of pressure. If society didn't show how 'normal' it is for the bride to pretty up, then all of this wouldn't even be up for discussion. Evidently, cultural notions are to blame. It's very upsetting that a
  10. Ok sorry, lol Usually when you take Amrit, Panj Pyaarey ask you if you name has been given according to Sikh tradition . If no then the Panj Pyaarey take a Hukum and a new name is given. Lol.. I didn't think I'd have to actually explain one of the reasons for my question(s), but I guess some people really thought I was ready to give some next "Sarah Kaur" or "Justin Singh" name....aint the case folks Her first name is completely made up, but she uses "Kaur" as her last name..not our actual 'surname'. And the facts you just stated are exactly why I'm so interested in asking about it. My
  11. Thank you for the information I appreciate it. But like I mentioned in the last reply, I'm talking about names that do not have any meaning(s), nor relations to anything in particular. I mentioned how I'm not referring to names from a different religion or culture. Here is the main reason why I am asking all of this: My sister's name does not have a meaning. It does not have a any ties to any religion/culture etc. It is a made-up name. Completely made up. This is what I am asking. ***I am not asking about "Jennifer Kaur" or "Jefferey Singh".*** Thank you.
  12. How about: A Gutkaa with English translations A top with a Khandaa on it (or anything relating to Sikhi) A Monsters Inc DVD (or a diff movie) An Immortal Productions CD Candy or other goods Stuffed animals Umm... How old are the ..hmm..competitors?
  13. Thanks to everyone who looked into this. I really appreciate it.
  14. Sorry. I apologize for my late replies :| So the reason parents name their children with names relating to Gurbaanee, is to feel that they belong in the community...? That's interesting... Sorry to tell you, but you are mistaken. I don't know why someone would waste time asking a question, if their purpose was to prevent someone from saying anything at all... I don't know the answers to this question. I've been looking for answers, but like you pointed out, there's nothing in Gurbaanee that I've found relating to this. Actually, I DID expect to find a Tuk from Gurbaanee related to my ques
  15. According to Sikhi, what is the significance of having the one you respect on your right side? According to Sikhi, does it really matter which side someone/thing is on? Traditionally, all over the world, a person stays to the left of someone who is more respected (older, religious, with authority)...however, according to Sikhi, this really doesn't matter.....right? :6
  16. Thank you all for taking time to reply. I really appreciate it ... However...(I'm sorry if I'm asking for too much but..) If it's possible to help me find Tuks that relate SPECIFICALLY TO RACE, I'd really, really appreciate it. As I mentioned in my original post, we all know that Guru jis teach us about the equality of religions/cultures, genders, "castes", but if possible, I would really like to find Tuks explaining the equality of race specifically. I've been trying for a while now, but I didn't come across any yet. Many people are saying "There should be." or "I'm pretty sure there is/are"
  17. I didn't mean that you haven't made a decision to leave Islam/become a Sikh.. When I stated "following the religion with unshakable and undying faith, which you are not doing at the moment, I actually meant that you are not following Islam with undying faith. You said that you haven't made a decision yet, but I was actually referring to your decision to become a Muslim, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for the confusion 'The answered', it's fine. When you get the chance to finish responding, please explain what a 'salam' is, and please explain what Puggis' are.I'm sorry, but I'm not famil
  18. Not true. I'm amritdhaaree, and I hate Punjabi suits. Choley are actually very comfortable, but I HATE Punjabi suits. The salwaars get so annoying, like you're wearing snowpants because they're huge like snowpants and because they're just as difficult to put on and take off. And the long shirts aren't a walk in the park either. And dubataas are just plain weird and very useless. Really, Punjabi suits are such a pain. Choley = "Kewl", "Boss", Hip, and Phat ..je je! The rest of KEERPA's post, pretty agreeable.
  19. Ok first off... Please make sure you're not making her become a Sikh just to marry you. Changing religions unwillingly for a partner is really not worth it. By the way you put it, it doesn't seem like she wants to become a Sikh. She is a Hindu. She's ready to take up Sikhi... She IS a Hindu. She IS ready to take up Sikhi.... She IS A HINDU. She IS READY to TAKE up SIKHI....... Ok so the reason I kinda put that down like 3 times is because SHE IS A HINDU, therefore SHE IS NOT A SIKH, therefore SHE IS NOT READY TO BECOME A SIKH, because if she was ready to become a Sikh, she would have done s
  20. I have one thing to say about the secrecy bit if you're an adult, and that is: If you are an adult, I'm telling you straight up that you're a bit too worried about keeping this a secret. It shouldn't be something you're so worried about. You know... If your Muslims friends disown you, they aren't really your friends eh..? And so what if they find out you're thinking of converting? Whenever someone converts to Islam, the person who helped the individual convert always says something along the lines of "You made the right choice." or "You've seen the light."... However, the person who helped the
  21. GurFateh. I was wondering if someone could help me find Gurbaanee Tuks that explain the importance of understanding that all races are equal. We all know that Gurbaanee teaches us that both genders are equal to each other, and that people of all faiths are equal to each other, and that a caste doesn't matter either. However I would like to to know if someone could help me find Gurbaanee Tuks that explains the equality of races, or something of the sort, even though I know that Sikhi teaches us that every human is equal. I just haven't really read any Tuks specifically explaining the equality
  22. GurFateh. I was wondering if I could get some help on something, with (if possible) Gurbaanee Tuks to help me understand more about a certain topic. I would like to know what is acceptable in Sikhi when it comes to choosing a name. What I mean is.. When choosing a name, what (rules) do we, as Sikhs, need to (abide by) pay attention to? I know that almost all new Sikh-parents go to the Gurudwara to listen to a Hukamnaamaa, and then decide on a name for their child(ren) that begins with the same letter as the Hukamnaamaa started with... However, I'm wondering about other rules/guidelines, and
  23. Ermm.. Quite honestly penji...living right next door ISN'T even properly taking care of her. When you're old, your body is very unpredictable, so I'm sorry. I completely disagree with you here. Taking care of her is taking care of her...not living in another house, while she could (God forbid) be in pain, or couldn't move. She lost her husband, so please put yourself in her shoes and think about what is important. She will live a safer, healthier and better life if she is going to live with you. - She's not young, and she will need help at random times. Perhaps she couldn't reach the phone or
  24. Check this out Lotta people say that MJ had a Caucasian Amrit-dhari cook too..
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