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  1. Thanks Rayoflight! Wicked names, will be hard to choose now, Il post back when we decide after Guru Ji's hukum...
  2. I think the names the western Sikhs have are really good, so original..I really like Arjan Singh, but dunno...what Im having?!?!?! lol..Thanks BibiG, Gurukirpa
  3. Wow, I love anhad, my friend's daughters are called anand and akaal kaur! and love sehnaj and paarus...ooooh..thanks guys, and good links G.Kaur!
  4. Fateh to all Im expecting a little Singhani or Singh end of this month, and just wondered if sangat could suggest some baby names, dunno what letter cos still have to take hukamnaama, but can't wait so er posted this cos it'll help so pleaaase post any names..they gotta be reaaaaally cool though, lol, lots of competition nowadays! Thanks G
  5. Ooooooh...Im nervous.. :umm:
  6. Fateh Jee I'd just like to add a few points in answer to some questions raised. I teach at the school. Firstly, as someone said, the question is not how many are amritdhari kids, in an area of Southall where most parents of the kids dont know what the 10 Guru's names are, their children are learning about their religion and telling their parents off when they do something like Karva Chauth for example and pass it off as religion. ALL the kids are taught the Mool mantar and memorise the meanings and the Japuji. The 5 Banis are taught and even though there is one 45 minute lesson a week, in comparison to three or four lessons for other subjects I think the kids are doing pretty well. They enter the Darbar Sahib and know how to sit, that's a major plus point when most of the parents dont go to the Gurdwara unless there's a wedding or something. Also, the question isnt how many amritdharis there are, knowing the background of these kids it would be impossible for the school to let in only amritdharis and grossly unfair. Isn't it better that kids who would not really have heard much about Sikhism apart from wearing gold khanda's and using Singh as car number plates are learning about the Rahit Maryada, the AKAL TAKHAT and the lives of the Guru's. BTW Khalsa Fauj jee, the kids arent brainwashed into following a Dera (which I assume you were referring to Nanaksar) but are guided into serving the Panth. They do their own Gurpurab kirtans, and serve in the Langar, every day a couple of kids volunteer to do shoes (joreya) dee sewa while everyone is in assembly listening to Japuji, singing a shabad, doing ardas and listening to maharaj's hukamnama. The kids have produced a kirtan cd, you can find more info at Sukhmani Kaur's blog www.skaur.blogspot.com So, in addition to this, the kids have worked hard to produce phenomenal results, coming top out of the schools in hillindgon borough, let's be proud of this, and encourage them. There are kids in the school who are amritdhari, hindu's and non-amritdharis, but they are all learning and our ardas is that they will take amrit not out of force, or to get in the school but after making an informed decision and so they can stick to their commitment. I hope we stop picking on negative points everytime someone does something good in our panth and this change in attitude will help us make even more schools like this one in the midlands, slough and wherever else. Bhul chuk muaff Fateh Gurpreet Kaur
  7. G-Kaur


    Fateh Yeah I understand what you are saying. Perhaps it's a gift from God that we cannot remember past lives, otherwise it would be confusing to know your relations now were completely something different before, that would be a bit mad yeah. Thanks
  8. G-Kaur


    VJKK VJKF! If you are reborn as a human, how can you repent and rectify the mistakes you made in your past lives if you can't even remember what they are?
  9. Ive heard that when the Guruship was passed on, Guru Sahib placed a tikka on his successor. I think this is what they used to do when a King used to pass his kingdom to his heir too. Just what Ive heard, would like to know if its true.
  10. We are all His instruments, He sings through us when he chooses, so praise Guru Sahib, Dhan Maharaj, and 'Mrs' made me blush
  11. Fateh He could not attend the samagam as his flight was delayed, he is singing tomorow, I think that kirtan will be added on. Fateh Jee
  12. Our new school website is finally up! Just wanted to share it with the Sangat Guru Nanak Schools
  13. Its surprising to hear you are only 23, the way you write and articulate your thoughts is very mature and intelligent. Anyway, Happy Birthday, may Guru Jee give you even more intelligence, love for Him, and respect.
  14. Vaheguroo..thanks dude..and dudette, I mean Penji and Veer Jee (before I get told off!)
  15. This article has already been refuted here: http://www.sikhawareness.com/sikhawareness...opic.php?t=7637
  16. Look into my eyes, all the way through to my soul, to see what I see, and feel what feel, but whatever you do, do not judge me. Reach out to me. Touch my hand offering only you. Feel my body’s warmth, as it channels through your touch, so that you will know once and forever, that I love you so much. But whatever you do, do not judge me. When you see me on my knees crying, come to me with your open heart. Wipe my tears from my eyes, because they are for you. But whatever you do, do not judge me. See not the color of my skin, the color of my eyes, or the way that I love, for in the end, we are all kin. So when you see me, frolicking in God’s love come dance with me, in the love that’s promised forever. But whatever you do, do not judge me...
  17. Fateh Just wondered if anyone here learns a musical instrument, dilruba, shehnai, sarangi etc, if so, where do you learn from? Do you find it difficult? Im thinking of starting dilruba so I can sing playing it without a vaja. However, being reaaaally old I dunno if its worth starting at the age of 24!!! I live near southall, so if anyone learns from someone around here, let me know! would love to hear your views on how you found your lessons too. WJKK WJKF!
  18. SachKhand is the abode of the Truth, the place where Guru Jee resides is Sachkhand (all the Gurughar or places where the Bir is kept), as Gurbani is the ultimate Truth. Baba Nand Singh Jee insisted on calling the place where Guru Jee is kept (stage, platform etc) Sachkhand.
  19. What the hell? Anil Kumar..a Sikh? and he got married in a 'temple', man..they cant tell the difference.
  20. G-Kaur


    Thats not true about Nanaksar, what are your sources?
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