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  1. Bhai Baldeep Singh Ji also teached Santhiya on Saturday's from 3pm at Nanaksar Thath Gurdwara.
  2. Slightly off topic but kudos to Sikh Channel for exposing this around the world. Where would we be without it?
  3. hmmm... I go to Nanaksar Thath in Wolverhampton. http://www.nanaksarthath.co.uk They do make langar and it does have a Nishan Sahib. It is a Gurdwara. There is nothing cultist about it. The Gurdwara goes by Sikh values 100% and I'd suggest people come and have a look for themselves. Some of the activites I'm involved in at the Gurdwara at weekends: - Punjabi Classes - Santhiya Classes (by Bhai Baldeep Singh - Birmingham) - Sikhi Classes - Kirtan Classes (Sat) - Gatka Classes (Sun) Upmost respect is for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This Gurdwara also funded the opening and running of htt
  4. Could someone please clarify the maryada for conducting an akhand path in terms of time? I was under the impression that you had to complete an Akhand Path Sahib within 48 hours? Then why has the Akand Path thats been broadcast live on Sikh Channel lasted over 50 hours from Arambh to Bhog?
  5. Sikh Channel has recently “acquired” a new presenter in Balbir Singh Sandhu. I was wondering what sort of vetting goes on by the Sikh Channel when bringing in new presenters (volunteers or employees)? This guy is as dodgy as can be and it is disturbing to see him presenting on what is the number one Sikh Channel. He should not be representing the Sikh Channel and is certainly not a Sikh in the true sense! In case you don’t know about his history check out the links below. He is a Ex-Magistrate Fraudster who has been jailed for 18 months. Personally whenever he has been on I have had to chan
  6. Well I was told a week and go back for my 1 week post op appointment on Saturday so let's see what they say then...
  7. I had mine done last Friday at optical express - no problems whatsoever. I had Lasik Wavefront (Intralase) - with this you will not get glare at night time. I'm putting the drops in but have been told that I only need to do this for 1 week. After the 1hr wait the actual surgery took about 5mins and within the next 5mins I was on my home. Vision was a little blurry for a couple of hours but after that no problems at all. I had the wavefront because of my pupil size (8mm). It's more expensive but definately worth it. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
  8. His name is Baldeep Singh. Not sure if does visa's/sponsorships etc but he does do some of the kirtani schedules.
  9. Hmmm.... It was on Sikh Channel, facebook, newspapers, posters in Gurwara's etc.... not sure what else they could have done? The advertising was going on for many weeks. I wonder how the other 10's of thousands found out about it?
  10. How amazing was the Parkash programme at Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hayes.... I believe this annual event had to be the biggest outside of india. Well done to the organisers.
  11. "In September 2011, Sikhs from all over Britain gathered in Parliament Square to protest. The focus of their concern was the turban." Credit where credit is due, this programme has been created due to the Dastaar Day initiated and organised by Sikh Channel last year. I remember all the haters and opposition to this (including Sangat TV) and all the noise about why it was done. Where are these people now? Do they still think it was a bad idea? This programme will create awareness and has reached mainstream media because of the Sikh Channel, no doubt about it.
  12. Well said West London Singh!! I'll contact my Gurdwara and ask them to 4 more photo's on the wall next to the current 10 Guru's. On a serious note beliefs are very different. They don't believe in Rehat Maryada, Amrit, Kesh, and even have their own saluation. Not forgetting the Nishan Sahib Flag!! SANGAT TV EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!
  13. Sikh's believe's in 10 Guru's and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji as our everlasting Guru. Now if you start showing programmes that are in conflict to this, will they also start showing Radhaswami and Naamdhari Programmes as they also believe in more than 10 Guru's? My personal view is Sangat TV are out of order and really need to decide their position on this and not float around and confuse people as @simran345 mentioned. What is their stance on Sikhism? What do they believe in?
  14. Yes integration is a good thing however there is a distinction between mainstream Sikhs and Ravidassia Sikhs. Sangat TV have advertised all programmes as relating to "Guru Ravidass" and not "Bhagat Ravidass". There is a difference in beliefs and you need to be one way or the other. The jakara that's been on these channels from the "Guru Ravidass Gurdwara's "is noticeablly different "Bole So Nibhai, Siri Guru Ravidass Ki Jai". The fact of the matter is how can you integrate when you have different beliefs? Either you believe in Bhagat Ravidass as a "Guru" or you don't. In mainstream Sikhi we
  15. Can anyone suggest any Sikh Sakhi Books for Young Children and where to purchase them from? They need to aimed at 4-5 year old. Thanks.
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