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  1. WJKK WJKF I am currently doing research on the mentioned matter, looking for what Guru Ji said, quotes, comparsions, facts and ways of persuwasion. If it goes well i will create a blog thingy on the web. ..currently doing research like i said but in the mean time if anyone can contribute or can help pls reply to this thread.
  2. Rapists and peodos always get a rough deal in prison so the will get there dues, also God will punsih them. I think they shud bring back hanging.
  3. http://images.google.co.uk/imgres?imgurl=h...%3DJxg%26sa%3DN
  4. i train at one bhams finest thai-boxing clubs. also on offer is ground fighting training, but the place is pricey to new comers, any want more info send me a pm. if any can tell me where thai boxing is taught at any Gurdwara then thats helpful as it good to meet fellow sikhs.
  5. Bhia M Singh of SAS is the best ive seen the man is truely chardi klarr. We need more people like this. From wat i no ISYF is the largest sikh org , i may be wrong, may be they should forge links with them.
  6. Lets look at current state of play: 1. Britian in years to come will have a black flag flying over 10 downing st. A flag wihich is drawn towards a faith of the middle east. A consititution under which Sikhs cannot live anyway (sikhs will go and live else where) , therefore we wont be here in the U.K anyway. So what does it matter if we vote this Briritish party. 2. If the current Government in Britian see ethnics like the Punajbis and Sikhs voting for a British party surley Labour will wake up pass laws against aggresive convertions and radicals. 3. bnp will never gain enough support to get
  7. Theres too much going, im left with no choice, at the next election i wont vote Labour, Tory, Liberal, Green, Respect. You no it makes sense, theres only one party.
  9. lol coincidence. (Have you read about thje coincidence of 911? Was that all planned - bet it was then!) Panj Pyare were from different castes Their names (in order) represent pathway to god (Compassion to Righteousness to Courage to Unattachment to Sahib) They were all named Singh (Singh was the star sign Guru Gobind Singh Ji was born into) 10 living Gurus divided by 2 = 5 .. Panj Pyare 5 elements - Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Eather 5 Evils - Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh, Hankar "Panch Pravaan Panch Pardhaan" in Japji Sahib can translated as 5 chosen ones 5 Realms mentioned in Japji sahib - Dh
  10. India is a country full of myths wonderous beleafs, and superstitions. On the same token some aspects of history facts get exaggerated and tuned in to myths. The story of 1699 as fallen foul of this and everyone beleves it. Most sikhs belive that Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji asked for five heads as a test of courage. Things have ben circulated such a he took the heads in to a tent and done acts such as chopping a sheeps head, then proudcing a sword with dripping blood to show to the congregation . This is an exmple of a factual story turned into a myth. The fact is that the Panj Pyra were SE
  11. no point in going in full on with quotes from SGGS at first as its too much for sum1 of that level to take in. how can i nreak it down
  12. i no a sikh girl who is going thru troublesum times regarding haveing a baby, she has tuned to fasting on poor advise fom some1. clearly sikhism is against fasting as its a rititual and has been denounced by guru ji. how can i change her mind, too many punjabi women do this and doing fasting for there husbands its comes from indian rituals.
  13. Doing candel stick rituals - covering SGGS in fancy rumarls is easir than reading and studing than Gurubani. Most unparr (uneducated people do it). I also no people do combos like doing round round picture of Gurus with candel scent.
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