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  1. Hope that cleared that bit up. Say what you like about Gurdas but its messed up when these type of fake videos go viral.
  2. Video is a fake. Just got sent a pic. Two diff guys. Dont know how to post but im sure it be doing the rounds on watsapp
  3. When looking at the picture my first reaction was hes not even a Sikh. Look at his extremly thin almost non exsistent mustache. Look at his shaved head where his pagg has been lifted. Maybe im wrong but this looks like a muslim guy trying to impersonate a Sikh
  4. The guy seems like a complete <banned word filter activated> and what was his parents thinking when they named him Shawn Tucker!!!. I take it the surname is Thakar but no one spells it Tucker unless they are ashamed of their identity.
  5. I find that comment really insulting. FYI im a divorcee myself and also a mona. My ex was having an affair and is now living with this man. As a guy that is very much into Sikhi but has not got there yet i find it very insulting that you say a person in my situation can not get married in a gurdwara. Thankgod you are in the minority or else perhaps i myself would think twice. We are not the taliban. Its 2014. Religion must also progress with the times within reason.
  6. I see nothing wrong in a divorcee getting married in a gurdwara. Its this type of thinking that many would be SIkhs are turning their backs. Interfaith marriages i agree should not take place ina gurdwara.
  7. That is correct. Green dot indicates vegi. I always used to think it was for Halal lol
  8. KS Makhan has become a Amritdhari but hardly one i look up to. He had joined the BSP party and now sings songs promoting Ravidasias. I bet you he did this so if he got elected he would have some power to stop his pending case in Jalander regarding drugs. He is pretty low.
  9. There are loads of other singers from that era that sang songs bout sharab including Manak & Siddiq Shinda etc. Cant put all blame on Mann
  10. Gurdas Mann is also a chain smoker. I remember when i was young and Mann had yet to recieve the fame he has now he was preforming in Southall with the bhangra dancers The Great Indian Dancers. I was backstage as my uncle was a dancer and Gurdas would come in every so often and smoke then go back on stage sing a song and he would be back for another smoke.
  11. Just goes to show KS Makhan was in it for a reason. Im writing this from my mobile so cant send link but just google KS Makhan bsp and you can see the videos for yourself. Also whilst you there do the same for and i hate to say the word but the singer seems proud - KS Makhan chamar and judge for yourself. His case is still pending in Jalandher court. Maybe he thinks charges will be dropped and then he could cut his hair and sing his usual crap.
  12. Nearly all Sikh conservatives i know here in West London are pukkey coconuts. Most have had their kids married to gorey or Hindus. They all seem well stuck up and think they are better than everyone else and regard people like me and probably most on here as peendos.
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