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  1. khoonkabadlakhoon How much longer do we need to live here before they lose their ignorance that's just a cop out now.
  2. op say when a couple clearly in love , what love an emotion which is first born out of lust and later called love. As for the negative comments against all singhs , op you are just as bad its not just the duty of amritdhari or bana wearing Sikhs to help against atrocities around the world but its the duty of every decent human being so guess what that includes you too (I think). And the first place you can start is stop pointing fingers and respect SGGS JI as our living Guru and not just a religious text to justify or satisfy so called love born out of lust. True love is the love of God / Guru , parents as these are irreplaceable. But many so called in love couples separate/ die and find another where is this love then ?
  3. The women and the so called men were all so very hurt about what was allegedly said against women, but what about the beadbi of Guru Sahib that was done in order to have their questions answered !! Disgraceful behaviour not fit to be called human beings let alone Sikhs !!
  4. its a test it has happened to many of us my self included, ardas is the key and never ever stop your nitnem and naam abhias Even the sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji were tested and they made the ultimate sacrifice so who are we, it will pass keep doing ardas. Do Sangat of other Singhnia and go to smagams , when I feel low I go to my brothers (Singhs ) and Guru ji at the Gurdwara. if your local Gurdwara has naam simran on a particular morning as ours does every Saturday at amrit vela we do 5 bani nitnem and then naam simran/ kirtan for an hour and its amazing keeps one going all week but one should do it every day anyway on an individual basis too. Your are a Singhni now daughter of Guru Gobind Singh ji and Mata Sahib Kaur ji all happiness is at our Guru jis feet . The world has nothing to offer us now that can compare with the love of our Guru sahib ji and the sacrifices he made for us.
  5. Sat yug / kal yug are not times or ages but the state of minde or actions of humans for example Forgetting Vaheguru ji, doing evil deeds etc that is kul yug. Remembering Vaheguru ji always, doing good deeds etc that is sat yug.
  6. where are these fighters when an outsider attacks a Gurdwara like what happened in Wisconsin only good for fighting amongst themselves ! Little kids being racially abused on buses in the us and these clowns fighting amongst themselves doesn't say a lot for Sikhs in the usa.
  7. Unfortunately caste does exist whether we like it or not our Guru sahibs told us not to indulge in such practices and to destroy our caste and lineage by asking for and receiving khande de phul which brings us into the khalsa family. Had we listened and received Amrit / kept Rehat this would not have been an issue today it can only be eradicated in this way otherwise those who do not receive Amrit or after receiving Amrit and more importantly do not keep Rehat will keep coming up against this evil.
  8. Only Guru ji knows how long anyone has and death is not the end for a Gursikh, Do Ardas to Guru sahib ji and trust him above all even your own mind.
  9. ok and don't forget to keep rehat for at least two years before marriage and ,study Gurbani and Sikh history. Khande de pahul can not be taken but is given as instructed in the pavitar bani Shri Anand sahib ji. True love for Guru ji is the only way to receive it by his blessings and after asking / begging for the daat of Amrit. if you take it just to get married to someone and do not keep rehat or take it under false pretenses then the consequences are also mentioned in the same beautiful bani under if one become bemukh from Guru ji.
  10. Your question sbhullar @sat if your daughter come and ask same thing, what would you do , will you kill her ? What a question seems your foolishness has no limits, has your father killed you or are you out to kill your poor parents :no: it seems whoever has a different view to you, you seem to attack them with your words like the statement you have made above maybe this immaturity is another reason why your parents are reluctant to go with your plans. I have read your post and replies and conclude you are an argumentative person who knows it all, then why have you posted here for advice if you know it all ! Do as you wish but we can only advice on as per rehat set by the hukam of the the tenth lord , a Sikh would never harm his or another daughter only a foolish person who does not follow Guru ji's hukam would suggest such a thing. My reply would be both take khande de phul keep rehat for at least two years and stay apart and then after which get married. Are you willing to do this ? Our Father destroyed castes for us by giving us khande de phul and rehat but those who do not receive or follow Guru hukam keep suffering and blaming others and do not look at themselves.
  11. last i remember all others are either brother,son or father until our parents find a suitable match and only after Anand karaj do we set foot into the life of a gristi physically or mentally but the caste issue here has warped the minds of many after reading some posts and they have forgotten this, maybe it would be different issue if their sister or daughter was talking about boyfriends or maybe not, where has the sharam gone in our people ?
  12. Having been on both sides mona and amritdhari, it seems that some amritdharis may look down on moneh, but the truth is also this that many moneh look down on amritdharis too tarring us all with the same brush and fail to observe that their are many good amritdharis too just as their are many good moneh too. This looking down criticizing each other is a total waste of time and will do nothing for the kaum or anyones spiritual journey . Both amritdharis and moneh who engage in such behaviour will find no peace This one of the reasons why i had stopped posting on this forum, as it this type of nonsense that does nothing for ones path in sikhi, but i felt i had to post here.
  13. its time we had peraydaar (sikh Guards) around Guru ji 24/7 but sadly our committees will not pay enough to our Granthis let alone to Guards and thats not only in india but the uk and possibly the rest of the world too.
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