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  1. Koi nahi deta kisi ko sazaaein, Sazaa ban kar aati hai apni khataaye.. ~ Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen
  2. oh really me noether interested to getting married immidiately but later this year or can be next year, depends on sanjog
  3. , I am paid member on sikhnet, but no idea why no response, tried gurmat.com too, i think most of the profiles are out of date, lets see what god has written for me :D
  4. Nanak amrit ek hai bani is amrit what about khandey batte da amrit, Ill give one example which I heard from elders (prof. darshan singh ji), may be that gives you answer eg: We have water below inside the earth but farmers still require water from outside to grow fruits, one more thing if you drill a jetpump at your place plumber asks you to put water from top so that water can come up from inside the earth and he can set up the jetpump for future use. same way amrit is inside you (guru is inside you), but to we need to take amrit as its requirement to become puran gursikh, as karam kand is necessary also but don't get stuck in karam kaand, just move in dharma khand then gian khand then sach khand you can hear the latha here (Nanak Amrit ek hai) http://music.raag.fm/Shabad_Gurbani/songs-21178-Sikh_Di_Pechaan_CD_2-Prof_Darshan_Singh_Khalsa
  5. cool, topic, my question would be what would you do even if you have female gursikh friend ? just a discussion? about guru, sikhi? what if i say to do those things you can sit by yourself and ask questions to yourself, you will get all answers, sawaal ek dukh hai and guru nanak ji says- nanak dukhiya sabh sansaar, so why not ask guru about your questions and doubts, its just something requires more concentration on Naam, Simran, if you ask questions to others they may be able to give answers or may not be, so it depends why u really want a gursikh female friend look inside you and ask this question to yourself first
  6. See Guru di koi lod nhi si, sikhi di koi lod nhi si je nachan hi seega, eh tan pehla to hi ho reha si, Guru gave us instrument to sing shabad and do keertan but in sehaj vastha, not by dancing, dancing was the style of followers of baba bulleshah, i am not saying dancing is wrong, but guru ne diti sehaj avastha and the quoet you gave from asa di vaar its guru explaining man sada bahut nachda hai idhar udhar, never concentrates on NAAm, then guru ji says jina de man vich paramatma da bhou hai ounha de kol hi paramatma vasda hai
  7. tu chor rab noon milan di cha rab de utte, sirf waheguru waheguru kari ja, rab appe hi bakhshish karega, nothing will obtained by blogging or thinking :D
  8. hmm doubt situation again, hmm doubt situation again, its good ur mind thinks towards guru, but again nothing is going to happen when u think too much, u already knew this may be, so i was never a planner, or a time table make that sleep or get up and go to studies, during college days i used work on weekends as waiter, and on weekdays i used to work in college kitchen, while I was doing m.s, Its important to learn bani and memorize as you can do it while u at work or at school, so just do whatever thing you work on with concentration, i know its hard, just do it don't think, alll u got to do is try to sleep early , if thats not possible thats cool too, just try to get up early and study or do nitnem, i used to study at the last moment before exams, as long as you pass nobody cares, job situation, you will get whatever is in written in ur fate, try to get focussed on one thing, finish ur studies first, simran, path it can go along with it, its like food for your soul, if you dont eat it then ur mind will become weak, u dont have to worry if i dont do it for several hours guru will get angry or unhappy, infact do it 24 hours in ur heart while u are studying working or anything.
  9. oh i forgot to mention, if you try to put ocean in one glass, its impossible, same if you try to understand rub, its not possible, baaki one more example, ek bache de samne jawaan khada hai par bache noon ki pata jawani ki hai, jawan de age budha hai, par jawan noon nhi pata ki budha ki soch reha hai, ek budhe noon pata hai age maut hai par maut ho kai hi pata chalda hai maut ussi tarah rab ho ke hi pata chalega ki rab ki , edan sochan naal nhi gal banani
  10. if you want to listen to full video its good and if you hear around 40:00, you will hear what he has to say about simran
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