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  1. It's a shame, but to be honest I can't say I'm surprised as I always had a feeling they wouldn't last. I hope she doesn't leave the path of Sikhi too. Some old habits are hard to change, and some times it's best to learn how to walk before you start running. Yes, she is blessed to have found the path of Sikhi, but the reality is that rehat is difficult to maintain and once the new 'excitement' wears off, lots of 'converts' (to any religion) find it hard to maintain that inner high and quickly wander off in search of the next fix somewhere else, especially those who come from a party-animal/dr
  2. 'Dude, I Am Not a Terrorist' sounds much better and is a more accurate reflection of the aims of your documentary. The controversial, intriguing title of 'Dude, I am not a Muslim' may get you more bums on seats, but you will also face a lot of backlash from the Muslim community and you will alienate them even further causing them to boycott your documentary. And that is not what you want to achieve. 'Dude, I am not a Muslim' implies that all Muslims are terrorists, which we all know is not true, just as all terrorists are not Muslim. So using the umbrella term of 'Terrorist' is better as it do
  3. Not sure if you are in the UK or not but I know SMA is a popular formula milk brand here and on this link they explain which products are vegetarian but they don't mention egg/egg powder http://www.smanutrition.co.uk/sma-products/questions--605.aspx I think it's best for you to check with your doctor and also you could try calling/emailing formula milk companies in your country and ask them to suggest suitable milk or to tell you the ingredients of their products. Some baby milk contains omega 3 and 6 but this is not always from fish oil so it's best to double check with the companies before
  4. True, but for a variety of reasons not all women are able to breastfeed.
  5. How about Dilbaag Kaur? It means 'the one with a blossoming heart'
  6. Oh it's fine don't worry. It used to be MKD89 but I just got it changed now to MKaur89.
  7. Yeah I agree with that, I thought that GPS was suggesting that even the seva of washing dishes/cleaning should be for Gursikhs only, which doesn't seem fair somehow. Maybe it's time for me to change my name, everyone thinks I'm a guy...
  8. Which seva are you referring to? Or do you mean that any and all types of different seva in gurdwaras should only be performed by Amritdhari Singhs? What about Amritdhari ladies?
  9. Keeping kesh and becoming Amritdhari is the beginning of the journey, not the final destination. At home, anyone is free to read path and do nitnem etc, but when it comes to reading path in sangat at the gurdwara, then certain maryada has to be upheld, which normally means only Amritdharis are allowed to take part in Akhand Path seva. In smaller gurdwaras, where there are fewer Amritdharis readily available to do seva, I have seen non-Amritdharis participate in Akhand Path seva. I have seen plenty of non-Amritdharis/keshdharis do all kinds seva with pyar and sharda but have also seen many do
  10. MKaur89


    Those who commit suicide, do they really make their own decision to leave? Or, like everything else, is the act of committing suicide also part of God's will? I've never really understood this.
  11. It's best to check before you order as different types of cheese may or may not be vegetarian depending on which country you're in. Some types of cheese are made using animal rennet (so they are not suitable for vegetarians) whereas some types are made using vegetarian rennet, which is fine. In supermarkets, you can look out for the vegetarian symbol on the packet, in restaurants or when you're out and about, it's usually best to ask beforehand. Also, parmesan is a popular Italian cheese which is never vegetarian so just be aware. There's more information here: https://www.vegsoc.org/cheese
  12. It's funny that people are saying making parchia with 'YES' or 'NO' is not what a Sikh of the Guru should do, but it's okay to encourage this Sikh of the Guru to have pre-maritial interracial relationships? In relationships of this nature, whether white or brown, sooner or later both parties give in to kaam and this is not the Sikh way of doing things. To the OP, you already know your family won't be too happy about you bringing home a white girl, so what more needs to be said? Before things get too deep with this girl, why not sit your parents down and ask them how they would feel about havi
  13. True, but I think a lot of it is to do with the constant pressure women feel to 'look good'. It comes from all angles- billboards, magazines, newspapers etc and sometimes even your own family. To the OP, I think a lot of girls, myself included, go through phases like this when you are fighting an internal battle and you wish to reject natural beauty and instead want to indulge in hair removal, make-up etc. even though you are fully aware that this goes against the ideals of Sikhi. The only thing I can say is, the more Gurbani you read, the more you listen to and the more you make an effort t
  14. These so-called Sikhs who convert- were they really Sikh to begin with? A true Sikh who realises the essence of Gurbani would never leave Sikhi and adopt another faith.
  15. What does it actually mean to be spiritual but not 'religious'? I've never really understood.
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