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  1. gurfateh jee in the rehras sahib, the first dohera after chaupai sahib says: das jaan kar das par kijai kripa apaar| hath dai rakh dai rakh mohe man krm bachan bechar| surely it should say das jaan kar das par kijai kripa apaar| aap hath dai rakh rakh mohe man krm bachan bechar| ????
  2. gurfateh gurmukho!

    when will I get ur darshan?

  3. I am sorry, but i dont really know how to paste in gurmukhi. So here is some guidance from Bhai(Sant?) Gurdas Jee in english with STTM2 translations. gurasikh bhalakae outh kar anmrith vaelae sar naavandhaa| The Gurmukh getting up in ambrosial hours of the early morning takes bath in the sacred tank. gur kai bachan ouchaar kai dharamasaal dhee surath karandhaa| Reciting the Holy hymns of the Guru, he moves towards Gurdwara, the central place for Sikh. saadhasangath vich jaae kai gurabaanee dhae preeth sunandhaa| There, joining the Holy Congregation, he lovingly listens to Gurbani, the H
  4. Spot on! people say wear white to check if your kachera is dirty? lets use some common sense: 1) Amritdharis should have ishnaan every "morning" 2) Amritdharis should wear their kachera whilst doing ishnaan 3) Unless an amritdhari wants to walk around with a wet kachera the whole day... :S... he/she will change into a new kachera 4) As this goes on everyday you will change and wash your kacheras frequently I have 2 questions for the people who insist on wearing only white kacheras 1) do WHITE kacheras fight against kaam more effectively than say blue kacheras? 2) White comes in man
  5. all important decisions in the gurdwara should be made by tyaar par tyaar gursikhs representing the panj piyare (guru roop) members from the sangat should then volunteer to take different responsibilities in the gurdwara (accounting, langar, maintenance, youth resources etc...) the panj piyare then choose volunteers ensuring that after a while they are rotated so that gurdwara positions wont be abused Currently, the election process favours rich and socially powerful people, who look like they are just running in the elections to boost their ego u can have loads of piyaar for sikhi and do
  6. this thread is stupid and useless Dear penjee, why are you trying to encourage more splits in the panth? if you don't like what they do, speak to them privately (i am sure their contact details are easy to get hold off) there is no need to start threads online that can lead to more divisions in our community first lesson in Guru Granth Sahib Jee is '1' until we become one as a panth, kaljug will prevail. my intentions are not to offend anyone but lets avoid posting stuff online that create hatred amongst ourselves
  7. Gurfateh no offence, but why would you ask this on a sikh forum? what is the point? I reconmend searching on websites/forums about health and fitness or plain common sense for example: cutting down on junk, eat more fruit, regular running (start of slowly and light, and then eventually push it up to 30 mins running everyday) but you have given me an interesting idea for a new thread sorry for the harsh words wjkk wjkf
  8. gurfateh jee this is about the malkauns vaar that was uploaded i don't know much about dasam granth bani but the dasam banis i have heard and read so far dont usually include the word 'nanak' at the end of the verses (ie... jaap sahib, swayee, shabad hazare) this vaar has 'nanak' written which doesnt match the banis above please clarify this, are there other banis in dasam granth where dasmesh pita jee signs off with nanak????? (im not tryna prove/disprove dasam bani--- just curious about the use of nanak in dasmesh pita jees writing----- alot of people on this forum have short fuses---
  9. Dear sangat jee Anti sikh, Darshan will attempt his hate speeches in Southall tonight. we need to make sure nothing like this happens. we are in danger of falling into the trap that the muslims are in. if he is successful, we will be labelled as terroists. we need to show the world that he is NOT a sikh, and the best way to do this, is to make sure he does not set foot into the gurdwara. The police failed to sort this out so we need to make sure we dnt make the same mistake Looking forward to seeing a large turnout united against the nindak darshan gurfateh
  10. Dear gur sikh from my limited understanding of gurbani, i think that most of the gurbani uses metaphors. And this shabad seems to use metaphors to describe the bhagats of waheguru, and how much respect should be paid to them. Hair is very important is sikhi and is respected by tying a dastar and combing it twice daily. so when guru jee says that they would fan over somebody with their hair, is an example of outmost humility. gurbani is very deep and cannot be understood by just scratching the surface. if what i have said is completely wrong then please forgive me i have no knowledge fa
  11. last year was amazing lol they cut off niranjan singhs dastar in the poster looks bere wrong avninder please make sure they change the picture before they print out any more posters
  12. This article has a strange colour combination I personally believe that the amount of truth in a piece of writing is judged by how much it hurts. The more it hurts the more truth it is. i don't know who kamalroop singh is but i agree with sitagirl, the flowery text reduces the impact of the article. if you want to have a look at a proper written piece about the truth. Have a look at the zafarnama written by guru gobind singh ji. A masterpiece written with skills above common knowledge, to strike one of the greatest emperors at the time; in a place where it really hurts. Guru ji totally de
  13. study....study...study........... does that answer your question????......there will be more rainsabhis in the future. however you have only got one shot to do your gcses. if you feel like your still missing out. Just sit down and do some extra bani. I personally feel sikhi is about applying what you learn to your life. Sikhi teaches about respecting your parents. They only want what is best for you, always remember that. you don't have to travel to manchester to gain more sikhi. Do ardaas and ask guru ji for sangat and an event near you. There will be a special event ( keertan and katha,
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