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  1. There are better Punjabi players out there. Hopefully we see one of them making it into NBA. This signing is nothing more a marketing signing to get Sikhs in Brampton to come to their games.
  2. I couldn't find an answer when my family converted to Sikhi, but I did a little research and found out that my jatt clan (I hate searching based on caste) converted to Sikhi during Guru Hargorbind ji time.
  3. What a stupid article. We're radical for preventing someone corrupted coming to our beautiful country and causing drama? We're radical for asking for justice for our families who have suffer under Hindustani government and Punjab police? This " Jagtar Singh" must work for Indian government to write such articles. I can't believe a Sikh writes such articles to hurt his own community to please his Indian masters. What a Uncle Tom!
  4. Keshadhari Sikhs aren't Amritdhari Sikhs. Voting process should be conduct by Amritdharis only (as a final vote), but non-Amritdhari should have SOME input on candidates who want to run management.
  5. Sorry, but I have to say this bluntly: this is a stupid question/thread. Anyone with any knowledge of Sikhi can speak about it. Sikh or non-Sikh. Sure, Amritdhari should run our gurdwaras, but it doesn't mean non-Amritdharis can't help out (let's be real honest here: most of the money and food contributing to gurdwaras are coming from non-Amritdharis). If Amritdharis have problems eating food from non-Amritdhari, then it's their lost. Langar is open for everyone to eat and serve food. There's no limitations besides making sure the food is cook properly.
  6. Ignore Legal Singh who obviously got issues with Sikh Canadians. FYI to legal Singh: Those caste based gurdwaras in Canada are mostly founded and supported by British Sikhs who moved here.
  7. You hurt drug dealers by killing their supplies. Find where the drugs are coming from, then kill it. I highly doubt these African and Punjabi drug dealers are importing drugs from Africa. The drugs coming within India and possibly Pakistan. Lack of leadership and intelligence in our community is killing us. We have become so easy to be targeted by others. Time for us to stand up and fight back in our motherland.
  8. You mean half black PM? lol No offensive, having a minority leader doesn't mean anything (look at Sikhs in India as an example). Racism is a major issue in Amerikkka. You being from USA should know that (Remember Trayvon case?)
  9. Have you ever been to USA? European don't have anything on USA in terms of violence and backwardness. Yes, Europeans are very racist as well, but how many Europeans you hear that kill innocent minorities compare to USA? USA is a gun friendly country who aren't exactly welcoming towards brown people (like Sikhs) into their country.
  10. USA is the last nation to live if you're a Sikh. Racial division in that country is insane and looking different (nevermind brown) is enough reason for Americans to kill you. USA has very violent culture where guns are accepted by general public. High crime and murder rate in that country is similar to 3rd world crime and murder rates. USA is most violent and racist country in the west. It's going to be very hard task for Sikhs in USA to overcome this hate and violent culture by educating and fighting back against Americans. It's going to take a lot of resources and leadership (which we lack in our community) to fight back against such people.
  11. Well, I assuming you're talking about Vancouver/B.C. Sikhs only? I am from Toronto, so it's different out here even though we're both in same country. You made a great point about adapting to your environment.
  12. Thank you. Your reason is very common why a lot of British Sikhs are moving to Canada these days. UK is declining badly due to bad economy and racism (Muslims bullying Sikhs while White English forming racist groups to get rid of all brown skinned people). I am not saying Canada is perfect, but quality of life, economy and strong Sikh community makes Canada a very appealing place to move for British Sikhs. I don't understand why some people here are so against Canada and think UK is better. As a Sikh, you would think country like Canada which a lot more Sikh friendly wouldn't attract so much hate from Sikhs.
  13. Examples? Just look all threads on this forum for proof of Muslim gangs grooming Sikh girls. You got to be blind not to see this being an issue. When comes to Sikh issues (especially when attacked by non-Sikhs), we all stick together. Your example of Sikh killing each other isn't good one since you're referring to drug dealers and gangsters who fighting each other over territory and power. You don't see any of this unity in UK Sikh community at all (example: building caste based guruwaras or looking down on each other because type of turban you happen to wear). This forum is good representation of UK sikhs. I know plenty of UK Sikhs living in Toronto now, they have told me how surprise they are not to see caste based gurdwaras. Not only that, but there were surprise to see a lot of "sardars" and how powerful Sikhs are in this country unlike in UK where people there (at least in the media) don't recognize Sikhs and give special treatment to British muslims.
  14. How are you stating the truth without facts with your claim? You originally said "apne" don't speak Punjabi which isn't true. You also originally said Sikhi isn't strong in Canada without providing any facts. Now you're making claims how "apne" are killing their wives which in reality isn't that true. Yes, there have been cases, but those are very small minority of pindoos in our community who do that. Speaking of the truth: how many stories do you hear about Sikh girls being raped in Canada by Muslim gangs? Not many! You know why? Because unlike you Sikhs in UK, we got pride and beat down anyone who dare to mess with us. It doesn't matter if you're mona, keshdhari or Amritdhari; we got each other's back and consider each other as Sikhs unlike UK where there's extremist going on in Sikh community which is pushing "apne" away from Sikhi. How's that for truth?
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