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  1. _K_

    yeah nanni is okkkk... she was down yday being vulgar as usual LOL... oh god no my moms been hiding from her since the phnoe number incident hahaha but what pic was it? im confusedddd... never mind if i dont get it back it dont matter

    u ok now??as in u better? x

  2. anjaan

    hey moo i gave the stuff 2 my bhabi to pass onto your lovely mommy...did u get it? & the pic was gorgeous :D hows ur nanny? me aint been centre 4 while :( all the best in your exams! xxxx

  3. AvnitK

    wow bhenji ur famous lol wjkk,wjkf

  4. _K_

    lol hey delayed reply!!!!!!

    :) u better now? x x

    and lol haha aww no way i gave up looking 4 that lil note it was meant 2 go in my lil keep sake box!what pic??? hope it aint nuthing 2 embarrasing *-) LOL

    x x

  5. anjaan

    miss youuuuuuuu u doofus!! guess what fell out a book you borrowed from me? a pic & that message i sent u with ur flowers! hehe i'll get it over to you when the kids go back 2 school! xxx

  6. fikkar math karro! i founded it :wub: phew!!! 4 anyone else interested : http://westernssa.blogspot.com/2006/03/tribute-to-hero.html
  7. howdy. does anyone know where i can get the male version of mukhon satnam bolda? im suuureee it was on the western ssa site.. but now i cant find it?! help please :wub: ..... dum di dum di dummm..
  8. :wub: LOL i have missed ur one liners! i agree with guru jis student! i got looooads of guy mates i talk to them about anything and everything and i wudnt change it for the world! i am a tomboy and proud! :wub:
  9. LOL!!!! & why u never told me? jeh main hundi!! main odha zindagee katam karlana si! lol theres so many of these men in wolves... b4 yeh.. this lady got robbed ... cuz a man in town sed 2 her..u got a lucky matha, as in forehead... (LOL) but like he did some ooga booga stuff and she was "under his spell" and she was saying she went to the bank to withdraw all her money for him and didnt realise what had happened till next day.. scarey & once my cousin got stopped in town by some old indian man and he started saying ur name begins with this letter u hang around with this many freinds u got this many siblings.. she started crying lol just dont pay attention to em!
  10. _K_

    LOLLLL rahuls bibi hahahahahaha! i only just got the msg now! not bin on this 4 ages! but owwwwww ur livin it up in th punjab! n im here in miserable wolves :(

  11. anjaan



  12. totally shocked by this... no words 2 explain it.. jus shocking... and sad, shes was so young.. :devil: stab wound to the abdomen -just awful ...
  13. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS? Happy Birthday!!!! hope u had a great day and ummm i sending u a fabulous present ... some exclusive pictures of the builders LOL God bless! from me
  14. happy belated birthday 2 both of uuuuu and kumi im sorry i didnt believe u yday LOL and i hope ur still not feeling sore 4rm ur birthday beating in the boot best wishes
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