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  1. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    Respect and love should come mutually from two people. I am surrounded with nihangs and akjs and taksalis, they all respect the differences except when some people just love insulting others. DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY
  2. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    That statement meant: Taksalis who follow the maryada are loved by guru ji, Sant giani gurbachan singh ji revealed their respect and love for the jatha Singhs. Sampardhas aren't even a problem. Because at the end day, most students come out as gursikhs. it in no way implied Guru ji doesnt love other gursikhs.
  3. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    How is it hate to teach people the importance of maryada? I don't people like you. Taksalis use both love, encouragement and force (to some extent) and people like you degrade them. Who cares if you are pro-dasam Granth, even dhunda says he believes in dasam granth. Taksalis (most of them) are loved by guru ji, needless of your love. Btw The mughal emperors were also led to the the wrong side by the lord, guru ji fought them. Injustice is within hukam but mahapurkhs fight against it as well. STOP USING YOUR NARROW MIND TO INTERPRET GURU JI's BANI. Thank you.
  4. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    All I have is: 1. Go listen to katha by taksalis 2. Go check the meaning of versus 3. Taksalan isn't a word 4. You sound missionary, congragulations. (Taste your medicine)
  5. Khalistanisinghni

    Hypocritical "Sikhs"

    I mean I have been watching videos of those anti-raagmala and saying all sorts of things to prove their point. So I came up a "generalisation" which according to your experience is false
  6. Khalistanisinghni

    Baba ji's words on our state

    Baba ji
  7. Khalistanisinghni

    Hypocritical "Sikhs"

    Watching the videos of the wrong members
  8. Khalistanisinghni

    What effect did reciting Bani have on you?

    For a month? For an average it takes years/centuries to get something but when you compare a month with jaap to the first day you started off, increased concentration (even for just a minute)
  9. Khalistanisinghni

    Hypocritical "Sikhs"

    WJKK WJKF, it is sometimes funny how majority of the Sikh kaum loves bhindranwale, claim to believe that are sant/mahapurkh but very few actually follow them? in local area, some uncles continuously ask kavishers to sing about bhindranwale and the same uncles invite anti-gurmat parchariks to the area. Taksal is currently not following the maryada left by either Baba Thakur Singh ji or other mahapurkhs of taksal. Other jathebandis like AKJ don't accept raagmala. While some aren't to believe Charitropkyan to be bani. are we lying to ourselves when we call them "sant baba jarnail singh ji khalsa bhindranwale"? They surely contributed to the panth and have clarified on other points.
  10. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    Missed your comment/reply. Your assumption that I have 0 evidence already says you aren't waiting for an answer because obviously I didn't go and see it. It's an allegation in the hazuri of guru maharaj and not needed unless known to be true. Simply stating Bhai ajnala isn't lying.
  11. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    That is why unity is sometimes important, had they stood together, the government/rss won't be easily fooling them.
  12. Khalistanisinghni

    Where to draw the Open line ?

    I think it is better if we simply attract more people to the gurdwara. Instead of making Sunday the gurdwara day, perhaps if the youth was taught of the importance of sewa or they could use their spare time to read from the books/granths at the gurdwara, the atmosphere would be different and sangat/guru ji would be protected (though it is maharaj ji protecting us and themselves)
  13. Khalistanisinghni

    TBH- what is happening to the women?

    Ask maharaj ji in that case. Shaheed Singhs are in millions and it is hardly doubtful that there arent 96 crore of them! Khalsa Raj after all, we can only ask for naam simran
  14. Khalistanisinghni

    TBH- what is happening to the women?

    Not about what you think, about what maharaj ji has said
  15. Khalistanisinghni

    Hatred towards Taksal/Budha Dal

    Agreed but after the beadbi his parchar changed and he started sounding like panthpreet. Perhaps because he supported dhadrianwale. at the same time, the actions a few "taksalis" has altered the image and reputation of the other in punjab and outside.

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