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  1. I hear you. These problems are the result of gulaami; we have no state (yet). They have 40-50 states that don't merely teach them political expediency; they put it into practice.
  2. Exactly. This is Guru Gobind Singh Jee's bhavikhbaani playing out. All preliminary steps for the establishment of the Sikh State.
  3. I came here specifically to find out what exactly the hinduaani said to trigger these lot. To find out it was the truth - you couldn't make it up! They should just refer them back to aisha's hadeeth where she states it herself.
  4. You underestimate the role this "tactic" played in islam's development and growth - right from its infancy, up to today. Helped it grow from a ragtag bunch of a few of muhammed's slaves, right up to the 200 crore ijjar that it is now. Not bad at all (when correctly employed).
  5. The video could certainly have been made A LOT more informative. There was a whole wealth of information that could have accompanied the video that could have explained the armed struggle to the lay person. Recorded statements like those passed by balram kutha jakhar, the 8th speaker of lok sabha no less, pertaining to the Sikh Genocide could have been presented. Facts and figures about the genocide of 1984 could have been given. Figures of the Sikh contribution to the struggle for freedom from Britain could also have been provided to contrast with the treatment Sikhs received immediately from 1947. Bhai Sahib Bhai Kapoor Singh Ji's Sachi Sakhi is a treasure box of information on the subject. Images of indian state torture victims could have been included to show the depraved acts of terror Sikhs suffered at the hands of agents of the indian government during this period, in what was almost always illegal custody, that for some continues without charge even to today (Jaggi is the tip of an iceberg). E.g. How Sikh babies were set on fire and even fed to kingdoms of ants by indian police officers just to end the bloodline of certain families. How Pregnant women were killed just so they wouldn't give birth to a Sikh child. How Singhs like Bhai Gurdev Singh Debu Ji were boiled alive in police stations just like Shaheed Bhai Dayala Ji. How the panth's daughters were gang raped by indian police kuthey like gobind ram in broad daylight and the pind was rounded up and forced to watch. How the jails of mir mannu were resurrected under the directions of kachi dilli darbar. How whole families were wiped out, yet india just went by its business like nothing happened. Tyrants like abdali would have been proud of the systematic genocide of Sikhs. A little research would have revealed names and locations of the victims, there were so many that it is baffling such information is not provided routinely in videos that touch upon the subject of the Sikh Genocide, there are plenty of Amnesty cases on Panjaab that the lay person could be inspired to look up. Factual information regarding what forced Sikhs to start the morcha for their rights in india in the first place is also totally missing. E.g. the loot of panjaab's river waters that continues to today, continued denial of the semi-independent status of the Sikh homeland that was promised to the Sikhs in 1946, article 25 that even denies the independent existence of Sikhi. The blatant discrimination of denial of state language status to saadi pavitar maa boli Panjaabi for decades despite the fact that every other state was granted its local state language. Only for dilli darbar to eventually carve out haryana and himachal out of Panjaab, whilst passing entire swathes of Panjabi majority areas to non-Panjabi administrations. The enactment of TADA, the unconstitutional "law" specifically designed to be enforced on the state of Panjaab in order to suspend the most basic and fundamental human right that any human being can expect of their government - THE RIGHT TO LIFE - enabling the indian government to summarily execute Sikhs for the simple crime of being Sikh, without having to go through the formalities of detention, trial or even charge, providing the butchers of Panjaab, kachi sarkar the ability to systematically cut the panth down to size. Providing the indian punjab police and crpf the freedom to kill thousands upon thousands of Sikhs at will since 1984. The numerous, dozens of link canals that have been dug up in the blink of an eye since 1947 from Satluj to divert river waters to rajasthan and haryana and deprive Panjaab of its only natural resource without compensation of even an anna to Panjaab. (SYL wasn't even the tip of an iceberg, yet some of our people seem to think stopping that has stopped the loot of our river waters. Think again.) The reduction to destitute beggars of a proud kaum by deliberate centralised policies of keeping Panjaab under-educated and reliant on agriculture. Then the failure of the indian government even to provide a sustainable price for the crop it procures by force - a pitiful fraction of the international going market rate at any time - not even allowing farmers to market their produce privately but instead banning them from private enterprise, and even the blatant in-your-face discrimination of throwing Panjabi farmers the pittance of a rate as low as half the price for the staple crop that it pays to those outside Panjaab in neighbouring rajasthan and haryana! Deliberately overlooking the superior educated potential youth workforce of Panjaab in favour of the unpadh backwater of haryana for mass industrialisation in order that Panjaab's economy remains dependent on state controlled agriculture. How the deliberate failure to provide the farmers a fair price for their crop has led to the curtailment of the growth of the panth by forcing farmers to have smaller families in order to have enough to provide a half-decent yet astronomically priced private education to their child, since teachers are non-existent or useless in Panjaab's sarkari schools. How the continued discrimination against Panjabi farmers since 1947 has led them into the vicious cycle of continued debt, drug addiction, and eventually suicide in order to escape such a wretched existence. The counter argument would be as to how much can you fit into a three minute music video. That point might be partially valid, but I would disagree. The video is almost completely devoid of factual information, so at least a start should have been made. Overall, the video is more than a decent effort as a starting point, and is miles better than the gundh being pumped out in the name of "kalakari" in Panjaab. Its main downfall is that it is completely missing accompanying information which would have done a lot better justice to the song. Hopefully, if these Singhs make another music video, they will make it much more informative to the lay person.
  6. A lot of the b1tching simply seems to be about these Singhs being decked out in all black from head to toe. This is a really superficial argument, and is the same as the one levelled against Sikh Unit and others back in the day. Now I don't claim to know the background of these Singhs or where they grew up, but for anyone who grew up in or around a council estate, being dressed out in mostly or even all black was simply the norm for a lot of youth. It didn't necessarily imply gang membership, though those wearing it may well have been affiliated with a gang, and if so usually for their safety. If these Singhs were truly gang banging there's no way they'd be openly displaying their faces in this video, so it's safe to say it all largely appears to be posturing. They also shouldn't be waving around shastars like it's all just fun, though anyone with half a brain would have realised they are merely replicas. But that's hardly as bad as some are trying to make out. Immature certainly, given that I can safely bet none of them are tied up in gang life, but then again this video isn't aimed at the intellectuals of the panth.
  7. LOL If you say so, kakeyo! Stupid argument da lagda, chhittar na khalee tutti'ch pyonke. ? Kal da jammeya kakeya, tu sanu panjaab da santaap bare sikhayenga? Ponki ja kakeya, lagga reh... Vadda aaya judge te jury Karleh update fer. Pesh kar teri navi strategy. Lol
  8. Thanks for putting this video up brother. Singhs have been assassinating dushts since Akaal Purakh Waheguru Jio gave Sachi Sarkaar Chhevin Patshah Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj the hukam to raise the panth's army for this very purpose. All of the panth's wars, battles and encounters have been fought for this purpose. If it wasn't for panthic Singhs assassinating enemies of the panth, it's likely many ordinary Sikhs wouldn't exist today. I can't even put into words how Gurbani resonates with the beauty of Akaal striking the living daylights out of dushts. There is nothing wrong with assassinating dushts. In fact it is Har Hukam. There is no plainer way of saying this, but those that don't punish dushts are just disobeying Hukam (I don't exclude myself from this statement). There is nothing wrong with talking about assassinating dushts either. What's wrong is just talking about it, and not carrying it out. Bhagti mein Shakti I have considered and debated these issues for years. Eventually, I concluded that none of these issues can be solved without Khalistan. (Though I know you don't dispute this,) It's the other way around. The main advocates of Khalistan were and are still in the east. Here in the west we are just following in their footsteps. It's not really their fault that Singhs on the ground can't afford to be outspoken though. Lol To be honest, I thought it was alright ?
  9. Neither am I, but you haven't half dragged this out, theeye. Like I said, all the best.
  10. You'd find that so do most of the lot round here. Your "joke" just simply wasn't funny though, which I hoped you'd have clocked onto by now. It clearly had you in stitches however. No sh1t sherlock. Thanks, for stating the bleeding obvious though. Like I said, I don't agree, so let's leave it at that funnyman. Likewise. All the best.
  11. On this occasion, I humbly disagree. Lol, obviously I read the "whole thing". I only highlighted the part I'm referring to. It's only five words short for gods sake. Depends on who's the subject of the said "humour". I'd venture to say it's generally a good policy to leave any mention of Guru Sahiban out of jokes. As for bajjar kurehats, what is or isn't one is no business of mine.
  12. Easy geezer. There's a line between banter and taking the p1$$.
  13. Agreed. It is one person's imagination. I think it's a good idea overall to view some of these artists depictions with a healthy dose of scepticism. Especially considering some of their (Non-Sikh) backgrounds. Don't forget that male artists generally gravitate towards the effeminate side of the spectrum. Art and painting aren't skills that come naturally to most blokes. It's no surprise then that some of these artists might want to depict their subjects wearing things like earrings, and even ankle bracelets(!).
  14. I don't think we do to be honest. I would say that we commemorate it, or at least that's what I think we do. To say that we celebrate it carries the wrong kind of connotations for this pivotal moment in Sikh history, and is imho inaccurate. The whole month of June in particular is shahadat da mahina. In this month, I salute the heroic nature of their selfless sacrifices, their defiance of state tyranny, and their defence of Gurbani and Guru Panth. I remember Pancham Patshah Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Banda Singh Ji Bahadur, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh Ji, General Subheg Singh Ji and the 1984 Shaheeds. I pay respect to the way they all stared down the barrel of death without fear. I don't however think I could honestly say that I celebrate the shahadat of my Guru Ji or thousands of innocent pilgrims. To say that we celebrate these events, in the manner that others might celebrate festivals, weddings and birthdays (although I know you're not suggesting that), is a bit of a stretch. We don't necessarily have to be sad, but one can vow vengeance on one's enemies. I think the best way to really "celebrate" all the Shaheeds is to remember them, never forget them, bow down to their selfless sacrifices, and disseminate as much information as we can about them so that we can prepare and train current and future generations for the difficulties that lie ahead, in order that they can follow in the footsteps of the Shaheeds and their sacrifices that we commemorate.
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