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  1. The video could certainly have been made A LOT more informative. There was a whole wealth of information that could have accompanied the video that could have explained the armed struggle to the lay person. Recorded statements like those passed by balram kutha jakhar, the 8th speaker of lok sabha no less, pertaining to the Sikh Genocide could have been presented. Facts and figures about the genocide of 1984 could have been given. Figures of the Sikh contribution to the struggle for freedom from Britain could also have been provided to contrast with the treatment Sikhs received immedi
  2. A lot of the b1tching simply seems to be about these Singhs being decked out in all black from head to toe. This is a really superficial argument, and is the same as the one levelled against Sikh Unit and others back in the day. Now I don't claim to know the background of these Singhs or where they grew up, but for anyone who grew up in or around a council estate, being dressed out in mostly or even all black was simply the norm for a lot of youth. It didn't necessarily imply gang membership, though those wearing it may well have been affiliated with a gang, and if so usually for their safety.
  3. LOL If you say so, kakeyo! Stupid argument da lagda, chhittar na khalee tutti'ch pyonke. Kal da jammeya kakeya, tu sanu panjaab da santaap bare sikhayenga? Ponki ja kakeya, lagga reh... Vadda aaya judge te jury Karleh update fer. Pesh kar teri navi strategy. Lol
  4. Thanks for putting this video up brother. Singhs have been assassinating dushts since Akaal Purakh Waheguru Jio gave Sachi Sarkaar Chhevin Patshah Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj the hukam to raise the panth's army for this very purpose. All of the panth's wars, battles and encounters have been fought for this purpose. If it wasn't for panthic Singhs assassinating enemies of the panth, it's likely many ordinary Sikhs wouldn't exist today. I can't even put into words how Gurbani resonates with the beauty of Akaal striking the living daylights out of dushts. The
  5. Neither am I, but you haven't half dragged this out, theeye. Like I said, all the best.
  6. You'd find that so do most of the lot round here. Your "joke" just simply wasn't funny though, which I hoped you'd have clocked onto by now. It clearly had you in stitches however. No sh1t sherlock. Thanks, for stating the bleeding obvious though. Like I said, I don't agree, so let's leave it at that funnyman. Likewise. All the best.
  7. On this occasion, I humbly disagree. Lol, obviously I read the "whole thing". I only highlighted the part I'm referring to. It's only five words short for gods sake. Depends on who's the subject of the said "humour". I'd venture to say it's generally a good policy to leave any mention of Guru Sahiban out of jokes. As for bajjar kurehats, what is or isn't one is no business of mine.
  8. Easy geezer. There's a line between banter and taking the p1$$.
  9. Agreed. It is one person's imagination. I think it's a good idea overall to view some of these artists depictions with a healthy dose of scepticism. Especially considering some of their (Non-Sikh) backgrounds. Don't forget that male artists generally gravitate towards the effeminate side of the spectrum. Art and painting aren't skills that come naturally to most blokes. It's no surprise then that some of these artists might want to depict their subjects wearing things like earrings, and even ankle bracelets(!).
  10. I don't think we do to be honest. I would say that we commemorate it, or at least that's what I think we do. To say that we celebrate it carries the wrong kind of connotations for this pivotal moment in Sikh history, and is imho inaccurate. The whole month of June in particular is shahadat da mahina. In this month, I salute the heroic nature of their selfless sacrifices, their defiance of state tyranny, and their defence of Gurbani and Guru Panth. I remember Pancham Patshah Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Banda Singh Ji Bahadur, Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh Ji, Gene
  11. Completely inconsequential. Every politician is power hungry. No they were not. This premise is entirely incorrect. Indra gundhi abused the electoral process to gain her seat in the lok sabha. It was the janata dal in 1975, the forerunner of the BJP, not the "Akali Sikhs", that took the case of her fraudulent election to court and won. The high court ruled her election to lok sabha void due to electoral malpractice. The judgment disallowed her holding the office of prime minister. She was ordered to make way and step down in a matter of days. In response to the prospect of being
  12. The so called "anti-fascists" are inherently more intolerant, fascist and racist than those they pretend to oppose. The complete stupidity, incoherence and lack of any kind of skill of the women in this "debate" speaks volumes. If these are the kind of degenerates that eulogise and form the base of support of Jeremy Corbyn, I'm glad Labour didn't win. In truth, what these communists really oppose is the right of anybody to criticise islam.
  13. I don't think this should realistically be played down like this. The problem with this kind of behaviour by the leaders of any nation/society is that they don't live in a vacuum. If they did, they could theoretically get up to whatever kind of depraved anti-Sikh debaucheries they felt inclined to as far as I'm concerned. As long as these didn't adversely affect their rule in particular and the behaviour of society as a whole. Which, in itself is a pipe dream. The reason why that's not advisable policy in any event in the real world is because leaders possess a very real and powerful
  14. Maybe this is because you're, more or less, so resoundingly simple? Try to recognise that there is more than one dimension, and try to accept there may even be positive aspects, to the people you don't like. People want to listen to someone that stimulates them intellectually, not someone that reduces everything to a couple of soundbites. Perhaps this is also something to do with their impression of you? Maybe you're perceived as being, rightly or wrongly, someone not worth listening to? Sadly, no matter how high truthful and beneficial the message, in this case, even the path of Gur
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