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  1. I'm from Toronto and Toronto isn't as bad as u make it seem to be. Every where you go, you will find something you don't like. The reason is because we are used to our surrounding, and we feel comfortable living there. When something new is introduced, it takes a while to get used too. Overall do what you think is best from your heart, because at the end it's what matters to you the most. But gotta love Toronto!
  2. ahah your welcome... and its kool mate :P

  3. wjkk wjkf... thanx for the b'day wish....

    n' happy b'day to u too... though its a bit late to say now...lol

  4. vjkk vjkf HAppy brithday! i shall see u at uni!

  5. vjkk vjkf everyone should post it on face-book Google video all you-tube channels any media site let the word be out there .... to be honest i posted a video which was against prof. darshan.... and i was reported fraud by "him" so the more u have up the bigger the message gets out!
  6. vjkk vjkf google it off ur phone ``live kirtan from darbar sahib ` and see if u can play it vjkk vjkf
  7. Ajinder Singh


    vjkk vjkf u should go for ur career like the person said before.... if ur the lotus flower in the mud, u will always stand out... meaning that do ur education dont matter who is there if u belive that guru sahib beside u whats to worry about ....gur merai sang sadha hai nalay .......he always there when we need him... study make some friend preech to them and who knws mabe u can make a difference and help increase the sikh population if u know what i mean..... vjkk vjkf
  8. Ajinder Singh


    yeah for sure healthy too ahahah
  9. Ajinder Singh


    this is the best explanation ive heard!all senior singhs would say this!! ...and langar should always be simple thats why its not pizza simple parshada and dhall like darbar sahib serves it ...simple is best !
  10. TORONTO CANADA ...YORK university! UOFT UTM WESTERN ...alll the unis here have Sikh Student Association ...
  11. vjkk vjkf happy birthday!

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