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  1. Anyone know of any gatka classes for girls around West Midlands area? Thanks
  2. Awful! How does he live each day knowing the crimes that he has committed? Money and greed has definitely drowned and destroyed this family.
  3. Why would you want to vote for higher energy bills, a new wave of uncontrolled mass immigration, closer EU ties and domination, giving up our cars in favour of pedal power, and heating our homes with god-only-knows-what when the gas goes off? Also, UKIP do not act for me - there is nothing I would hate more than their isolationist protectionist economic illiteracy.
  4. Thanks for your view; I do wish to research further in this area, and I also understand that this is not going to be an easy ride, as many are not open to discuss such taboo subjects. Sikhi is not the only view that I wish to take into consideration, but other world religions also. For those who are religious, it is obvious that faith is far by the most important source of information for informing their sexual values, attitudes and practices, so I’m just looking to explore how young people with religious beliefs can be helped or hindered in understanding issues to do with sex, sexuality and t
  5. What about if your paid your bad karma, but another bad karma is created? The bad karma doesn't necessarily have to be created by you, but the reason could be because of you? How is that sort of karma paid off? Confused question
  6. I submitted this piece of work last year and got a good mark, above 70. I'm not sure whether to apply for an Msc or PhD, so I'm trying to prepare a proposal based on SRE in schools. What are the Sikh views on who should deliver this controversial subject? Are there many Sikh parents out there that openly discuss about such taboo topics with their children? Thanks in advance!
  7. Parents or teachers: Who should deliver Sex and Relationship Education to children? As defined within the most recent guidance, Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) is “lifelong learning about physical, moral and emotional development” (DfEE 2000:5). It concerns the “understanding of the importance of marriage for family life, stable and loving relationships, respect, love and care” and “the teaching of sex, sexuality, and sexual health” (p.5). SRE within the UK is notably influenced by government targets to reduce the alarming sexual health statistics of our younger generation (Donovan &
  8. I have read Sant Isher's reflection, but I was after Mangal Dhillons interview please.
  9. I've tried to find this on the net, but have been unsuccessful. Do you have the pdf copy or a link to the YouTube video please?
  10. My question has had nearly 30 views and not one single person has answered my question, never mind the advice! If it is possible, could the sangat please remember my budgie Kaka in their ardas. It is highly impossible for him to come back now, as it is terribly cold outside for him to survive in. Also to include the cats and magpies who hunt for animals smaller than themselves. Please I request you to remember him during your ardas, so that he no longer suffers, and if he has passed away, to free him from the churasi lakh joon. Waheguru Ji Ka Kalsa Waheguru Ji Fateh
  11. I don't know where I'm supposed to be posting this, but I lost my budgie Kaka this morning and so I'm so depressed. Kaka was playing in the kitchen in its cage with his female friend until i saw it fly out the kitchen backdoor. I went out to look for it and have notified my estate neighbours, but there is no luck. what do I do? I'm so stressed/depressed, I don't feel like eating or drinking, and I can't think normal anymore. My poor lonely little boy is out there all by himself without no food, drink, shelter, warmth, love! He was little less than a year old, and was a little slow at functioni
  12. Does anyone know how many sikh schools we have in the UK? Also can you provide me the link/reference etc. Many Thanks
  13. Exactly Veerji, lets first look at ourselves and then think about khalistan. As much as I would like the idea of khalistan coming alive, I don't really see this happening just yet or even in another 200 years.
  14. Sat Veerji I’m not for or against the idea of kahlistan, but what I'm trying to say is nothing will happen unless you start a war. Now the question is who will start the war? Sant Jarnail Ji was the only one that had the courage to ahead with it, I don't see anybody like Sant Jarnail Ji standing up for their rights, the most that people do is tweet or facebook about how much they want khalistan. My second point is if we were to start a war where will the money come from for that? Do we have enough manpower, money, etc. to fight with the Indian government? Yes majority of the kids in Punjab/D
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