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  1. Presently: NZSAS- Combat effectiveness in jungle warfare. SAS- Original unconventional special force. Has stormed many foes. USSEALS- By sea, by air, by land. SPETZNAZ- Russia mobility and innovation classifies this as a superb counter-terrorism force. MOSSAD- It's unilateral and bilateral reach globally makes it a much feared outfit.
  2. If I remember correctly from the Bhagvad Gita by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami the soul does not lose it's individuality when it dwells with Krishna. On the other hand it has already been proven Gurmat rejects the very notion of Krishna being the supreme being himself! How does this concept of the soul, propounded by the Gita, relate with Gurmat?
  3. Nice article on maharaj. http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2014/04/the-divine-sovereign.html?view=timeslide No pen can suffice to describe his greatness only attempts can be made.
  4. The Bhagats were removed from the superficial bickerings of the RSS and other imbeciles. Bhagat Namdev expands upon Krishna's physical form whilst crediting the supreme Akal, who powers him as the true Krishna. The physical Krishna is only a hollow entity. His individuality is nothing but a figment of this illusory creation. The one who created him also created us. Subsequently that being also powers us and resides in us. If he could grant Krishna so much power, than imagine what he could do to us?
  5. I might be extremely harsh but what's up with all this incoherent english being thrown around? Your message itself is lost in all this ramble you have typed up, the only sense I can perceive makes it out to be some sort of a equivocal citation criticising some aspect of the Sikh community whilst requesting it to discard any radical attribute.
  6. The 3rd Bani you mention in that list. I think it is also present in the Sri Sarbloh Granth or Sikh answers has made an error.
  7. I guess that's a question for the blog. Follow their facebook link to their facebook page and ask.
  8. Tisarpanth and NihangSingh.org have some good articles on your question. Read those and see where you get.
  9. http://tisarpanth.blogspot.co.nz/2013/04/twenty-four-avatars-exegesis-in-dharam.html
  10. To start with Sikhi imbues diversity in many forms. We have Nihungs, Nirmalas, Udasis and many others on the sidelines. What do they receive out of Khalistan? Traditionally many Udasis such as the Suthra Shahi branches did not retain their kesh . Even today many Udasis are devoid of facial hair and adorn tilaks. What happens to them? Will they be put through a forced process of osmosis and made into what the mainstream wants them to be or will they retain their unique individuality? Will the Nihungs consume meat or will they have a panthic rehat police after them 24/7? Will Hazoor Sahib still perform a sargun saroop aarti or will the rehat police also ban that? So far we haven't been able to prove the morality of Khalistan, other than Sikhs will be free, so when will we draft a constitution? And will all Sikhs be free? Maybe the panth should resolve all these differences before diving headfirst into the notion of an independent country or we will end up like another India.
  11. If we look at the article the author does not go against or support Khalistan. Let the political matters rest where they lie and instead focus on the spiritual precepts highlighted by the author.
  12. From what I am aware (I am sure the Sodhak committee report is available online) all purataan Dasam Granth Birs include Uggardanti, Bhagauti Astotar, this Bani, and a few others which were removed on the basis of the committee's understanding.
  13. I don't think the author is trying to define Khalsa raaj in a political sense, but more from a spiritual perspective.
  14. And you are basing that assumption on what? One, a single, academic's summary which might or might not be evidentially authentic.
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