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  1. this type of thinking is where Amritdhari singhs have failed to grasp the understanding of Amrit. If a girl is lying naked, does that mean you must rape her? yes? no? or does that mean it is ok for another man to rape her? yes? no? Educate these girls if you have the courage to brothers and sisters, if you cannot be bothered to educate them then do not blame them but blame yourselves. If they do not listen, you can do no more, but grooming is difference matter. Don't blame them for being groomed if you can see it happening by paedophiles yet your Bir Rass lies slumbering.
  2. Any further news on this game? Also what happened to Sarbloh Warriors computer game using unreal tournament platform?
  3. Put aside your debates/missionary lectures/etc my friends. Singhs have demonstrated leading by example is the truest way to raise Sikh Kaum.
  4. Do simran in your mind. If awake, might as well use that time until you fall asleep.
  5. They waited until maximal money was invested in release before banning the day before release.
  6. I think you've missed the point. Try reading westlondonsinghs post again.
  7. Whether you 'let' is not a question, once a child is an adult they can do what they want but as a child you have an option whether to take them to the Barbar shop. So as a child not cut child's hair, but guide them that there is not need to fit into society's norms.
  8. There's no easy answer unfortunately...
  9. genuinely shocked that in the face of overwhelming evidence this case has been dropped for blatant political reasons. Justice??
  10. Yes promote kabadi, but not alcohol/drugs or modern Bhangra/rAp
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