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  1. very good video. Its very good to see such an effort. My simple questions would be - Is he doing this full-time?does he work or only prachar? why doesn't he join other sikh missionaries or prachraks rather than creating his own? How is he funding his travel to USA and Europe? how much work has he done in Punjab? what were the benefits of doing street prachar in UK or USA?
  2. seen this video- simply wrong place at the wrong time? i was honestly thinking ..................is that singh coming out of a pub? or a party? Nobody will dare to touch or say anything in a normal atmosphere.
  3. I watched a video with Mr Dhunda and Mr Panthpreet Singh talking to sikhs in front on Akal Thakt Sahib. Have these people been taken back into panth? have we started listening to them again? They were talking about Nanakshahi Calender which completely makes sense but once someones been into controversy related to GURBANI he shouldn't be allowed to address people at Akal Thakt.
  4. HALL OF SHAME http://www.panthic.org/articles/3830
  5. this same guy (RanJodh) went to see Bhai Gurbaksh Singh ji few days back. he also runs "jago sikho jago P/G" & "sikhs in Canada" (with the help of his sister who is in Canada) page on Facebook. these two pages contain lots of wrong comments about Sikh banis. https://www.facebook.com/pages/JAGO-SIKHO-JAGO-PG/ (has Ranjodhs picture in photos with Bhai Gurbaksh singh ji) another one called Paramjit singh Sumra talks lot of nonsense. he is also on Gyan Radio. https://www.facebook.com/paramjitsingh.sumra Undoubtedly many things on these pages are good but these people are deliberately
  6. Thanks for the video link. i have another one to share about this <banned word filter activated> and his supporters. http://www.panthic.org/articles/5203
  7. Thanks veerji. We need to expose these people who are creating a divide. Please share. Ghagga was attacked because of the things he says as well. But he has few supporters who listen to him.
  8. Both are druggies but sabat-soorat nobody recognizes. https://www.facebook.com/laadlaputthobby
  9. Has RSS really infiltrated Sikhs? Professor Ghagga honoured by ex-RSS cadet- so called Ranjodh "Singh" from Mansa. Ranjodh is an ex-convict and a drug peddler. But anyone looking at him can mistakenly take him as a devout sikh. He has used derogatory language against Sikh gurus along with Professor Ghagga. These people are trying to create a Shia/Sunni like divide in Sikhs. Look at his old picture when he was with RSS. This is from his Whatsapp account where he has made fun of our gurus. One of his associates Harinder Singh "Hobby" has used extremely offensive and derogatory languag
  10. It's all business whether a gurdwara with goalak or a TV channel. All my knowns have completely stopped paying anything to their money pots. Money + religion = immoral business
  11. People also tie rakri to palki sahib. There was a long queue at the sweets shop today and majority were turbaned and few Amritdhari singhs that I saw. What's going on? Some say no some say its fine. Is there a ref in SGGS?
  12. Completely agree with every word what WLS said above. He is really vada in thinking.
  13. Isis is doing similar things which once Mughal rulers of India did. Not only US but GURUVAH is also after them. They won't last long. But what he said about Islam is controversial.
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