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  1. I don't know about these sects so maybe difference between these sikh sects were not that big to attract wrath by mainstream sikhs.The only serious difference i can see is between nirankaris who believe in living gurus and mainstream sikhs.Nirankaris situation is like Ahmadi Muslims who believe that Mirza Ghuam Ahmad sahib is mehdi after Prophet.
  2. I don't think that's true.If he had sad this about South Punjab or rural sindh I would have believed him.If my memory works fine there is only one feudal Gujjar family in Gujarat.Can u ask him to provide other five ?
  3. Are you kidding me ? where did you hear this ? Sunnis who are influenced by wahabism may have joined isil.As you see in places like western europe.An average Sunni living in Indonesia ,bangladesh or north africa does give two hoots about ISIL.My FB wall is filled with my muslim friends posts condemning ISIL and describing their actions un islamic.
  4. a very sensible comment so far on this thread.Could not disagree with you
  5. If that was the case then just like Nehru who did away with feudalism in India same thing could have been done to rich sikh and hindu land lords who have grabbed the land during ranjit sing's and British times at the expanse of Muslims.This land could have been given to the tenants. All it required was legislation by newly parliament.There was no need for all the bloodshed.
  6. I was talking about the scale of violence in Bengal at partition time like in Punjab.I know Hindu population started to decline in east Pak (as shown in the table below) after the partition as West Pakistani establishment began to see them as behind Bengali Nationalism.1964 riots were related to Hazratbal shrine in sri nagar where hair of prophet was stolen from mausoleum .
  7. @jkvlondon If you have been watching this thread whole time you would know that it was your people who started to categorize Muslims on the basis of social order (which is true to some extent) to which i suggested that you too discriminant your people in your own home state which seems to have hurt their feelings.
  8. well muslims who know about isil do condemn ISIL because most muslims are of the view that what ISIL does is against Islam.Some don't know anything on ISIL even I got to know about ISIL very late and that too when i was debating with an indian on facebook.I had no idea that isil is terrorist organization.I thought he was talking about our spy agency ISI lolz
  9. Were there any nirankaris during sikh raj period ? They had a bigger enemy at that time THE INDIAN GOVT. Besides when you are facing a bigger enemy or outside force.All the internal religious divisions becomes least of your worries I never said anything against Sikhi. Some people on this forum are very cocky.They love to degrade other groups for discriminating their own people but get so worked up if someone talks about similar discrimination happening to their low caste members.
  10. Who do you think is fighting against ISIL ? Martians ? Last time I checked it was Muslims who are fighting against ISIL with western help of course and isil is almost finished in levant.
  11. Nah man I don't think for a second that even without Rawalpindi massacre Sikhs would have happily accepted to be permanently cut into two halves in both countries.With or without rawalpindi riots east punjab muslims were destined to be doomed.
  12. That's because there is a strong secular central govt in place to keep check on you guys.We all know the violence between Nirankaris and Bhindrawale people in 1980s when central govt gave some leeway in Punjab. Even today if there is no strong govt to keep check there will be a lot more violence against babas of different dera who seem to have a lot of following in egalitarian sikh majority Punjab lol Quran is just a book of Allah to Muslims not a living prophet.Same can't not be said of GGS.A sikh blowing up in some dera where GGS is kept would akin a Sikh murdering their own Guru.See the difference.
  13. By that logic if you dig enough there will be a lot of inter-caste lower/higher marriages among Muslims too.It's just law of probability.But these would be classify as exception.Similarly there is no denying that some Jutt Sikhs have given their daughters to mazhabi sikhs but this would be an exception.I was referring to general practice where lower castes still face discrmination in every community. As far throwing stones well it was your lot started categorizing Muslim pecking order. I merely responded with the same tongue.
  14. As if your lot is better than others.Here check it out upper castes sikhs discrimination against dead dalit sikhs. https://books.google.com.pk/books?id=iTIlDwAAQBAJ&pg=PA391&lpg=PA391&dq=ad+separate+cremation+grounds+for+upper+castes+and+dalits".+[Jodhka+2002&source=bl&ots=8bPAWFX-FG&sig=hbv3HEE-RuvSfhaFoSpHEietdaI&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi83Jau4azcAhXKB5oKHYXlBYYQ6AEIOjAD#v=onepage&q=ad separate cremation grounds for upper castes and dalits". [Jodhka 2002&f=false
  15. can you post a screenshot it here.Could not find anything. You see this stuff happening in Bihar and India where caste system is in practice with much more intensity.I don't see any of this happening in Pakistan.here whether you are rich or poor you get buried in same graveyard. By the way you people are not far behind discriminating people even on death. here is an excerpt from this article http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-exclusive-where-do-we-take-our-dead-and-go-ask-dalits-1599355 All the Sikh organisations, from Sikh temples to the political parties, are under the control of the Jat Sikhs, who refuse to consider Dalit Sikhs equals even after death. The former disallow cremation of the latter’s dead in the main cremation grounds. Over the years, such harsh discrimination has forced Dalits to establish separate gurdwaras, marriage places and cremation grounds. This, in many ways, is the biggest paradox of Sikhism, which is often characterised as ‘emancipatory’ and ‘revolutionary’.
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