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  1. Missionaries are always jumping around like bunch of monkies.
  2. Below link might be little help. http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/76798-sgpc-passes-905-crore-budget-for-2015-16/
  3. We don't want to put ads on mobile platforms so we kept that free from any type of ads.
  4. Meaning what you are seeing on this site, others may not be seeing the same ad. Google adverts are famous in following end users cookie. Plus they probably also pick keyword from this site and run ads based on that. There are many threads about israel and palestine and left wing jewish probably targeting keywords by google adworks. So they can and most likely put 2k per day budget to run ads with keywords such as palestine etc.
  5. Ad types: 1. Placement targeting, based on your site URL 2. Interest-based advertising, targeting users on your site based on their cookie ID.
  6. We have expense of roughly about $200/month. If someone wants to contribute paying just our server expense then we would be happy to take all ads out of our forums
  7. Jagsaw ji, You are still here yay!!! We were hoping of you not going away from this forum where you share your prestigious ideas and deep thoughts after what you read on the other thread. Anyway, we did got several request from higher and lower authorities. We did received one request where we took advice from us based legal sikh organization but we didnt shared anything. Several time got request from uk police but we verify those situations case by case. Last request was probably 3 to 4 years ago where one sikhi bibi (under 18) disappeared from her home. Police requested to see the last ip address where she logged on from. One of iur uk sewadars confirmed the identity of the police person by ringing him up at the police station. We did shared that information after we were satisfied. Out of all requests, we get 99% legal letters from uk lawyers mostly from gurdwara managements wanting to get more information of the poster. Defamation lawsuits threats and so on. We never shared such info with anyone who requested it; particularly from a person who wants info is asian.
  8. If moderator delete thread or replies, its gone forever. If member edit his/her post there is no way that anyone can find what was written originally.
  9. As always our forum supports the original bikrami calendar. There was absolutely no need to change the calendar and its format. All invited by akal takht to work the calendar issue out, purewal is also on the list and so is Gurcharanjit Singh Lamba along with other experts on this subject.
  10. Why we close threads? Are we biased? On average we get minimum of at least 4 or 5 hired lawyer emails per year. The recent letter was sent to us just few weeks ago and it was the gurdwara management wanting to take action against us. Most even try to convince our hosting company to shut us of. We had federal agents visiting our house because someone on forum threatened journalist. These ppl want members information like their IP address but we dont provide unless it breaks the law. If someone request to pull information down, we pull it down. There is lot going on behind the curtain but not complaining here at all. Glad to be part of sewa by providing a platform for sangat to come together but there are always limit of what you can do. Akalifauj, i dont even have a little of clue of who you are and what type of posts you usually write. Tusi teek yo, assi galat ya. Tussi khush raho Never possible for to keep everyone happy but you dont have to come here if you dislike of stuff going on. If you dont like website, you dont go ji. Simple as that
  11. Again, there are several folks in our moderating team. Now you just posted why akj question thread/reply closed. You just assumed that "i know" what thread/reply you are talking about here. I have no idea what thread you are talking about and if i do search then hundreds of thread will come out dating 12 years back. All sewadars do come forum often but most of them do sewa only to approve or reject pending 'gupt' sub-forum posts/replies. When you have any question or suggestion then please hit 'report this thread/post' button. When you do that system send ALL sewadars email and most important it gives us the link of particular post/reply so that one of us review it. This thread is about moderating members issue not about particluar topic. For that, use report this post/reply feature. ---- You stated that we should be all about truth and integrity. Let me post the screenshot of the report center from moderator control panel showing which threads/posts/members get reported. I can't go all the way back to 12/15 years but i will cover few months for sure.
  12. DSG1/2/3 and other ids associated with you, we are not in this forum sewa to spread our ego or any other type of agenda veerji. We are like open source software type website. We barerly runs it and we dont like to enforce our rules all the time (take an exampke of yours). Just like open source projects are being kept alive by contributions of public and developers, this forum is living because of sangat. This is sangat driven project rather than one person or two controlling it. We could have easily ban you as you posted few replies that were literally against dasam granth and your id speaks different story. Yet anyway, we hope that allowing you on this forum probably gave u some gian on dasam patshah granth. Akalifauj ji, we are closely family wise assosiated with both taksal and akhand keertani jatha. Whatever you feel ji, we feel probably 10x time more. Just because forum is online does not mean that every post or reply is heavily screened. We have report this post feature and we encouraged many time to our members to use that feature to bring any manmat replies to our attention. I just checked and we never saw any reporting replies or threads from your id. If you see something wring then be part of the solution rather than posting blane on ithers and yes we are bot perfect at all but forum belongs to all type of ppl.
  13. Please send PM. We are not targetting members who just have different set of opinions from others. We want to filter replies which solely target individuals and mostly making mockery of jathbandia.
  14. please send simple PM to me and the brief reason why particular person's replies need to be moderated. We have a list of few ppl that we want to put under moderation forever but wants to see sangat's input.
  15. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh SikhSangat Forum backs up the original calendar that all of our guru sahibs used and so did our countless gursikhs ex. Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhinderanwale, Bhai Randhir Singh ji, Bhai veer Singh ji and so on. For the past 15 years, SikhSangat always believe in following Sri Akal Takht Sahib regardless of any situation. We request our members not to involve in any senseless calendar propaganda being promoted by few *NEW* individuals with catchy stage names. We are going to limit such discussions and promotions of such propaganda; except those who genuinely wants to learn about the calendar issue. Don't divert sangat's attention to faltu issues created to divide us, focus on main issues like of Bhai Gurbakash Singh Khalsa. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
  16. Original thread is here: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/75859-bhatra-community/ This thread is closed and other one will also get closed before it goes more off-hand.
  17. Download "Nitnem"app on your phone and you can do do all major sikh paath/prayers. Many people do "Sukhmani Sahib" paath when they move into their new home etc.
  18. I am looking for an amritdhari singhni in USA. I actually live in Canada but would like to move to USA. We are a very small family and I am the only amritdhari in the family of 4. I have Associates in Digitial Media from Toronto and have a very well established family business in Massachusetts. I prefer some one who is amritdhari or someone who is sehejdhari who keep kesh and is vegetarian and also willing to take amrit soon in future.
  19. 23year old kesdhari male. Has a bachelors degree. Born and raised in britain lives with parents. Approx. 5'5" height. Slim build. Seeking a Kaur of similar age, born and raised in britain or canada/usa (willing to relocate to the UK). Send PM to Admin for Contact info.
  20. Occasionally we change the log in settings in order to get more visitors to share their views by becoming active members. Explained it here: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/75341-is-our-sikhsangat-website-under-repair/
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