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  1. I agrre PJ Singh . First he was born in Arya Samaji Family , even in his letters to family members he normally starts with om on the heading , saying namaste to mfamily members to conclude the letter . further during college days was drawn to Atheism ,and socialist ideology . i cannot understand why we are so hell bent on proving him Sikh . He was impressed by Guru Sahibaan as a norma Punjabi would , nothing less nothing more . What this present arguement will gain - nothing . I Repeat NOTHING . better let his soul be in rest wherever it is , and lts move further in our own ideology
  2. The fact is no foreign force suceeded in holding for long land with difficult & different terrains - European Forces conquered Moscow but couldnot hold it , Gn Zorawar Singh conquered tibet but couldnot hold , Same way Afghans were conquered but no foreign army could hold for long , even in modern days with all hitech gadgets . That is fact and should be accepted
  3. Only certain Sects in Sikh Faith stick to vegetarianism ( I too am a vegan , even avoiding taking Milk & milk products , but for different reasons ) , other Sects do not stick to it . I feel the arguements are meaningless considering even plants have life , and a single seed is life in itself . Best kirpaan cases are made from leather only . Dhaal , the shielfd used by Kirpan fighters in olden days was best made from Skin of Rhino .So many medicines are made from animal Body , Even Cheese is not perfect Vegan ( To curdle the cheese some extracts from intestines of calfs is used - I stopped eating it for this reason ) . Do we think that cows & Buffalows produce milk for human consumption ? and not for their calves ?Fact is no one can claim to be 100% vegan
  4. Yes , historically it is correct . Gur Sahib married Mata Sundri after demise of Mata jito ji .
  5. LOL , funny way , I am a sikh , but totally vegan ( )ot even dairy products do i use , except Ghee0 , I pay that i woudn't have to go thru such doubt clearing test - HAHAHAHA
  6. Camomille or Chamoille ,as some call it , is not tea at all. It is stamen( the male part producing pollen in flower ) dried from the flowers of a plant with same name , grown in Europe .It has very soothing and calming effect , unlike tea which acts as stimulant . In iIndia , people in Himachal add Rhododendron petals for the same effect . Tea prepared from Green unprocessed leaves has very ghood quality Flavanoids ( anti oxidants )and is good for heealth. While the processed CTC (general Black Tea ) variety has very little of these good effects ( 70- 80 % lost during processing ) and added are some bad effects . Desi Masalaa (Khalsa Tea , desi chai or Chahta , Saunfa , GHaram Jal omg so many names ) is a concoctions of spices only sans real tea , and is good for general health & digestion
  7. Plz do not ridicule me , Ihave seen it live on net and my family members were present there - there was no mention of returning of books from Reference library , no mention of pending issues like release of Detained singhs , no mention of recent jammu Kaand , even from Ardaas name of Gen Subeg singh was missing for the first time since 1985 . Fro news on Shaven heads get it at following link http://www.***anti-sikh website not allowed***/ਘਲੂਘਾਰਾ-ਦਿਵਸ-ਮੌਕੇ-ਦਰਬਾਰ-ਸ/
  8. forgetting about acts of other communities - what happened at Akal takhat yesterday should be eye opener to anyone who is really worried about state of affairs in sikh World - First the so called Jathedar of Akal Takhat forgets to highlight the pending issues before the community , then some kirpan weilding youth with Dumallas tied on theirheads start shouting slogans and during fracas their dumallas fall off their heads - it is found that they are all shaven heads - the question is were they stooges or agents of inteli agenciesthen what the makkar Sena was doing (Makkar has appointed a fauj of his boys in the name of security of Complex) , or if they really were from sikh families then nothing is left to comment about the halat of Quaum - it was really painful to watch all that happening live
  9. The statement of singh123456777 is a breaking news , is it backed with some historical evidence ?? About the maryada of Hazoor Sahib & patna sahib , lesser said is better ( they have many practices which are not to be called Sikhi ) It is good that discussion has taken off so we will get to know different opinions , and some newer facts I want comments of Akalifauj about the fact that 1 - Nihangs do not impart Khade da Amrit to Womenfolk , and also their nitnem is at variance from commonly accepted one . 2 - And also about different Maryada of AKJ 3 - What is wrong with the Sikh Rehat Maryada adopted by Akaal Takhat? I am waiting for further views by other brotherns too
  10. Many books by the authors are available for download at Sikhbookclub.com
  11. Did I quote SGPC ?, I am quoting only Akaal Takhat , are not we supposed to Follow Akaal Takhat ? Further If there is an authentic copy of Guru Sahib Ji's Edicts about Sikhi Rehat , then why maryada being followed by Damdami Taksaal , Akhand Kirtani Jatha & Nihang Jathebandis do not match ( All profess that the maryada being followed by them is real Maryada as explained by Dasam Patshah ji?)
  12. What MARYADA you are referring to ? the one accepted & adopted by Akaal Takhat , or some else , followed by one from many sects ?
  13. a SARBAT kHALSA IN EUROPE?!!! Idea looks attractive , but how the majority Sikh Diaspora view will be reflected ? if organised to discuss issues & problems of Brit Sikh Diaspora or by the community in europe , it is good but Global meet , i feel not feasible
  14. I Do not find anything new in the topic of thread , all faiths of the world have the concept of FINAL MESSENGER . call it with any name . even Hindus profess by the KALKI AVTAAR - 24th incarnation of Vishnu . And even some sikh profess by this KALKI AVTAR , while gurbani has clearly discarded the concept of AVTAARS and the likes
  15. I fully agree with you , instead of all the Brauhaha , why has no one quoted Rehat Maryada ( i know why, all the deras & so called mahapurushs have their owm maryada , and barring a few they do not accept finality of Maryada adopted by akal Takhat ) . Had any one , including the Singhni who started the thread , read the Rehat Maryada everything would have been crystal clear by only one reading . The very starting para of the Maryada says - Jo ISTRI YA PURUSH IK AKAAL PURAKH , DAS GURU SAHIBAAN 9 GURU NANAK DEV JI TON LAI KE GURU GOBIND SINGH JI TAK) SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB ATEY DAS GURU SAHIBAN DI BANI TE SIKHIA ATE DASHMESH JI DE AMRIT UTTE NISCHA RAKHDA HAI ATE KISEY HOR DHARAM NOO NAHI MANDA OH SIKH HAI Now at page 16 under heading ANAND SANSKAR , first line says that SIKH SIKHNI DA VIAH BINA JAAT PAAT GOT VICHARE DE HONA CHAHEEDA HAI ,the second line says - SIKH DI PTRI DA VIAH SIKH NAAL HEE HOVEY When we read the definition of sikh and first two lines of ANAND SANSKAAR togather , does any one has to explain further ? We have to and should follow the maryada without reading between lines - that is the only sentence i wish to add on my account FATEH
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