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    Just a really easy going bubbly kuri who can have a laugh but also can be seriouse when i want to be!<br />into everything and anything but my religion is my life!<br />Khalsa all the way!
  1. woo hoo yey! finally a up north thing! come on bradford lol!
  2. am a student and a part time sales assitant. been working they 4 nearly 3 yrs now! work in bradford in yorkshire!
  3. ahhh yeah i saw this fire thingy on the news! man its bad stuff!
  4. heheheheheeheh omg i dont no when iv laughed sooo much at these stories!!!! ok den this happand on tuesday!! i was on the bus and getting ready 2 get off. these couple of goriya messing around and pushing each other. the doors opened and i was about to get off until someone pushed me. it was one of the goriyan stupid!!! and i fell on to my knees on the pavement. and yes my bro was like u wanted 2 beet them lol but all i wanted 2 do was to get myself at home so i started limping home. cutting the long story short.... iv torn my tissues in2 my knee kaps and cant bend or stright my legs and got a couple of weeks off! and the moral of the story is never go on a bus lol lol
  5. M4n1_k


    yeh i no what u mean because 1 of my mates used 2 smoke alot such as every day every time i saw her etc and am sure she wud go 2 great lenths 2 smoke! its true it is a drug!
  6. hey id love 2 go 2 a skhi night but i think its just a bit far 4 me! awww
  7. M4n1_k


    i no what u mean. when i went 2 c my neice wen she was born they were these huge women must b ready 2 pop out like any secs but they were just fagging away and i just shuck my head finking u idiots!!
  8. ok maybe am a blonde moment but i reali dont get it??
  9. awwwwww i can rememba wen it was my mamas akhand path and i was walking to the langar room. i sleped and disconected my leg. man i had to get up and pop it in place. masn that was embrassing. i was only 14 i think awwwwwwwwwwwww!
  10. NAHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LOL i got dem rong awwwwwwwwwww!
  11. thats true about the jatts and the thrakans!
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