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  1. WJKK WJKF Veerji. I enjoy reading ure down to earth posts! Keep it up!

  2. my personal views are that it shouldnt really matter with the age as long as both are happy and they are not being forced to tie the knot.
  3. well why aren't I surprised that the "commitee members" agreed for a party hall, the commitee have become a joke to me too now, they dont do anything for Guru Ji, you really reckon the maya that is gathered currently is spent on Guru Ghar? I very muvh doubt it, half the Maya commitee members eat up themselves, Sangat shouldnt stop putting money in the golak, the Sangat need to be informed of whats going on with the Guru Ghar maya? Has any one tol thsi decision to the Saadh Sangat ? Dont no one care?
  4. yes.......... soo true... ive just got it yh thanks for making fun out of me , I purposly did that yeh ???
  5. haha, I was in Punjab and i had washed my Kashera put it on the line to dry for my Ishnaan following morning. I got up in the morning getting ready for Ishnaan, and going towards the line to get my Kashera, and find it isnt there, so I asked my bro where's my Kashera I had it on the line and he like ohh was that yours? lols...so I got the point whos wearing my Kashera...lol
  6. parji i knw hw it feels droping a vaja !!!! :wub: o once a giani told me to bring his vaja to him it woz new aswell so i went to pick it up taking it to him and sum lil kid cum in my way and BANG it fell right out my handss god my face went redddd every one jus stoped and looked at me the vaja opened in to two peaces the giani face woz like my new vaja :wub: @ the poor vaja the giani woz like hai hai mera vaja im like oooopzzz parji sooo sowwie hes like dnt worryyy :wub: thats woz soo embarrassing never have i from then picked up a vaja :wub: lol, threads still goin, wkd !
  7. I dont really see it happening much at my workplace but im afraid to say I hear it more at guru ghar, and I'm going to have to sayts the same old people, the bibiyaan talking while preparing guru ka langar and the men talking sitting at one place (usually the comitte members) I do find it annoying too, if I try to explain to them they take me wrong, so I just end up sitting in one spot minding my own business, it is hard at times but it has to be done !
  8. singh_sandhu


    NOOOOO if it aint 100% Panjabi blood then no Panjabi - its like italians lol (sorry 2 many films) - if they havent got 100% Sicillian blood they can never get made!!! SO STICK TO IT BHENJJJ man i swear sumtimes u kill me lolll ANYONE BORN IN PUNJAB IS 100% DESI B IT MUSLIM, HINDU, WHITE PPL (lol) OR W/E THEY ARE DESI!!!! white ??? :wub: lol..lol.. cant really imagine that to be honest,.
  9. I went india recently the onli reason why some people stare is coz they know your from England or you are from somewhere out of India. My advice is of course you should go, Go see the inspirational and real beautiful places of our Sikh Itihaas. You'll love it.
  10. Vaheguru Vaheguru Vaheguru When we went we took inhalers, and they reallly did work. Truly inspirational yatra tho, Vaheguru !
  11. omg cant beliv this is still up, i bin away for a wilow, and i see this frst...haha !!
  12. dropadi Was Wife of 5 brothers(Yudhishtar,Bhim, Arjun, Nakul,Sahdev).... yeah she was really going to marry arjun, when arjun brought draupadi home, he said to the mother, i've got something for you mum (meaning her daughter in law) and her mother didnt know so she said "dont worry about me son, whatever you have share it between your brothers, so draupadi was the wife of panch pandav
  13. lol this is still going on? haha
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