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  1. I don't have any daughters and I, having true 100% belief in the pure 100% sexual equality that true Sikhism espouses, work hard for them to inherit a world in which the wicked mysoginist Islamic practices of the afghan Sikhs is welland truly consigned to the dustbin of history. As for statements. You say I went on to make 'derogatory remarks' about women. Thats not true and anyone reading the other recent messages from people on this page might get the impression that I must have murdered and burned at the stake a handfull of women. All I did in fact say was this to Simran, in Punjabi : sim
  2. People can "call me out" all they want. I'm not gonna be intimidated from speaking the truth. Simran just got all emotional over nothing when all I said was that she put a thumbs up 'like' next to a dodgy message....and its true, she did, and jkvlondon got back what she deserved when she, for no good reason, posted a message criticising me on a personal level. As for this thing you call a "pro-jatt movement" on my behalf, well, for you to say that is testament to your own blind ignorance seeing how this discussion was in the form of a good educational format discussing the blatantly un-sikh,
  3. I'm getting sick of explaining this to you Simran but, as I said before.....The only thing I said about you personally is that you 'Liked' a message by gsinghysingh (message #65 on page 7). If you think that is 'slander' can I suggest you quietly make your way to message #65 on page 7 and observe the 'Like' by Simran345 next to the message. After that, I suggest you consult a dictionary and digest the fact that 'slander' is defined as a false statement. Therefore, the only way what I said about you could be called 'slander' was if it was me who deliberately and maliciously assumed the identi
  4. Touche !!! Well done gsinghysingh. An insult very cleverly disguised as a compliment. No mean feat. Well done.
  5. Its finished (although I didn't insult you...I just said you liked a dodgy message and its true you did) but never mind about that, its finished. Just simmer down. But remember, naa mai cha peenda' (mai costa coffee peenda' hoonda') te naa mai mere' upar dol'ni. Tu buss cha te coffee di gul rainde'h te apne' tampax pad change karr'n da sorch. Get your emotional balance back.
  6. Thats the stupidest post I've ever read Simran. Really stupid. All the more stupid because I get home after picking the kids up from school only to find half a dozen messages directed towards me by an hystericaly emotional woman and the usual suspects, accusing me of slander. Simmer down woman. Cha da cup peela'.....beshkot kaa'la....TV on karrla'....apna tampax pad change kar'la.....relax hoo ke'h ba'jah ram n'a. Baa'la nee boli da bandeh naal. Simmer down.
  7. What you mean 'slander' ? I suggest, Simran, you know what a word means before you decide to use it. The only thing I said about you personally is that you 'Liked' a message by gsinghysingh (message #65 on page 7). If you think that is 'slander' can I suggest you quietly make your way to message #65 on page 7 and observe the 'Like' by Simran345 next to the message. After that, I suggest you consult a dictionary and digest the fact that 'slander' defines a false statement. Therefore, the only way what I said about you could be 'slander' was if it was me who deliberately and maliciously assu
  8. Oh here we go. As if we didn't already have enough ill-informed muppets here along comes gsinghyingh. So what "one particular caste" is this then gsinghysingh ? I'm asking because the current biggest man in charge of "running our qaom" and, as recent events showed, completely "ruining our quom", is Avtar Singh Makkar who is an Arora/Khatri and the one before him, who completely ruined our religious institution as a moral and ethical one, was a Labana. In contrast, you may recall that the good people that had given blood,sweat and tears to fight them and everything they stand for and
  9. Really ? You place so little value in the honour of the dastar that you have stated clearly in this very thread that : Its OK for dastar wearing Singhs to have sex with their sisters.....Its OK for dastar wearing Sikhs to see women as objects created purely for men to enjoy sexually....Its OK to commit crime and any sikh that doesn't think criminals are cool is a "soft Pu**y". On other threads, many a time, you have stated that it is wrong for Sikhs to be considered a race seperate from Indians. On this thread, you have repeatedly abused people...repeatedly used disgusting swear words. And
  10. Buddasingh, shame on you. Lets recap as to just how much of a pathetic imbecile you are: DallySingh makes disgusting remarks about jatts on every single thread he has ever visited on this website over the last 6 months. It doesn't matter if the thread is about Punjab...or about cakes....or about bread....or about cars. He still makes his disgusting casteist remarks - And yet none of that has ever bothered you at all and here you pretending to care about 'caste' Dallysingh, on this Sikh forum with little vulnerable children present, has, on this thread alone, used the 'F' word a total of 6
  11. "His People" Dallysingh101, are people such as Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale the present day Satkar Committee and people like Bhai Rajoana and Prof Bhullar : i.e people that take direct action against any that insult the honour of the dastar. "His people" Dallysingh101, are all of we people here on this forum who constantly post threads and messages about news stories of dastar wearing Sikhs of a Jatt background who indulge in crimes or immoral activities and state that they MUST remove those dastars if they wish to behave in such shamefull ways. "His people" Dallysingh101, are the 80,000 that
  12. Do you know what an Hazara even looks like Dallysingh ? They have chinese style eyes. No Star Striker. The Afghan Sikhs are 100% Arora. No other Sikh group exists among them. Its an interesting facet of Sikh history actually because historically, in terms of business, the areas of the Sikh empire were divided up by the Khatris and the Aroras. Because the Aroras were considered 'lesser' khatris, the Khatris themselves had the whole of Punjab proper and potowar, Kashmir etc and gave the whole of the extreme north west of Punjab and the North West Frontier region (Pathan territory) for the Ar
  13. I do recall, a couple of months ago, I received some abuse here for pointing out how the Afghan arora Sikhs in west London had made the entire west London population look at any male with a dastar and beard as a criminal....in much the same way that society has a stereotypical view of roma gypsies. Not a day goes by without the local papers having stories about multi-million dollar fraud this....multi-million dollar fraud that.....appearances in court....prison sentences.....business in Southall raided. Its got to the stage where the average Christian, Jew, Hindu or Muslim in west London asso
  14. In theory, this is a nice little thread. I salute not2cool2rgue's valiant effort to instigate an intellectual discussion based on historical events. The man (or woman....for, in my experience, it is mostly women with whom you shouldn't argue......unless you (unlike me) are capable of making your own roti) deserves upmost respect for starting this thread. Ordinarily, I'd be in my element on this thread but there;s something about it that reminds me of what I teach my boys when I sit them down for one my 'history lectures' and for that reason, I'm going to rewind a generation before the America
  15. Hunger strikes are extremely powerfull tools. Extremely powerfull. Arguably, it was the hunger strike of the Irish nationalist Bobby Sands in 1981, and the subsequent deaths of the other Irish hunger strikers, that led to Britain conceding defeat in their fight against the concept of Irish nationalism because the British government's harsh reaction to those deaths was eventually seen as inhuman, much as the Indian government's and the Punjab government's would also be seen. The fact that we are not having the same effect....and in essence not having any positive effect whatsoever in compariso
  16. Ok. I wish I didn't have to do what I'm about to do but.....its gotta be done: The first bit of the poster. Taking all the different sentences together it is clear each sentence is a hope for 2016. But, at the same time, there are aspects of it that are quite disturbing in that people might actually wish for such thiings in 2016. We start off with 'Handguns are in Museum'. Now, they say 'museum' rather than 'museums' or 'a museum' so they obviously have one particular museum in mind. We can only speculate if that particular museum is the naural history museum or the Sheffield Museum of Locom
  17. My god you really are incredibly dimwitted jacfsing2. On a thread about domestic violence dallysingh101 comes along and without reason posts a message in which he lays the blame on rural sikhs. Instead of seeing how disgusting and casteist he is for doing that (btw...he does that on every single thread he's ever been on here on sikhsangat) you choose to blame any sikh that points out how wrong he is for doing that. Is that really how things are supposed to work ? Are urban sikhs supposed to insult rural sikhs at wll and if the rural sikhs ever dares say anything about it it will automat
  18. I am the one, a few months ago, on a thread about the perverse Muslim culture of marrying their cousins, who pointed out how the khatris practice this same despcable tradition. If you're angry at me for pointing it out and not keeping it on th hush hush do you not think your anger might be misplaced and should perhaps be directed at the people who indulge in these disgusting incestous practices ? As for this thread, you might recall that it was the usual subject: Dallysingh101 who came along and did what he does on every single thread he visits: Without rhyme or reason, he tried to insinute t
  19. Wow !!! Can there possibly be a more casteist person on sikhsangat than Dallysingh101? Look back at his posts. It doesn't matter if the thread is about cars, Punjab, cakes or space travel.....the man will ALWAYS.....WITHOUT FAIL.... find a reason within it to put down Sikhs who come from a rural background. The man is totally shameless. But....even more than shame is his ignorance. For example, it would be really interesting too get inside his head and see how he can shamelessly attribute domestic violence at the feet of the rural Sikhs while completely ignoring these facts: The ne
  20. Johnny, I'm going to ignore JKVlondon as she lacks intellectual substance but I'll start you with this thought:......Our Gurus took us out of the darkness.....Man, has taken us back into it. Absolutely nothing to do with Hindus. Hindus can do what they want. Hindus have always had their traditions and they always will. Good luck to them. They're as good and bad as me. Nothing to do with me though. Hindus, just like Sikhs, have some unbeleivably good people amomgst them. Truly wonderfull people. Truly so. But....that ain't got sh$t to do with shi$t. Its to do with following rituals. If I w
  21. By nature, and by common sense, the word 'job' implies a wage. With that 'wage' a worker either pays his or her rent and is able to lve or, if its decent enough, is able to get his or her foot on the property ladder. So......whilst we've all heard talk about the Sikh Channell paying absolutely ZERO to ts staff I can't help wondering what kind of wonderfull 'job oppportunity' this really is when the advert mentions absolitely nothing about the amount of remuneration a candidate will or might get for the WORK he or she would do. i.e....It is NOT a 'Job Opportunity'.
  22. Talk to Gujratis Johnny. Its an ancient Hindu tradition to have a ceremony to pick a letter for the name of their newborn son. Notice how I said 'son'. Thats because they, unlike we Sikhs, saw sons as more special than daughters. But...thats neither here nor there. Its about ritual. My great great great grrandfather came with a ritual and rituals to me as a Sikh mean nothng. I, as a Sikh, have no rituals for birth, no rtuals during lfe, no rituals for death. The 'lingua franca' of War of the Khalsa Kingdom was officially French. The lingua franca of court was Farsi but the official langu
  23. No sherry Mister Singh. Maybe a little too much pepsi though. Too much fizzy pop made me think everybody understands the phonetic alphabet. I was wrong. My bad :( Basically though, I was saying how silly the poster was for advocating same surname marriage amongst Sikhs without understanding how most minor Jatt surnames (which only exist together in the same 10 mile radius of the same Tehsil of the same district) indicate that those with the same surname were part of the same family living in the same houshold less than 100 years ago. That, my friend, is insest. And that, my friend,is well and
  24. Baby names are a difficult but, at the end of the day, a very personal choice between you and your partner. Choose what you both feel comfortable with and NEVER EVER go with what we here say. Its you and your parner who have brought a beautiful child into this world. Its you both who should go with whatever you wish. All we can do is tell you about is our decisions about our own children and Sikh history with regards to naming their children. From that you should take and discard what you will. The greatest Sikh of the century (Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale) was named by his parents after
  25. Charlie Bravo Tango; I'm sorry but I must tell you that you are foxtrot uniform charlie kilo'ing full of sierra hotel india tango. There have been others here full of foxtrot uniform charlie kilo'ing sierra hotel india tango before, my friend, bravo uniform tango yankeee alpha the sierrsiat of them alpha.
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