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  1. guru granth sahib kadi pareya hai? ja sirf matha hi tejkeya hai? that also by force when u r parents take u to sunday gurdwara as a ritual
  2. hmm "idiots" lol at least childern here speak punjabi not like in uk "mom dad tenu mangda" or" triple paire panida mangda" and the weapons were returned by the thief
  3. when a person is moving from one city to another on bus,train or some vehicle in india r there face detection systems at bus and train stops ? when a person asks for a rented accomodation in india r there face detection systems with the house owners so in such a situation this is the only option(bhai sukha,jinda,and many others used this technique)
  4. when a person is on the run usually changes his passport and ID etc for such reasons these singhs trim their hair they are tailed 24 hours just imagine yourself in such a situation these are tactics of war dont be unrealistic idealist dont accept bhana take charge of circumstances as much as u can dont be fatalistic
  5. why dont u do something like them and then face law enforcement and set an example of being a "fearless sikh" in rehit and bana
  6. u r younger generation is not fighting any armed struggle nor is on the run from law enforcement these singhs r fighting a war
  7. bhai sukha and jinda were clean shaven, when they got arrested they started keeping their hair, many kharkoo singhs when they were underground/fighting were clean shaven bhai tara has faced torture, jail for panth what have u done
  8. U sound like an ignorant fellow just google saffron terror or hindutva terror u will have u r answer same brahmin media whom u despise have written articles on it
  9. first of all no jatt demanded it, this issue was pressed by amrinder singh just to corner badal , i know it for a fact that all jat sikhs oppose caste reservation and if one percent demands thats just when they see some less merit fellow getting ahead due to reservation moreover the concept of putting in BC list is only complete if the centre grants them quota in jobs which they have not and will never this whole thing of putting them in that list by punjab govt was done eying the coming elections
  10. No jat sikh has begged govt they just say caste based reservation Should be stopped and it should be on economic basis punjab govt will never include jat sikhs in backward caste list nor jat sikhs want themselves included
  11. Search in google literacy rate in punjab who told u they dont educate females in punjab this shows u r mental level i pity u, and caste discrimination is also in uk and have u ever been to punjab? I am sure u hardly know punjabi and u r source of such weird information must be some gathering of uk sikhs where u indulge in india punjab badal bashing and call it as STRUGGLE right
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