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  1. Actually wanting kirtan with proper raags applied.Like Chardikala jatha's Japji Sahib kirtan.
  2. Anyone knows a kirtan artist who do good kirtan ,pronouncing gurbani correctly and his kirtan is melodious to listen? Mainly Nitnem banis kirtan. Also kirtan style similar to raagi's doing kirtan in Gurudwara Sahib's.
  3. From my point of view Earth will have a drastic climate change over the coming 10-30 years and then will come the "khalsa raaj". Have anyone listned to Katha of Giani Thakur Singh ji about the tsunami waves?
  4. Do you really thing any of us can give you a proper and required answer or are you here just getting hurt more and more? None of us can analyze the situation as you two do. Be a "KHALSA" Ask your Guru,only they can set you free.
  5. Start doing "Chaupai Sahib" paths.Quantity depends on your problem.The more you do the less your KAAM,KRODH,LOBH,MOH,HANKAR gets.Maybe you can start from 15/per day minnimum.These are the reason gems of bani are given to us by Guru maharaj.
  6. Let me explain this by the caste division system.As you know there are 4 classes of people divided: 1)kshatriyas 2)brahmans 3)shudars 4)vaishyas Kshatriyas were the people who managed the empire (i.e kingdom),they were the kings.They also used to eat meat.But in Sri dasam granth some of them are said to be of high spirituality and resulting in "mukti". Some havans done by Brahmans also needed animal sacrifices too.Animal sacrifice is also related to the victory of goddess Durga on the demons. Sikhi is made by combining 4 classes(kshatriyas,brahmans,shudars,vaishyas) into a single person
  7. Gurbani uses this techniques too.The "Gurmukhi" composed by our second guru "Guru Angad dev ji" is written in such a format that a good language pronouncer will get the benifits of sound and vibration techniques automatically,many more techniques are included.The 31 raags included in Gurbani also have their own significance. Also in "Anand Sahib" path ,pauri 38 ,4th guru describes that god created doors of awakening in one's body.The air shows them when one practise.The 10th door remain closed and is found by the grace of a true master. Gurbani has much more secrets hidden in it.What we need
  8. Question: Master ji, we all know that it's very crucial to abstain from the eating of meat because this increases our karmas, but can you explain in more detail the reasons for becoming vegetarian? Thakar Singh: We should not increase our burden of karmas as you have already said. There is karmic value in every kind of thing we use in this world. The air we consume, we have to pay for. The water we use, we have to pay for. The light of the sun or moon is also not free for us, and this green grass is also to be paid for - nothing is free. Depending on the "Jun" (life-form), there is a price to
  9. Guru sahib is watching ,he is the one who looks after all and his sikhi.So try to focus on your own goal,means your avastha.People will automatically get inspire when he wants.
  10. The thing that Bijla Singh is trying to convey is that a person cannot be a "true" sikh if he is under the unnecessary attachments of maya.By getting baptised a homosexual totally contradicts the point of getting baptised. There are many relationships in Sikh history of 2 persons of same gender,that is of Guru and sikh.The relationship is not physically based but pure love based like of a son and father.
  11. Japji sahib is not a bani to be read in night it should be recited only before the sun set and after midnight (i.e 12:30 a.m approx). You cannot reach satisfaction from our points,facts and stories.Hard work is necessary and by hard work i mean faith,patience,compassion and dicipline. There is a theory that there are 5 main realms (khand) which a human being goes through.Every obtained khand remain with him as he continues the joury. They are 1.Karam khand 2.dharam khand 3.gyan khand 4.saram khand 5.sach khand 1.Karam khand√∑All people have this,they all sow the seeds of good and bad
  12. No one told you that you are totally wrong.But research on history ,how the contents of banis,confusion of reciting 5,6or7 banis are made.There are many rumors that Akal takht members are in control of badal sarkar.Which also seems true in many casses. The fact i want to discuss is that do not believe anyone blindly ,only follow the hukumnamas given by Guru Gobind Singh ji via Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  13. First of all i would remind you that all religions are the way to meet god.All says the truth,it is the human mind which makes a religion rot by modifying its true values day by day. 1. For them the existance of god cannot be sure because they have not seen god.Buddha was a saint,he believed in the energy in our body which continouosly flow with the energy outside of our body.But there are limits to his knowledge as he was not totally enlighted. For example√∑ When Guru Nanak dev ji was on his journey a quazi said that, u says there are many of many heavens and hells but in quran it is written
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