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  1. Sadly, even if he did lead the polls , they would never let him be the nominee. His father Ron Paul was cheated out of becoming the nominee. Ron Paul was leading the polls in many states but the controlled news didn't even show his name. They even skipped him in the CNN debate and the live audience started shouting "Ron Paul" and they were forced to let him speak. They despise anyone who is against the system. Unfortunately, I think Ron Paul was America's last chance. I support Rand Paul because he is similar to his father, and Ron has also endorsed him. Although, there are almost no chances
  2. You are fine. You are just growing up, like everyone else on this planet
  3. http://www.gurmatveechar.com/literature?browse=English_Books
  4. Hillary's Hard Drive with Wiping ClothLimited edition. We have 80 of these and when they're gone, they're gone forever. https://store.randpaul.com/index.php/hillary/hillary-s-hard-drive.html
  5. People still read the mainstream news BS? Corporate Media is not to be trusted
  6. Threads are useless. You can keep the Indian tradition going but change it so that we will actually benefit and be armed instead of having a dozen itchy threads tied on your arm. I respect the tradition, but it should be changed so that it isn't just a thread
  7. Your Kirpan should be anywhere on your waist. However it shouldnt be dangling down, when you run it shouldn't bounce to far from your body . If you have the adjustable gatra, you should tighten it to a spot where it is easiest for you to reach. Personally, I think it's better to keep the Kirpan on a gatra, because the you will forget where you kept it. If you are talking about those police style utility belts , then maybe we should give it a try and see if it has any problems. Otherwise if you are using a normal belt for trousers/pants , then I don't think it would stay there and it might k
  8. To keep your jooda flat when tying dastar , you should do a Bunga (which I do myself) before you tie. Search for a dumalla video and watch them do the first part. Or you can do another way, where you twist your kesh and wrap your jooda without a knot (kinda loose) and then tie a patka. I used to do this until I learned how to do a Bunga. You don't have to use a bunga for dumalla only, you can even use it to tie Round dastar and maybe even triangle style dastar
  9. What did the committee do? Were they not paying him?
  10. Can you please give the video time for when he bows, because I need to show this to a friend who is denying that he would bow to the namdhari guru
  11. (I'm pretty sure the kavishri brothers don't manage their social media accounts themselves. Someone else does it for them.)
  12. I just heard of it too. I am really depressed now at the halaat of our Kaum. Unbelievable I bought a CDs loaded with his tracks last month. What to do with it now?
  13. I believe an English newpaper in the 1800s said that if Hari Singh Nalwa had the same equipment and amount of soldiers of a European army, he would conquer most of Asia in no time.
  14. Why isn't firearms training part of Shastar Vidhiya ? If a war breaks out we shouldn't be throwing spears at tanks. The reason we have been massacred many times is that we choose to use older weaponry and techniques instead. Sant Jarnail singh and 200 Singhs used old WWII rifles. Imagine if Kharkus had same light arms as the Indian Army. It would have changed the course of history.
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