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  1. We need 'education' more desperately than anything else. We need to educate our kom, not only with paper degrees but with the 'actual' thing. Policy making requires an educated intelligent brain which is well equipped with many other qualities such as insight, wisdom, morality, deep thinking, courage, free from corruption, free from avarice etc.. We will definitely need good Policies and their makers!! Do you know the meaning of the term 'democracy? Does an average citizen of Punjab know the definition of democracy? So, you still think India/Punjab in particular can be defined as a democracy in spite of all the recent events? I started answering your query but I have only just realized that you don't even know the meaning of democracy. Give me one good example of a democratic country in our present day times and I will know that you know the definition of the big word 'democracy!' Do you see our present day so called democracies behaving like democracies when you read or listen to the news? In my view, if India is a democracy it is definitely not behaving like one.
  2. This is not what the OP is asking from us. The person wants to know if there are any present day women who would want to lead a spiritual life totally dedicated to God. No marriage, no children, no housework or any other distractions that can stop them from leading this kind of life. What is wrong with you all, can't you understand what OP is asking of us? There is no point in making references to historical women, the questioner is concerned about the present day women only. How does one go to the gurdwara and do simran? Kirtan is fine but which women will assist the OP in his/her questions? Sikh women in the gurdwara or community are mostly married and leading/playing 16 types of different roles, so which one will be able to 'assist' in this situation? They are not nuns. How many women have taken vows of Silence, taken lead in Prayer, Sewa outside of gurdwara situation etc? None. I think the question is very deep and we don't have the answer to what the person is trying to find out. Women can do kirtan but after that they don't return to the convent to be alone with Him. The simran has to be done alone sitting quietly in your own home and space, gurdwara is too busy for someone looking for quiet solitude. The answer to the OP's question is that our kom has become far too involved with material gains/concerns/ far too materialistic, with no time to look for the Beloved. The Beloved can wait, having a beautiful relationship with Him is not one of the top priorities for the kom! Our worship has become too ritualistic, meaning, as long as we do 1000000000000 Akhand Paaths and spend $100000000000000000000000000 on them will suffice. For the majority of the kom this will amount to 'worship' of Waheguru. Our definition of being 'spiritual and religious' is doing our Nit nem and naam jap with our minds traveling at the speed of 10000000000000000000 thoughts per second. It has all become a dikhaawa a pakhand. It is ever so sad that we cannot answer OP's question with sufficient insight or wisdom to what is required.
  3. Sikhs mostly served the British because they had no choice. They were also promised independence of India if they cooperated with the British in the second world war and this is why many sikhs joined the British forces. When everything was over (the war) the sikhs were left at their own devices and promises made about the independence forgotten!! When India finally got its independence, the sikhs were ignored totally and vast region that was once part of the sikh kingdom was happily given away to the muslims. Not even one hindu expressed any annoyance or objections to this cunning move. If it wasn't for the bravery of the sikh men and women, India would have become a totally muslim country. Khalsa was not suppose to declare illegal and unjust wars on others, it was suppose to fight just wars in self defence.
  4. If only....................You are so right. Why would they make of fun of someone who is following sikhi in the first place? It is what they learn at home and not in schools. The training to become a bully starts at home and not in the classroom or playground. If a child is being bullied at home by older siblings and parents are not stopping it then that child will learn how to bully others in a similar fashion. We have already done half our learning at home before we start school.
  5. When we shed our bodies we have to swim across the river to go to the other side. Our nam and nitnem will help us to cross this river which is very very frightening indeed. If we haven't taken the Khandey Batey di pauhl we will remain on this side of the river which is nearer to earth and is considered 'hellish!' We will remain there and become earthbound souls. As earthbound souls we will be walking on the streets to be seen by those who can see and to be heard by those that can hear us. We will not have any rest and before we know it, it will be time to reincarnate into the 84 lak junes. It would all depend on our karams where we take birth and the whole journey will start all over again. No one knows how long we will last in this june and then we will shed that body and go back to the next stage of our evolution. So. the best plan is to start doing your nam jap and nitnem daily and do good karams and never hold a grudge in your heart and love all and everyone unconditionally and wish everyone the best. Kindness and compassion is the secret.
  6. So, it means she was related to this person responsible for such a hideous act?
  7. Merci, mon ami et dieu vous benisse! Au revoir, mon ami!
  8. Sorry, English is not my mother's tongue, I have to translate everything I say or write to English first and it can be quite problematic at times. I thank you again for your kindness. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur (Singh1234777) for translation.
  9. Merci beaucoup. C'est tres gentil de ta part! C'est la vie! S'il vous plait ne vous inquietez pas! C'est d'accord.
  10. . I didn't realise I had offended you. If you feel offended then please accept my apologies for being so insensitive towards your feelings. I am glad you pointed out my weakness of being rude to you. Thank you for helping me see.
  11. In my martial arts class there are only two ladies and the rest are all males!
  12. We don't need to separate you or anyone, you have already done so by yourselves, thank you very much. I understand the phrase perfectly well even though I am a sikh convert but it is the people that are born within this religion that refuse to understand this ever so easy statement. I still think it is always better to marry your own regardless of their class, caste, wealth or education. The article clearly shows what those in power are trying to achieve and it is up to each and everyone of us not to succumb to their plans. That's all I have to say.
  13. I did not write the article referred to.
  14. Trying telling, "...recognise all of MANKIND as A SINGLE CASTE OF HUMANITY" to those segments of the Sikh society that rather allow their children to marry us whites than to their own people of different or lower caste! Your statement is simply redundant and dead like a dead fish!! If you sikhs believed in the above statement and put it to practice in your day to day lives, you would not be building temples based on different castes, let me assure you! You are the ones that do not have any clue what the phrase above means! You do not have the ability to understand this phrase. THIS PHRASE IS ONLY TRUE WHEN YOU MARRY WHITE/EUROPEANS, not when it comes to marrying your own brown people of different or lower or different castes!! You people are a one big JOKE! Would it not be better to marry a brown sikh person regardless of his/her caste rather than a white European? Think you fools.
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