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  1. What is with this Indians in general are know to do that sort of thing. Tusi gore di aulad ho?
  2. well i dont want to suggest you this stuff, but in bombay now mumbai there was this parsi couple, they are dead now. They used to communuicate with their dead children. They wrote a book called Laws of Spirit World. I was fascinated abt the concept but than i started doing path and found not worth reading the book. But it is fact they used to communicate with their dead children, let me know if you are interested i can search for their web site but nothing is above SGGS.
  3. It is nothing abnormal. mean to say i have heard some people having same experince. Not exactly but on same lines. Do ardaas.
  4. Surd_r_cute


    I drive bike that too a heavy bike, I wear helmet occasionaly when it is not possible to wear Pagdi or turban. All this talk of rehit is useless for me as after i come from swim my hair all wet and no way i am going tie a turban rather than bother abt so called rehit i wear helmet.
  5. I dont have problem with what should you call Jagatar Singh Ji but what did he do after escaping from prision. *EDITED*
  6. What do you mean sikhs are not supposed to be like that? We donot have something special in our genes that others donot have. Special things are the values that our religon gives us. Biggest example of that is Battle of Saragiri, where 22 Sikhs fought against 10000 Pathns and yet they did not give up their fort. As regards to your problem, lot of us face same problem. To overcome a problem one needs two things i.e. Knowledge of the problem and a strategy .
  7. Your Intentions are good but please learn to respect others, what do you mean open your drunk eyes? Please control your emotions
  8. i am from India so no issues with my name but my cousin is from nyc and has surname saluja ,the white american conviently call him saluha.
  9. If i was in your position i wont bother much. You are very intelligent person who had courage to openly write about his problem and admit some of his weakness. Any ways if you are supposed to marry this gal you will and if not you won't. It reminds me of the famous song "Whatever Will Be (Que Sera, Sera)" P.S Everyone views life from their eyes, their vision. So what is right for me might not be for you
  10. Surd_r_cute


    So you think about a particular guy, Does it make you feel nice. I have been in same situation. I used to think i liked her. Life can be strange , we became friendly and than all my hopes from that relationship crashed. Reason was that i had some how without realising I had made a mental image of that person. My point is that whatever we do in life is for pleasure and sometimes the whole idea of thinking about a person, activity gives us more pleasure . When i started photography i started reading a lot on net abut photography , saving lots of web pages. I realized more th
  11. I know what you mean. I guess if there are 100 people in world only 10% are those who might be leading this happening life while 80% pretend that they like this life. Rest 10% are like you and me who sometimes when exposed an enviorment tend to feel out of place.Simply uncomfortable. I am based in Delhi, Delhi has changed alot in last couple of years with coming of call centers, malls. Its seems all of sudden that you dont belong here . Lots of times i want to leave delhi and go to a smaller town and start doing farming like my Dadaji but solution is not to run away. Solution is no
  12. i read and i am shocked. all those females who have been sexually abused should not keep quite. Reminds me of a hindi movie Monsoon wedding where a female was abused by her uncle when she was kid but kept quite but when she meets him after many years and realises he is again about abuse another small gal she breaks all hell loose. No one in family belives her ut she protects the gal. What has happend to you dont let it happen to some one younger. Imagine some day you have a daugter and you dont want to be scared sending her to gurudwara. I have read lots of tips on using
  13. Krava Marga is a great self defense technique, it doesnt have flamboyance and exoticness engima like feeling of and of martial arts but its simple principle is use of force in simplest and deadliest manner. If you observe cops in usa never have fancy martial arts hold to pin a guy down. Krava Marga is also based on the concept of simply making your opponent harmless without flashy moves. As regards to one learning from a proper school, that is always the best way but by reading one can gains knowledge of lots of stuff .
  14. Thanks for the link, do you have any more such links, say about krava marga,israeli system. Thanks alot
  15. By giving two successive discounts it amounts 63.75, it further needs to give abou 13.72% discount , for total discount to be equal to 45%, ( i am not sure if i have actually understood ur question) BTW, what are you studying
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