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  1. If this is right thn why it’s written in Guru Granth Sahib ji about reincarnation, jam doots, chitar gupt. I believe that we do take birth again and again.. I’ve came across so many times about doots and reincarnation from Guru Granth Sahib ji.
  2. I guess nobody knows why budha dal and hazoor sahib give kirpan Amrit to women and khande da for men.. I don’t understand this thing because I don’t know the reason it’s making me to think something that I shouldn’t be thinking. So anyone knows plz share it. I had already planned about going to hajoor sahib in March and get Amrit from there but after knowing this it’s making me to stop like why is this difference between men and women everywhere now. Before I knew about doing sewa and now about Amrit too.. things like these makes me soo disappointed.. that’s the reason I want to know the reason
  3. Why is it for women it’s kirpan Amrit and for men khande da.. what difference does this make and why not five Singh’s if someone know plz tell me.. I want to know the reasons behind this.
  4. Can someone plz explain this to me.. kirpan Amrit what is it.. what’s the difference b/w these two and at hajoor sahib how do they give Amrit to women. Plz
  5. I’ve been using menstrual cups but don’t know why it leaks a little.. do u know how can I make it stop leaking.. I’m pretty sure that it pop open and sealed because if I try to pull it down I can feel that it’s sealed so I don’t know if that’s the problem of leakage or something else.. any tips would be helpful if u also use cups. Thanks
  6. Fair enough but we are discussing about doing sewa not going into battle field. Why can’t we do sewa at harmandir sahib. Sewa is for everyone and which guru made these rules that men can do sewa but for us women we can’t at some parts.. these rules are man made. And which is not right..
  7. Here we go. Another one.. hasn’t got admission in Guru Nanak ji’s school and don’t think will ever get..
  8. J cycle nai chal reha fer v nai. Sirf 5 dina krke poore mahine vch ik din v nai kar skde.. this is not right. Now I have to take birth in a male body to do the sewa.. what to say and do about this it’s disappointing...
  9. If anyone has translations of Khalsa mool mantar.. ??
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