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  1. I really appreciate the effort and proud that we are able to reach this stage where we are able to deal with such subjects in a logical as well as emotional Manner. But I still would want a little less melodrama and obviousiation of the situation. Case in point being " Das Simran , Dass mainu"? It makes it very bollywoodish and bollywoodish = horse-poop-ish . In the end am very proud of the effort , but would want a better justification of my Pagg and Kes than scaring some loosers away. The primary reason would be Hukam of the Dasven Pathsha , and why do we seek reasons and logic ( I used
  2. Thanks Singh Veer Ji, As I mentioned before, any help is great help here!! Any one else? fateh
  3. WJKK WJKF Sangat, My Sister who is in an IT firm , has just got an assignment in Frankfurt , Germanyf for 6 months. Along with being an IT professional, she is a classical singer and has been actively involved in Kirtan Samagams here in Mumbai, India. Here are the links to few of the videos doing Kirtan: Currently Im looking for any sangat who may be of any help in lending support or guidance with regards to her stay arrangement for 6 months and also if any one is actively involved in managing committees of the Gurudwaras in Frankfurt. She is keen on doing Kirtan Seva as soo
  4. I need it too. Just dint seem likely that Il find it anywhere
  5. SSA Brother , first of let me congratulate you for your commitment towards the faith and decision of your path. Im frm Mumbai, India. So just by any chance if you plan to spend ur days here, Il be more than happy to help you with turban tying. once I was terrible at it....but had decided to tie it...no matter what. Now am much better with experience and some help. To answer your question, its not at all awkward to be tying a Parna or Patka for a sikh while visiting casual places or even travelling ,like general site seeing et all. Infact , people are quite used to seeing sikhs with varied
  6. Im here for a 2 week vacation in Jalandhar....it seems the issue is snowballing out of some police complains registered in the past but not taken seriously... a few cousins from Ludhiana confirm it is because of of biker gang which has resorted to looting, arson, extortion, eve teasing and molestation as part of their Youth 'Recreational Activities' and no single police man has been active for any complains registered so far. The migrant labour from states like UP and Bihar is our own problem.....compare it to the NRI who live in 3rd world countries and are given shoddy treatment. treatmen
  7. I dint tie the typical Nok Style Turban till abt 20....and did nt want to glorify even when I thought I wud start wearing it.... lets say I was too comfortable being seen in Patka.....but just once I started wearing the Turban.....now I dont want to take it off....lolz. I keep it on for hours and my mom keeps shouting that It is important to give it some rest....I reply ( when there is not too much heat) that it is the most comfortable wear that I can get into. I feel that now I should probably do the Dastar Bandi celebration done all over. comin back to the point after the boring tale /..
  8. Sat Sri Akal.... No one .....tis is discouraging. Fateh
  9. Sat Sri Akaal Sangat Ji.. I will be visiting Maidenhead for a short time for a corporate training and wish to visit a Gurudwara while Guru Nanak Jayanti celebration are on. But I wish to knw if the celebration will be held on the same day ie 2nd Oct or sunday ie 1st October. Slough is one of the closest borough ( I think) and has 3 gurudwaras , hence any member who lives nearby , who can help me decide which Gurudwara should I go. in general and to observe any special prgrames for Guru Nanak Jayanti Now, please don't take this the wrong way ,I realize that all and any Gurudwara hold the sa
  10. Veerji , please tell me how did you manage to gain so many kilos . .For past 2 years i am trying but have not gained a single kilo :sad: I am underweight :sad: WJKK WJKF, Bro , if you really want an effective advice on healthy weigh gain, here is one; every morning, have glass full of Banana (mixed ) and Honey into cold milk . Just try this sincerely for 3 weeks and thank me then. Has worked for 3 friends, no reason it should not for you Fateh.
  11. WJKK WJKF Sad Sangat Jee.. apologies to anyone who feels that this is a wrong place to address such a query. and dhanvaad to all who are lending their knowledge to the ignorant ( not me, lolz) . moving on, @Papi: what I have researched , tells me that Six Pack is made in the kitchen and not in the GYM, because Cardio will only be effective only when the access or reserve calories/fat burns up, and that is only possible If i Stop adding more fat to the body. so I guess this correlates to what you are saying about Cardio. But to be more specific, I wish to clarify if I should mix Weight tra
  12. WJKK WJKF saad sangat, calling all the tandarust gursinghs for help, I have recently hit the GYM (finally), and wish to lose weight at a moderate pace. However my overll strcuture is Broad ...and I wish to transform the build to Athletic, with medium muscle. 1)I need to know If i should be doing only Cardio for the first month and lose all the weight ...or should tranform that extra fat into muscle directly by doing separate weight sessions. 2) The key element from what I researched in Weight Loss is Diet and not excercise , so what are the fat loss consumables that anyone would recommend
  13. WJKK WJKF: Can someone please validate the verses from Guru Granth sahib jee stated by the writer....and quotes of what Guru Tegh Bahadur Jee said.... anyone would get a misunderstanding if those verses are there and are translated correctly.
  14. WJKK WJKF to gurpyaraas Tx for the invitation...but will be little difficult for me to attend...especially when I stay here in Mumbai . LOLZ. Anyway ...is it possible to have any recordings for the lecture as Im keen to listen to his katha. can also someone suggest some good Kathas to listen to ... tried quite a few of em but somehow not able to relate to few gaynees (with due respect). Hooked onto Gyanee Sant Maskeen Singh Jee and its plentiful in wisodm. All recommendations are welcome. Fateh
  15. SSA to all, This experience is not new or alien to anyone who want to see their faith and religon in these testing times where religion seems more like spiritual contests. Now the real problem is that people that you are claiming to be Hypocrites and posers are at the end of the day Humans and they will remain so . even when you listen to them or visit some youth forums there will be conflicting opinions about so many belief systems and practices that are going on with in the panth. that is because more often they add their own interpretation to Gurbani and give the their (non)value add opin
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