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  1. Bullsh×t . if there were 150 million sikhs, 1984 wouldnt have happened. 150 million is a huge number . Thats tbe amount of muslims there.
  2. 1. Merge Himachal ,uttarkhand , haryana & Kashmir into Punjab. 2. Dissolve Congress 3 Death Penalties for Longowal , CM arminder, sajjan kumar, jagdish Tytler, Gen Brar. 4. Rename all things named after indra randi. 5. Rename monuments after Sant Bhindranwala, Satwant & Beant, Sukh And Jinda . 6 Death Penalties for rapist, murderes & poachers. 7. One child policy 8 Make beef consumption mandatory 9 Ban street shitting 10. Convert all dalits and minorities into Khalsa 11. Rename country Aryavata 12. Make a new flag with navy b
  3. The Great Great Grandson of Ala Singh of Patiala , the gaddar who allied with Afgans and founder of Patiala created the now CM of Punjab ? This guy hates NRI from Canada / UK / US. He barks and calls them " khalistanis " , this chamcha is a filthy congress haram. Yet somehow , people voted him CM ? <banned word filter activated>
  4. Believe they are continuing the mughal empire obsessed with arabs { for whatever reason , I been to UAE , and it's all just skyscrapers and fancy cars , I see those things in San Francisco all the time } Want to be arab { it's like koreans wanting to be Japanese } Bastardized Punjabi script with unentelligble arab writing system, which I'm sure most don't understand . Made Urdu the national language , even though , it was invented by hindus in UP . Their country is 100x worse than india itself Admin note - What this post has to do anything with SikhSang
  5. I'm wondering, how many army soldiers died during the invasion of the Golden Temple ? Anyone got any solid numbers. It pisses me off, that the army didn't order ordinary people to leave the temple and infact, they killed 1000 innocent people that that, also the fact they decided to pull it off on Guru Arjan's rememberance . Sikhs made up 12 percent of the army in the 80's , and if all of them had revolted , i fully believe the whole indian military would've been in dismay and weakened. Also, what important artifacts were stolen from the Golden Temple library ?
  6. Hahah, who's that white hippy ?? Jesus ? Yeah, god forbid a guy from the middle east be brown , since he's " god" , he has to be white lol. Here's the thing about christians, when they scream at you about going to hell if you dont believe and do as they say, just tell them, if heaven is filled with the likes of you, i rather be in hell with all the cool people like darwin, krishna, buddha etc etc.
  7. Pretty sure there are plenty of punjabis in the police force in Yuba / Sacramento area , might be some in SF as well . They can wear religious gear. I haven't been accepted yet, I will do the pellet b exam in june and passing that , I will self sponsor myself for the police academy in Coyote Valley , San Jose.
  8. Starting salary for rookies is 83 k and 7 yrs later is 100k . But even with 83 k, you have to do mandatory overtime and that pushes the salary to 100 k. But SF / bay area is a money pitt, so ill be moving to sacramento and would commute 1 hour plus each way.
  9. So I live in the bay area and am joining the police academy in August 2018. Its a 6 month course ending in Febuary 2019. Once I have a post certificate , I can apply to police agencies and start making bank. Anybody else doing the same ?
  10. The problem with just keeping singh / kaur as a name is, when you get married, sometimes you might end up marrying your cousins or relatives, since everyone's name is the same, I don't mind dropping it, but it would get confusing if 20-100 million people are named singh or kaur . There would be problems with getting jobs , relocating , identity theft and more . As far as the name is concerned , i don't really care about it , I just care about adding numbers to Khalsa.
  11. Had the dalits converted to Sikhism, Sikhs would've had numbers on their side during 1947 when demanding their own state.
  12. Is it true that in the early 19th century, Sikh leaders spurned Dr. Ambedkar plans to convert millions of hindu dalits to Sikhism ? I keep hearing this story over and over. They say that Dr. Ambedkar was tired of bigoted brahmins and their mistreatment of Dalits and he had planned to convert millions of them to Khalsa, and went to talk to Sikh leaders , but the sikh leaders were swayed by Nehru and Gandhi to not follow through with the plans because then those " high caste , in power , elite " sikhs would lose their power of the religion , due to it being filled by dalits. I always knew , Nehr
  13. TheeTurbanator Are you the same ego manic mod on Sikh Reddit , or is that someone else.
  14. 18th Century: In this alternate history, I am starting after all the Sikh Misls had united under Maharaja Ranjit Singh. In this time line , Sikh Kings were not tolerant, any and all gaddars and enemies were killed without a thought. This Maharaja Ranjit Singh looked toward the future of the raj after his death and planned it so. The Maharaja did not invite anyone into the inner circle except strict Sikhs, aka Nihangs and those who had no alternate motivations except the far and wide rule of Sikh Fauj. In this scenario the king knew all about the dogra's trecherous nature, so he invaded an
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