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  1. Women working the same jobs as men to in the west is another ploy by whitey to create/import classes that compete over jobs, keeping wages down. It's plain as day in the US.
  2. All races and creeds but jains do this to eachother. It all depends on the society but more often than not human nature dictates we abuse eachother. This is something I am sure the Guru looked down upon but I don't know anything to cite from Him. I look at all your photos and as I meditate on kalistan I believe that this will be another negative. Women will be treated lower than a goat, just like these muslim nations. Do not get me wrong I do not support feminism or even women working as they do in the west, but subjugation of people is wrong. IT IS PLAINLY WRONG!
  3. Remember whites are only apologizing to muslims and africans. They never want to appease those they compete with, only scum they bring in to nations to destroy the lives of the lower classes. Still, why did so many singhs and gurkas willfully abuse india. Were they like SS in the fact that if they did it they thought nothing would happen to them? Like here: Are those not 4 nihang watching these men hang?
  4. I do not believe global warming is happening at all! From where I live it is more or less climate change. The variability and variance in weather is definitely increasing. The thing is that the planet has changed temperature tons of times even without humanity pumping chemicals other than coal soot in to the air for greedy Americans' plastic consumables.
  5. We need a new section on this forum about talking on the topic of food and diet. Not only is it hard in our busy life, it's hard because we in sikhi have special rules! Sure it is fine in Indian (or the middle east) where nobody has a job and you can just laze around and eat some rice on pita bread, but our body needs so much more energy thinking and moving all the time in the west.
  6. I don't get your point. If we are to act like singhs then eat only meat? Nihang are a good as it gets in the panth and they eat goat. I will eat an animal if it is killed in 1 strike and no other animal. For this reasons I can not eat any pork or beef from a store. No goat or lamb either. These animals are known to be killed with bolts. I only eat birds. It is inefficient for factories to not kill in 1 strike. This topic is so gruesome it deeply effects me. I saw animal processing videos, they got me so upset I didn't go to work or class for a few days. I treat every animal well I meet (except dingos and sub-human companions known as pitbulls) I don't want them harmed unnecessarily just because I need to live off them.
  7. Vegetarianism isn't for everyone. I got weak and lots weight/hair trying very hard to be vegetarian and took pills to help. Now I just eat food that doesn't violate jahkta. I think it's the same with most people, vegetarianism isn't what man was made to do so those who eat chicken and goat are big, like the muslims who eat a lot of goat.
  8. That's why I said "usually" In the US rape isn't that high compared to the population but many overly-western females get abortions just because they want to be degenerates.
  9. Are they desi? Most desis have the same last names, and I'm not talking singh. I think of all the desis I met either they had the surname patel or gupta.
  10. Christians are so anti-abortion they come up with these crazy measures. True though remember in our own rehat we're not supposed to talk to anyone who commits infanticide. Women who commit abortion are usually overly-western whores, but I still think christians go overboard when it comes to abortion. At least in the US.
  11. Sikhs at businesses will most of the time give you an attitude or rip you off imo. I'm also not punjabi so I think they're going to kill me for assumed grooming or something. I trust the random Singh I may see in the day, but they never talk to me for more than 5 seconds (not even joking, it's an under 10 second period)
  12. You want to limit the spread of Sikhi? The very thing that could cure the world of ills? You want to throw out the Anandpur Resolution of '73? Pfft, you kalistani dogs.
  13. Listen, 2,600 years ago the the prophet of the mazda made up some stuff where you can only marry other zoroastrians. Look what it got them. A whole civilization and half of the arabian peninsula down to 150k people. You can interfaith marry in christianity, islam, and hindi, do you see how many members of them live? They grow. I also think if you interfaith marry you might be bringing in someone much more interested in the faith (not neccesarily God) than you. The other thing is sikhi is bleeding at the neck because of females apostatizing in droves. The panth needs families to come from somewhere.
  14. Yes, but only if they are both sikh can they marry in ceremony associated with the gurdwara/in front (or literally around) of the Guru. I personally believe the husband or wife can only take a amrit name is they go through amirit, not through marriage. Remember what happens there. These questions and that experience is different than the wedding.
  15. namespace

    Black Magic

    My friend, I find stuff like this verging on paganism. Where is the line to be drawn in how much we merit sants and such and when it starts to conflict in our reverence for Waheguru. We are complete dirt, we are mud, nothing under him. waheguru owns us, waheguru directs us, waheguru is everywhere and never ends nor ever began. rahau.
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