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  1. yeah far too many big words, prefer something with pictures.....you have to have free trial, so will look at it later. From what I am gathering, it seems the best approach to our history is to look at anything that was definitely not written during the times of Gurus will have some ingested colour, bias and even outright lies, especially if it doesn't match the Guru Granth Sahib. Eg many passages outrightly condemn drugs so why would it be ok for the Gurus and their followers to carry opium? Surely the energy of the Dsahmesh pitha was enough. The opium story can only be true if the Guru was indeed an ordinary fellow, just like me and you, well maybe like me. Thx
  2. I've just ordered his book, so will look at it closely. Ha Gavin ? who says what is a Sikh name ? is their a book? or maybe a Granth, Is Ram a sikh name?, what constitutes a Sikh name ? I've never heard of Dally either or is it supposed to be Wally, maybe better suited hey?
  3. I wonder if its a good idea that we should believe drug induced poets when retelling our history. Santokh Singh has basically made our Guru and his followers into drug abusers. Opium is probably one of the worst drugs for addiction and we are supposed to believe that our Dashmesh Pitha was a user. Some of the comments on here are hugely disturbing, the way people so eagerly believe if Nihangs do it then its ok ? Have you spoken to Nihangs when intoxicated, they are so far removed from Sikhi its unbelievable. I think its about time we boycotted so called Granth's that are anathema to our Guru Granth Sahib.
  4. Are you for real, turns into animal ? Lol.....Maybe a snake. but yeah thats true about security guys and yeah only on a Sunday. security is hyped to next level like there is gonna be some attack. I've never had a proper explanation for the spears, i know they do it in India but it seems like its more for show as the people holding them are always half asleep. Bro it is your thoughts buts its your gut instinct, your gut tells you he has a dark nature, simran is good tho but just wish it was someone else doing it, like anantvir, who smashed it. i personally get more of a buzz when he does it compared to Bhai Ajit.
  5. Yeah sure - it looks like it might be in their hands. Please don't think i started this thread to slander the gurdwara, I rate them for what they do, the exhibition was mind blowing and they do free courses. It was really about some disturbing things i was hearing about bhai Ajit and looks like lots of people agree. I've been doing sangat for about 5 years on and off. I thought Bhai Ajit was genuine but something in my heart was telling me something not right, he mistreated my bro and then all this happens. This is exactly the same thing as SYUK on the surface they doing some wicked things but the way they go about doing their business is by bullying, treating people like muck with lies and fraud. If i only followed SYUK on social media I would think they were amazing but its because people have started talking, sharing stories that they are gonna be chucked out of Brum. Everyone has seen through the facade, seen Deepa's true colours. This is what happens when people talk. They might not be able to do it freely or openly cos in this situation people are scared for their lives. To me its becoming Bhai Ajit is no differemt to Deepa, both fraudsters using religion as a front for their criminal thought and activity.
  6. haha - thats right i've got nothing better to do than post against myself - maybe admin can prove this.
  7. Not just gangs, they send spies into other gurdwara. Bhai Ajit hangs out with a lot of young people but especially those that come from criminal backgrounds, i always thought it was a bit threatening when he had a load of big men hanging about with him. They look like bodyguards. He then uses these criminal people to do things for him but they think they doing it for the panth, they are basically brainwashed. Its easy for people for guys who come from that background.
  8. Yeah - the reason i joined this site was to ask these questions and see if anyone knew anything. I couldn't find anything online and was shocked by what people were telling me and there was a few but now i've had 50+ people all saying the same thing. Sometime these things have a knock on effect and other people feel like they can say something, especially through protection of being online. I went today and the sangat is a little more because they've got a camp on at the moment but its about 60% outside sangat. I don't recognise a lot pf people. We will see whats its like in Sept when camp is over . Bhai Ajit looks strange to me, he was The trustees that have all resigned have done so because they found out the true face of Bhai Ajit. Not sure what you looking at but can't see anyone who resigned at 73. They have had 12 trustees and 6 have resigned. Maybe you looking in wrong place. The strange and very dodgy thing is that GMGG is not even a charity, its all under Prabh milnae Kaa Chaao Gurdwara which is the gurdwara in Swindon, its also the gurdwara in Moga. Surely this is illegal - looks like another Sikh Youth Uk scandal coming along. Is Deepa that fraud involved, So they taking money under one name and putting elsewhere. Would be good to hear from someone from GMGG or the other side.
  9. Has he done something to you personally - would be good to get details.
  10. I don't think its a personal attack, rather its about working out the truth. If you're a frequent visitor then you must have noticed a drop in sangat. I actually started asking a few people where such and such was and they told me - to keep out of it. Its only when i met a few ex sangat that they told me what's been happening. I was just surprised that no one outside of their circle was talking about it. But they are all scared which makes sense when people have been shot, it takes it up the threat level.
  11. Some great points in here Bhaji. Will have a look through at them in detail and form a response. Just one quick point - Does Chirittar 3 translate as the english version into something like this - the young lady was having it with the slender chap, they were interrupted by her old fat husband. Slender lover runs off. As she gets up the young mans semen drips onto the floor , when the old man asks what is that ? The woman responds by saying in very basic terms - I was wet thinking about you, thats why its wet on the floor. Is this completely wrong ? Just want to understand if this translation is wrong. Thanks
  12. Ok. i'm gonna ask you to think long and hard, don't be hurt by this but really reflect on this. Sit. Ponder. If Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted to impart on us some wisdom about Kaam or about the treacheries of the world especially within the sexes, would it not have been beneficial for him to have written a clear Rehit just dedicated to sexual conduct or did he believe the clear messages contained within the GGS would be sufficient. You might argue that people learn better through stories so thats why he did it but when you can't even read a large portion of those stories to your daughter or son whats the point. Its not prudishness - its trying to work out what would be the point? Statistically men are more likely to commit adultery but thats not the case in these stories.
  13. I think the disability thing is not really an issue and that was cleared ages ago. I'm not sure this chuglian. I started another thread in order to find out if anyone had heard anything because I was hearing some disturbing messages. This thread has opened some interesting thoughts, with a family member coming on here and verifying some things, yes we're not sure what is true and what isn't but there are some things that a number of different people have told me. I'm not sure if you have ever been but sangat numbers have dropped dramatically, although at the moment there is an international camp, old Sangat have been leaving in big numbers. To me that means something. Whenever an institution becomes a cult or starts to partake in legal activity, whispers start, people start to ask questions and sometimes the answers are too difficult to handle. Some people have started to message me privately because they are too scared to even remain anonymous on here. If normal sangat members are scared then something is definitely very wrong. The trustees have also been resigning, you can check this out for yourself. I know lots of people have been to the Police so I am hoping the truth will become clear. It seems power and wealth have corrupted Bhai Ajit, lots of people telling me he lies on the stage infront of sangat and behind closed doors and has a very vengeful and angry nature. It seems like he has many different faces. I know there are a lot of baba that are like this, I just thought this one was different.
  14. i've not made up my mind, i have some opinions that I am will be challenged - I 'm just trying to find a plausible reason why are dashmesh pitha would write this.
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