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  1. Wear the helmet, you don't want to die or get brain damage. Navjot Sidhu had a great career.
  2. Yes. The Portuguese brought them over in the 16th Century. I wonder if any of the Gurus got to experience their taste.
  3. Its funny that Indian food is known to be spicy but chillis are originally from Mexico and were only introduced to India by the Portuguese.
  4. I really hope this isn't done by Sikhs. It will just make us look like a bunch of violent extremists.
  5. What do you expect from this show? It's low class drama. The British equivalent of those awful Star Plus programmes. Apart from the bisexual part, everything listed can sadly be true in our community especially amongst those who own businesses.
  6. Look, Punjabi Pakistani Muslims, Indian Muslims are not really any different from Mirpuri and Afghanistan Muslims. Get that in your heads people. Who are the dodgy-est people in Europe? The Albanians, Bosnians and Chechens. There are North African grooming gangs in France, Holland, Belgium. Turkish ones in Germany. Lebanese ones in Australia. Only one thing links these people together.
  7. To each their own, I went to see Chelsea at their peak in the mid 2000s and was bored out of my brains. There's much better and productive things to do than WATCHING other people play a game and spending a pretty fortune to do so.
  8. Punjabi Wolves stay away from those alcoholic uncles who spend their precious free time watching a bunch of men kicking a ball around.
  9. This is such trickery. Christians and Muslims are the worst at this and that is why they are the biggest religions around today. There should be a law brought in to stop things like this. Only Sikhs should be allowed to wear a Sikh style turban.
  10. This is how they managed to completely absorb Buddhism in India and most of Nepal. Hindus claim Sikhi, Buddhism and Jainism are just another part of Sanatan Dharma. The classic trick they play is when someone like Buddha or Guru Nanak shows up and makes them feel threatened they label these new religious leaders as avatars of Vishnu! Some of them even say Jesus was an avatar of Vishnu. Jews on the other hand consider Jesus and Muhammad as heretics and want nothing to do with them or their followers. If it wasn't for the Singh Sabha movement of the 19th century we would be
  11. I'm sick of how some Sikhs still befriend suls. They also refer to suls as apne. They are clearly not! Never trust a mohameddan! And make sure your kids don't! This Punjabiyat thing also needs to end. Who cares if they speak a similar language. Their views on life and spirituality are at polar opposite to ours.
  12. In that case half the world can have a history month based on their ancestry.
  13. It's true. I recommend reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, he gives a good overview of human history. Humans have only settled and farmed for 12,000 years, so for roughly 90% of our existence we have been hunter gatherers.
  14. You're right. How many people become successful singers or athletes? It's a miniscule amount compared to the number of medical, dentistry, optometry, IT, banking vacancies out there. To get true respect you have to do well in professional fields not just the entertainment industry. Those fields I listed above are far more important to society than music and sports. Being involved in music and sports gives them a lot of visibility and they're using it now. It's not just the carribean black people, Africans like Anthony Joshua and John Boyega have been getting involved a lot. John
  15. It's a dog eat dog world out there. If other groups are doing it we should at least consider it. Look at the Jews, they still go on about the holocaust 80 years later.
  16. I think burying is a waste of precious land. If all 6 billion people in the world were buried it would take up a huge amount of space. In fact 107 billion people have lived in human history! Now imagine how much space it would involve to bury them all. The Christians and Muslims do it because they think they their body will be resurrected on their so called Judgement day but what happens if a Christian or Muslim is vaporised by a bomb or explosion? What then happens to them on Judgement day?
  17. Come on, it wasn't plastered all over the news like BLM or Black History Month.
  18. It's been all over the TV and news this month. South Asians are the biggest minority group in the UK but we get no such month. We generally just keep our heads down and get on with things. Look at the contributions we make to this country, especially Sikhs and Hindus. We are disproportionately represented in Medicine, Dentistry, Optometry, IT, corner shops. Professions that actually benefit society on a day to day basis, not just music and sports. Why do they always go on about having a black James Bond? Why never an Indian one? We never go begging for quotas or complain
  19. I think we are technically still in an ice age as the North and South Poles are frozen. Is global warming due to industrialisation real? It's possible. Being a 90s kid I remember it getting cold as soon as September hit in the UK. In the past 10 or so years it has stayed relatively warm until mid October. This is the first September in a long time that has been cold. This is also the year that Covid has shut down a lot of factories and shops.
  20. Yes it's extremely primitive. It leads me to believe that some people haven't evolved much from the caveman days. Talk about low aspirations in life.
  21. Anyway back to the topic on hand. What a disgrace this woman is. The fact that she was in a relationship in a sul is sickening enough. She must've laughed at him being in a coma for a reason. Maybe she had the hots for the kala or she hated the sul for some reason, he could have been cheating on her. Either way what a stupid girl.
  22. Look at this woman Gurbani Judge, a reality TV 'star' in India. The parents may have certain intentions when naming their child but you can't always determine how they will end up.
  23. You can say that about any name though. I have known people called Gurmeet, Gurmukh, Satnam who have been the very antithesis of what those names mean. It's the same with any religion I guess. Most English names have biblical origins.
  24. The way people spell their name varies. Balvinder can be spelled as Balwinder, Balbinder. Bhamra can be written as Bamra or even Bumrah like the cricketer!
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